Rock musicians did not make history only with their daring music. They've also given us the iconic rock fashion style.

And not unlike rock music, which has its sub-genres, rock fashion style can also vary, depending on the decades and bands that influenced it. Heavy metal, punk, glam metal, goth, and grunge are some of the rock sub-genres that left a mark in the fashion industry.

Let's explore together the best clothing items and accessories that you should include in your wardrobe if you love rock!

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Vegan leather jacket

Rock fashion style vegan leather jacket

You don't need to be a rock enthusiast to know it: the leather jacket and rockers are best friends!

This is a very important clothing item for your rock fashion style wardrobe and you can now purchase the guilt-free alternative to leather. Vegan leather provides the same effect, with a clean conscience!

Take a look at our recommendations.

Ripped jeans

Rock fashion style jeans

Ripped jeans are another clothing item popularized by the rock culture.

They are very versatile and will match the other rock fashion-style clothes in your wardrobe. You can wear them with band T-shirts, hoodies, and, of course, vegan leather jackets!

You can now buy amazing sustainable jeans.

All-black outfits

Rock fashion style all black

All-black outfits have a dark and mysterious vibe that screams rock, even if you are wearing regular clothes.

This is the ultimate solution for those occasions when you need to dress formally and elegantly and you want to remain true to your style - wear an all-black outfit and you will not go unnoticed!

Check out our article containing a selection of 200 European brands that produce ethical and sustainable clothes under very high-quality standards, and shop your favorites from one of them.

Vegan leather pants

Rock fashion style vegan leather pants

As we've mentioned before, there is a strong link between rock enthusiasts and leather clothing items.

Leather pants are no exception, whether they're skinny or not.

Wear them with your favorite tops, T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.
Here is our article about the best affordable and sustainable vegan leather pants.

Band merchandise

Rock fashion style band merchandise

You can show your love for your favorite bands by wearing clothes with their pictures printed.

There are so many combinations you can make with a band T-shirt or sweatshirt!

If you want to buy sustainably, we recommend checking the vintage shopping apps where you can find amazing rock clothing!

Skinny jeans

Rock fashion style skinny jeans

Skinny jeans exist since the '50s, but they have been made popular by the punk movement.

Today, they are no longer a clothing item that is specific to rock enthusiasts, but rather a staple piece in everyone's wardrobe - that is because they look great and they are extremely versatile.

Skinny jeans still look amazing in rock fashion-style outfits, and all you have to do is to wear them with other rock clothes and accessories!

Here are our ethical shopping recommendations.

Denim jackets

Rock fashion style denim jacket

Classic and timeless, denim jackets are very comfortable and easy to wear.

An eternal symbol of rock'n'roll, the denim jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe and you can now buy a sustainable one, made from high-quality materials.

Dark coats

Rock fashion style coats

Choose a dark-colored coat to keep you warm during cold weather.

Dark colors are associated with mystery and that makes them perfect items for the rock fashion style attire!

Buy yours from a sustainable brand that works with great care for the environment.


Rock fashion style blazers

In the 1980s, the New Wave style made blazers with shoulder pads popular.

Unless you really want to, there is no need to wear such a blazer in 2023, but you can and should take inspiration from this style.

Just get a slightly oversized blazer. It will provide almost the same effect, in a less dramatic way.

Looking for sustainable blazers? We've got you covered!

Combat boots

Rock fashion style boots

Combat boots are designed with adaptability in mind, and they can be worn all year round, with a lot of different outfits, ranging from cargo pants to cute dresses.

A lot of brands produce vegan leather boots, and we recommend buying from one of them. Here is a list of our suggestions.

The skull symbol

Rock fashion style skull symbol

Because of their association with death, skulls have deep meanings that vary in different cultures. However, they've become stylish and are nowadays regarded as common symbols used in the fashion industry.

You can get jewelry with the skull symbol, or you can have it printed on any of your clothing items.

Check out these 10 best affordable online vintage clothing stores in Europe if you want to buy beautiful second-hand items featuring skulls.

Cargo pants

Rock fashion style cargo pants

Versatile additions to any modern wardrobe, cargo pants come with a lot of storage space for your phone, wallet, and other small belongings, which makes them perfect if you want to carry no bag and still have your hands free.

They are perfect for your rock fashion style outfits.

You can now buy amazing cargo pants, that are fashionable, comfortable, and ethically made.

Stud belts

Rock fashion style stud belt

Stud belts are massive must-haves in your rock fashion style wardrobe.
They can be worn with almost any outfit, from dresses to cargo pants.

Do not hesitate to buy a sustainable stud belt!


Rock fashion style chocker

Unlike popular belief, chockers have been around for a very long time. Ancient civilizations used them as protection for the neck, while their fashion purpose began to be explored in the 1800s.

During the last 30 years, they have been a constant in alternative clothing styles, including rock fashion style.
Chockers instantly turn any regular outfit into one with rock-style vibes, so do not skip these important accessories!

You can now buy sustainable jewelry and here is our guide for you.

Animal print

Rock fashion style animal print

Animal print was hyped by glam rock bands in the '70. It was initially part of their extravagant attire, also featuring glitter and sequins.

Animal print slowly entered the fashion scene, and it came to stay!
If you love the glam rock style, you should add this pattern to your wardrobe.

Discover amazing clothes from sustainable brands.

Black jeans

Rock fashion style black jeans

Black jeans need no explanation or advertisement - classy, versatile, and great on any body type!

Check out our sustainable suggestions.


Rock fashion style bandana

Great for people who love sports, but also as rock fashion style accessories, bandanas come in different colors, and you can wear them in so many ways!

Here you can find some ethical brands that offer beautiful accessories, including multifunctional headbands.


