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Panaprium is a global apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer. Our mission is to raise awareness around the attitude and desire of better living. To make the world greener, food,... Read More

Yoga Challenge #YogiFeelsYoga September 8th - 14th

NEW YOGA CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT    #YogiFeelsYoga September 8th - 14th for 7 days  Panaprium is sponsoring the Yoga Challenge #YogiFeelsYoga September 8th - 14th.   Please join us from for this yoga challenge... Read More
Yoga Challenge #YogiFeelsYoga September 8th - 14th
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Ambassador Program Launch | Join our Influencers

Become an Ambassador of the Panaprium brand! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Panaprium ambassador. Our program launches today! Panaprium is a global fitness apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer.... Read More

YogaWorld Messe Munich 2018

Follow us at YogaWorld Messe in Munich. The event took place from the 19th to 21st January 2018. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing people and enjoy yoga.... Read More

Panaprium Professionals Program | Send Your Application

The Panaprium Professionals Program launches today. We are honored to offer a generous discount to all Professionals of our industry. Thank you for what you do! This Program is designed... Read More

Greatest Germany Landscapes Tour | Home & Roots

Here is one of the greatest Germany landscapes tour. Germany is Panaprium home. Panaprium is a global brand but finds its roots in Germany. Have a look at some of the most... Read More

What Are We Doing | Get To Know Me | Alex Assoune

What are we doing at Panaprium exactly? I am Alex Assoune, founder of Panaprium. Let me tell you a little more about myself so you can get to know me... Read More

Join The Panaprium Yoga Community | Offers, Giveaways

Join the Panaprium Yoga Community for exclusive offers and giveaways. Be the first to know about new arrivals! Welcome to Panaprium! I am so excited for this! I highly recommend you join this... Read More