There are many unhealthy ways to lose weight. For long and lasting results, it is recommended to pick a method that is sustainable. Healthy and natural weight loss is the best for long term goals.

Shedding excess pounds fast is not a good solution to stay slim for life. Your body needs time to adapt to any lifestyle and diet changes. There are plenty of tactics out there that promotes weight loss.

But most of them are unhealthy and detrimental for your physical, mental and emotional health. Some of them will even make you gain weight and leave you feeling pretty miserable.

If you want to lose weight accumulated over months or even years, you cannot expect to lose it overnight. You need a healthy and long term strategy for true weight loss success.

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The Most Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight.

Limiting calorie intake.

Your body require lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function. Cutting down calories drastically prevent your body to work properly. Deprivation is not sustainable and has negative effects on health.

Avoiding dietary fat completely.

Coconut oil is a great source of healthy fats. Replacing unhealthy fats with healthier ones is a great choice. But not eating enough fat is unhealthy. It leads to fatigue, hunger, poor skin and metabolism.

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Medication with drugs and pills.

There is no medication that will help you reach your ideal weight and stay there long term. Taking drugs or pills over long periods damages your health. They do not replace healthy eating and exercise.

Starving or skipping meals every day.

Starvation is the worst. You should eat when your body needs food. Starving causes stress to your body. It leads to weight gain. Your body will store fat as it makes reserves when food is lacking.

Temporary dieting.

Dieting is dangerous to your health. It also increases hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods. Instead, making slow and sustainable diet changes towards healthier foods is the way to go.

Overeating protein.

You need a balanced amount of carbs, protein, and fats to stay healthy. Increasing protein intake limits the amount of carbs and fat you digest. It leads to binge eating and leaves you feeling heavier.

Juice cleansing.

A healthy diet is a balanced diet. Limiting yourself to juicing is not a long term strategy. It limits the quality of nutrients you give to your body and is unhealthy. This is not a natural way to lose weight.


Excessive cardiovascular activity or strength training promotes stress, hunger, fatigue. It is one of the worst ways to lose weight. Exercising is key but it has to be done smartly.

Why Practice Yoga For Weight Loss.

Yoga is an ancient and proven practice in India. It became very popular over the past few years for good reasons. It is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight.

The ultimate goal of yoga is not to change your appearance. Although it is one of the added bonuses of regular yoga practice. Yoga transforms you from within.

It is not like any other form of exercise. Yoga is mental, spiritual and physical. It combines poses, breathing exercises and meditation. Chanting and scriptural teaching are also part of some types of yoga.

There are many different schools of yoga out there. If you look long enough, you will definitely find the right yoga style and teacher for you. Classes can be gentle and slow-paced, also intense and vigorous.

Yoga is an amazing way to burn calories, trim down, tighten up and become a healthier, happier you. It is a journey of self-discovery that leads to higher spiritual possibilities.

You will gain muscles, flexibility, a toned and lean body if you practice yoga often. I highly recommend yoga for everybody. You will definitely see positive changes in yourself if you stick with it.

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