If, in addition to being a petite woman, your hips, compared to your shoulders and waist, are wider and your tights are full, chances are you've got a petite pear silhouette.

There is no right, wrong, better, or worse body type, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you highlight your best features.

Find the perfect outfit, that looks and feels great! From the ideal skirts and dresses to those you should avoid, here are our outfit recommendations for petite, pear-shaped silhouettes.

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Know your body

petite pear shape body

If you want to create the most amazing outfits that highlight your best features, you need to learn more about your body.

The hips are the widest point of a pear-shaped body, that's why it is recommended to balance your proportions by adding volume to your upper body. Your small waist and beautiful shoulders are some of your best features and you should always look for clothes that highlight them.

Clothes that end right where your hips are should be avoided. They will make your hips appear larger.

As a petite woman, you should be very careful not to add too much volume to your body with your attire because you are at risk of appearing shorter.

Where to start? Right here! Read our tips on creating a petite capsule wardrobe.

Structured blazers

petite pear shape outfits blazer

petite pear shape outfits blazer

Blazers can be worn on many occasions: Professional environments, after-work events, shopping sessions, and dates.

Pear-shaped bodies can benefit a lot from structured blazers that feature padded shoulders. This way, you will have a gorgeous outfit that beautifully defines your upper body.

Choose a blazer that bypasses your hips to shift focus from them.

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Denim jackets

petite pear shape outfits denim jackets

For more relaxed environments, denim jackets are perfect!

Make sure to purchase a regular fit because an oversized jacket might add too much volume to your petite silhouette. Denim jackets look great with skirts and cute tops.

Take a look at these amazing ethically made jackets.


petite pear shape outfits shapeless coat

Shapeless coats tend to look bulky and they overwhelm petite silhouettes.

Jackets and coats that add a lot of volume to your body are never flattering.

petite pear shape outfits tailored coat

Instead, we recommend you choose tailored coats that highlight your best features.

Let yourself be inspired by these 15 best affordable jackets and coats made in Italy.

Squared necklines

petite pear shape outfits necklines

petite pear shape outfits necklines

A square-shaped neckline will balance your proportions by making your shoulders appear wider. Petite pear-shaped bodies can benefit from this cut a lot!

Great news! You can now purchase beautiful and affordable dresses from sustainable brands.

Off-shoulder designs

petite pear shape outfits off-shoulder

petite pear shape outfits off-shoulder

Off-shoulder tops, blouses, jumpers, and dresses are amazing for pear-shaped silhouettes.

They reveal your shoulders in a very attractive way, and they balance your proportions beautifully.

For shopping inspiration check out these 200 sustainable clothing brands from Europe.

Shoulder details

petite pear shape outfits shoulder details

petite pear shape outfits shoulder details

Another little trick involving the shoulders is to wear clothes that feature different shoulder details: Padded shoulders, shoulder pleats, cap sleeves, and puffed shoulders are amazing details that can transform any outfit into a very flattering one for your silhouette.

Remember: Visually widening your shoulder balances the width of your hips, bringing your proportions closer to an hourglass shape.

For beautiful and affordable clothes check out these sustainable brands.

Outfits with skirts

petite pear shape outfits skirts

There is a skirt out there for every body type! The most flattering designs for pear shapes are A-line designs.

That's because they are tight around your waist, help you highlight it, and gradually widen enveloping your hips.

A structured A-line skirt softens the appearance of wider hips, which is exactly what pear-shaped women are looking for when they want to balance their proportions. Even better, A-line skirts are very stylish timeless pieces that can be worn in many combinations.

Fancy learning more? Take a look at our article about the best affordable and sustainable midi skirts.

Add a scarf

petite pear shape outfits scarves

Scarves are very cool accessories that unexpectedly flatter pear-shaped bodies. If you need a detail that directs attention to your upper body, choose a colorful scarf.

Make your choice petite-friendly and go for a volume that does not overwhelm your frame.

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Beautiful tops

petite pear shape outfits tops

Tops are essential to any wardrobe. Always choose fitted styles that complement your figure and wear them with skirts or trousers that highlight your waistline.

For an amazing outfit, check out the best sustainable petite clothing brands.

Avoid bodycon designs

petite pear shape outfits avoid bodycon

petite pear shape outfits avoid bodycon

Bodycon skirts and dresses don't always look flattering on pear-shaped bodies because they make your natural body lines appear more prominent.

On the other hand, A-line and straight fits look very attractive and you should choose them instead.

Don't forget that you can now purchase amazing fashion from sustainable brands.

Horizontal striped tops

petite pear shape outfits horizontal stripes

Stripes are a timeless pattern that will never go out of fashion. You can create amazing outfits with striped tops.

Make sure to choose horizontal stripes because they make your upper body appear wider. Never wear skirts or trousers featuring this print because they will add unwanted volume to your lower body.

Take a look at our article about the best affordable and ethical T-shirts. Here's a quick outfit idea: A striped T-shirt with jeans.


petite pear shape outfits jeans

Jeans are extremely popular clothing items that should be in everyone's wardrobe!

They are versatile and can be worn dressed up or down.
The best jeans for petite pear silhouettes are straight, high-waisted jeans.

You should avoid skinny jeans because such a tight design will draw a lot of attention to your lower body.

Discover our sustainable recommendations.

Wear cardigans

petite pear shape outfits cardigans

Cardigans are stylish and cozy and they often make great alternatives for blazers, especially if you love the smart casual style.

Opt for a model that bypasses your thighs, because shorter ones will emphasize your hips.

We've got you covered if you need affordable and sustainable cardigans to stay cozy this season.

Avoid mini lengths

petite pear shape outfits avoid mini

petite pear shape outfits avoid mini

Stay away from mini skirts and dresses because they end around the widest points of your body, which are hips and thighs. Unfortunately, this means that they are not the most flattering for your body type.

If you love this length you should choose a bell-shaped design and combine it with pieces that flatter your silhouette.

Remember: You don't need to spend a fortune to have beautiful and sustainable clothes!

Always look for affordable brands that run sustainable manufacturing processes.

Summing up

petite pear shape outfits summing up

Having a petite pear-shaped body almost guarantees receiving contradictory pieces of advice.

On one hand, petite women should avoid adding any extra volume to their bodies because this will make them look shorter. They should always consider mini skirts and bodycon designs. On the other hand, pear bodies need to add some volume to their upper bodies if they want to balance their proportions.

Combining all these tips sounds extremely difficult and achieving the best results will usually be a process of trial and error. Because we are so different and our bodies are so different there is no list of instructions that can guarantee the best results for everyone.

In general, you should avoid anything that accentuates your hips, while welcoming clothes that highlight your waist and shoulders.

Our advice is to follow the guidelines in this article and keep trying different clothing combinations on until you start putting together outfits that look and feel amazing. Remember that it is all about discovering the most flattering outfits for your body and you should have fun on this journey!
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