There are plenty of good reasons why juicing has become such a popular phenomenon. Not only do you get to enjoy the flavor of fresh, natural ingredients every morning, but you also give your body a jolt of nutrition that it wouldn’t be able to receive anywhere else. Vegetables and fruits are brimming with vitamins and minerals that can help the body to work at its best – fighting off the risk of disease and leading to greater energy, improved happiness, and you can even juice for a slimmer waistline too!

If you’re wondering whether committing to a juice a day could help you to earn better health, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest benefits of juicing that might be able to help you make that decision.

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1. Juice Helps You Consume More Vegetables and Fruits

vegetable juice health

Let’s face it, it’s much easier to drink a bottle of juice each morning than attempt to plow your way through a plate of fruits and vegetables. This means that when you drink a juice each day, it’s far simpler to get your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

What’s more, since most of us are living fast-paced lifestyles these days, juices can be carried with you and consumed on-the-go, meaning that you never need to make up an excuse as to why you didn’t get your five a day.

2. Juice is Easier to Digest

When you juice, you give your body the nutritional value of various fruits and vegetables, but you’re accessing the foods that you need in liquid form, which makes them far easier to digest. Since your digestive system doesn’t have to work through extra fiber to get to the vitamins and minerals within, you instantly begin to absorb the benefits of eating healthy foods.

Usually, the first step of the nutrition process is mastication, but juicing skips the chewing step and allows you to consume the substances you need quickly and easily. By the time your drink has reached your stomach, it’ll already be prepared for maximum absorption.

3. Juice offers more Energy

Every suffer with feeling sluggish and run-down? A juice a day could fix that problem. When you drink juices, you’ll naturally have more energy because you’re giving your body instant access to vitamins and nutrients that boost energy.

Rather than settling for temporary energy found in caffeine and sugar, you can protect your health and revitalize your senses with a host of vegetables and fruits that promote better functioning within the various systems of your body. These fruits and vegetables will also contain antioxidants, which help to limit the degree of oxidative stress placed on the body, so you have more fuel, for longer.

4. Juicing Detoxifies the Body

strawberry juice health

The chances are that if you’ve ever searched for information on the benefits of juicing before, you’ve found information about detoxification. The reason for this is that juice does a fantastic job at providing the body with a range of nutrients that it can use to banish toxic waste. Any good program for detoxification will simultaneously focus on ridding the body of negative substances, and replacing those with positive nutrients and vitamins.

Perhaps the most popular organ to focus on during detoxification is the liver, which is why juices are often made using grapefruit, garlic, or lemon – all substances that have been found to help the body purge the blood and the liver of toxins.

5. Juice Could Help You Live Longer

Finally, if the benefits weren’t enough to convince you, a juice a day could actually help you to live longer. After all, when you get more energy, more antioxidants, and more vitamins in your system, it’s easy to see that you’re going to end up with a healthier, more robust body.

Fruits and vegetables are constantly making the news with their ability to fight off chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer. When you feed your body with the things that it needs most, you will be displacing unhealthy substances in your body and avoiding the toxic impact those substances can have on the body – meaning you benefit from a longer, healthier life.

This is a Guest Post by Rebekah Carter. Rebekah is a passionate wordsmith and health blogger who spends her time delivering fitness and dieting tips to audiences around the world.

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