If you have an hourglass body shape and need fashion inspiration for winter, you are in the right place!

Dress cute and comfortable this winter with outfits that highlight your best features. We have compiled a list of 15 sustainable recommendations to help you feel confident and look amazing. 

Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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Wrap dress

Winter outfits for hourglass figure wrap dress

If you have a narrow waist and a full chest that is roughly the same width as your hips, chances are you have an hourglass silhouette.

Wrap dresses are perfect for your body type because they highlight your waist, which is one of your best assets.

Add a winter coat and heeled boots to complete your outfit.

Discover the best affordable and sustainable elegant dresses.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure blazer

Blazers are elegant and versatile. Every woman should own at least one!

They can help you instantly transform any outfit and make it more stylish. Wear your blazer over a dress or with trousers.

Have a look at our selection of sustainable blazers.

Wide-leg trousers

Winter outfits for hourglass figure wide-leg trousers

For a fun and modern outfit that will make you stand out, choose a pair of wide-leg trousers. They are comfortable and can be worn in many combinations.

Make sure to go for the right size for your body in order to avoid adding unwanted bulk to your silhouette.

Browse through the 20 best organic cotton women's trousers for 2024.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure jeans

Jeans are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down and they are suitable to be worn all year round.

The most flattering jeans for an hourglass silhouette are those that follow your natural body lines and highlight your waist.

Craft the perfect winter outfit with high-waisted jeans, ankle boots, a cute top, a scarf, and a coat.

Buy your jeans from one of these sustainable denim brands that produce clothes under the highest social and environmental standards.

Belted winter coat

Winter outfits for hourglass figure coat

Choosing a winter coat is a difficult process for many women because nailing the right design is always hard.

A belted coat that highlights your waist will accentuate and flatter your hourglass body shape.

Here's an outfit idea for you: Choose your favorite jeans, and add a turtleneck and a belted winter coat. This ensemble will keep you warm without sacrificing style.

Discover the best eco-friendly winter coats.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure belt

Belts are very important accessories for women with an hourglass body shape. They can help you highlight your waist even when your clothes aren't well-fitted.

Drive positive change in the fashion industry and choose to purchase your belts from sustainable brands that use vegan and cruelty-free materials to create accessories that make you look and feel gorgeous.

Here are the 10 best ethical and vegan leather belts.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure beanie

During winter, temperatures drop significantly in most countries. This is why it is very important to accessorize your outfits with a beanie that keeps your head warm.

Don't forget to choose flattering clothes that highlight your hourglass body shape.
You can choose a bright-colored beanie if you want to add a pop of color to a monochrome or neutral-colored outfit.

Take a peek at the best affordable hats and beanies.

Fitted sweater

Winter outfits for hourglass figure sweater

Stay warm and cozy with a well-fitted sweater.

Avoid loose and oversized designs because they tend to add volume to your body and prevent you from showcasing your best features.

The best sweaters are affordable, comfortable, fashionable, and ethically made from eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton.

Check out the 15 best jumpers and sweaters.

Knit dress

Winter outfits for hourglass figure knit dress

If you love wearing comfortable clothes that don't sacrifice style, a knit dress is the way to go! The most flattering design for an hourglass figure is a bodycon one.

 A bodycon dress will boost your confidence and help you look and feel amazing.

Here are 20 cheap and cute sweater dresses you need to own.

Winter skirt

Winter outfits for hourglass figure skirt

Winter skirts are made from thicker materials and designed to keep you warm and stylish during the colder months. They can be worn with sweaters, blouses, shirts, blazers, and coats.

In terms of shape, you can wear almost anything, but keep in mind that the best winter skirts for an hourglass silhouette are A-line and draped skirts.

To help you look fantastic, we have selected the best affordable warm winter maxi skirts for 2024.

Cute blouse

Winter outfits for hourglass figure blouse

If you want to dress elegantly, you can combine a cute blouse with a pair of black pants.

Wear this ensemble to the office but also when going out with your friends.

Are you interested in timeless, versatile, and sustainable blouses? Look no further!

Cocktail dress

Winter outfits for hourglass figure cocktail dress

For the holiday season, you need a beautiful party dress. Choose one that is narrower on the waist area and highlights your body shape.

Here is our selection of sustainable cocktail dresses.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure tights

Because dresses and skirts are some of the best outfit choices for an hourglass body shape, tights can be of great help during winter, allowing you to stay cozy while wearing your favorite clothing items.

Thankfully, you can now purchase supportive, comfortable, and affordable tights that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Have a look at the 10 best ethical hosiery brands.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure cardigan

Opt for a beautiful cardigan that follows your body shape. You can wear it with jeans and a blouse, or over a dress. You can always add a belt if your cardigan feels too loose.

Have a look at these cheap, cute, and sustainable cardigans.


Winter outfits for hourglass figure boots

Boots are probably the best footwear choice for winter. They can help you add a touch of sophistication to any of your winter outfits.

Look stylish and feel comfortable during the cold season without breaking the bank. Purchase your boots from one of these sustainable brands.

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