Rock fashion style bracelets

Any quick search on the Internet will reveal how much rock stars love bracelets. You can find a lot of sustainable options to match your rock fashion style outfit!

Layered necklaces

Rock fashion style necklaces

Layer your necklaces! This way you will have a unique and flattering combination that will accessorize your outfit in a flattering way.

Here you can find our article about the best 15 affordable and sustainable necklaces.

Silver chain jewelry

Rock fashion style silver chains

The association between rock music and silver chains is well known, so do not hesitate to wear them as part of your daily rock fashion style outfits!

Don't forget that you can now purchase sustainable jewelry!


Rock fashion style wristbands

Wristbands can be worn by athletes, but also by fashion lovers who want to express themselves through accessories. They are perfect for any rock fashion style outfit.

If you want to buy sustainable wristbands, we recommend checking the sportswear brands.

Studded wristbands

Rock fashion style studded wristbands

A mix between a wristband and a bracelet, a studded wristband is the definition of bold rock fashion style. Wear yours alone, or mix it with other accessories.

Take a look at our eco-friendly jewelry recommendations.

DIY clothes

Rock fashion style DIY

A lot of rock music lovers also enjoy DIY techniques when it comes to their clothes. That is because DIY, as opposed to fast fashion, offers a unique result every single time.

If you want to include such items in your rock fashion style wardrobe, you can start with some sustainable basic clothes in light colors and then do your research about the further steps, keeping in mind the desired result.

Safety pin earrings

Rock fashion style safety pin earrings

Safety pin earrings were made popular by the punk movement, and they continue to wear them nowadays.

They will bring a rebellious touch to any outfit!

Do not use actual safety pins, because their material can be unhealthy for your ears. Instead, check out the online platforms that sell jewelry to find amazing and unique styles!


Rock fashion style leggings

Leggings are comfortable and versatile. Wear them with your favorite band T-shirt and a soft hoodie to create a cozy outfit.

Here are our ethically made recommendations.

Fishnet tights

Rock fashion style tights

Fishnet tights are very attractive and rebellious, so if you want to have such an outfit, you should buy a pair.

Great news! Sustainable hosiery is now extremely easy to find!


Rock fashion style corset

Corsets accentuate your hourglass shape by compressing your waist.
They are very popular as everyday wear among goths, but they also have entered the mainstream fashion scene as party attire.

You can now buy beautiful and sustainable corsets.

Fingerless gloves

Rock fashion style fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves protect your palms while allowing you to still be able to perform many tasks with your fingers. They are a fashion statement, and you can wear them with your vegan leather jacket, a band T-shirt, and a pair of jeans to create the perfect rock fashion style outfit.

Many brands are switching to vegan and ethical practices, and you can find amazing sustainable gloves!

Flannel shirts

Rock fashion style flannel shirt

If you love dressing comfortably and with a touch of color, grunge-style flannel shirts are perfect for you.

They have been trendy since the '90s and they are the perfect combination between casual and comfortable.

Make your choice sustainable and buy from one of these brands.


Rock fashion style beanies

Another accessory that gained popularity because of the grunge style is the beanie. Wear it outside its season to make a statement.

Here is our article about sustainable beanies.

Wear your jacket tied around your waist

Rock fashion style jackets

Instantly make your outfit look more relaxed by using our tips. Many rock fashion style enthusiasts love to tie their denim jackets and shirts around the waist for this exact purpose.

Discover amazing, sustainable denim brands.


Rock fashion style basics

Basic clothes are the foundation of any organized wardrobe, no matter its style.
If you want to have a versatile wardrobe full of things that are easy to match, you need basic clothes!

You can then personalize your outfits by adding accessories and details you love.

Check out these sustainable brands that make high-quality basics.


Rock fashion style sweatshirt

Simple and monochrome, colorful, or showcasing a print of your favorite rock band - there are so many to choose from!

One thing is certain, sweatshirts are extremely versatile and comfortable.
You can now buy sustainable sweatshirts from eco-friendly brands.

Platform boots

Rock fashion style boots

Platform boots are very interesting and your whole outfit will certainly not go unnoticed when wearing them!

Today you have many options to choose from, so you can enjoy a guilt-free pair of boots. Here are 30 sustainable shoe brands that we recommend.

Long socks

Rock fashion style socks

Long socks look great with mini skirts and they can also do a great job protecting your feet during colder days.

Discover affordable, sustainable, and organic socks.


Rock fashion style shorts

During summer, you can replace your vegan leather pants and jeans with shorts. You will look and feel great!

Read our article about affordable and sustainable denim shorts.

Party dresses

Rock fashion style party dress

Rock fashion-style party dresses can be a bit tricky to choose.
We recommend vegan leather dresses and black gowns.

You should always choose a sustainable flattering dress, in the right size for your body.


Rock fashion style piercings

Piercings are part of many rock subcultures, and they have even transitioned outside them.

You can either go for the real deal or easily find fake piercings, that do not require any needles, if you want yours only for a very short time.

Many sustainable jewelry brands sell them, you just need to check them out!


Rock fashion style trousers

Trousers are comfortable and come in different colors and materials. Wear them with your favorite top and rock fashion-style accessories.

Discover affordable pants made by sustainable brands.


Rock fashion style backpack

The best way to carry your stuff around is a backpack. A lot of things can fit in, and your hands are free.

Purchase fantastic backpacks that will last you a long time, from ethical brands that work under very high-quality standards.

Online shopping

Rock fashion style online shopping

Sometimes it is difficult to find rock fashion-style clothes in regular, mainstream stores (and most of them are, on top of that, not sustainable). This is why we recommend online shopping from sustainable brands.

You will find more clothes, in more sizes than in stores, you will spend less time and energy, and you have better chances to find your desired items!

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