The Eiffel Tower is one of the main tourist attractions in France. If you're planning on visiting it, you should think in advance about the clothes you're going to wear, so that you can feel comfy and have a great time.

We're here to help you, and in this article, you're going to find out the best outfits you can wear on a visit to the Eiffel Tower, as well as those that you should avoid.

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Dark colors

Eiffel tower outfits dark colors

French people love dark clothes, therefore, choosing them is a no-brainer. Even better, dark clothes have a slimming effect and they look fantastic on any type of body.

Choose a smart casual outfit in black if you want to be comfy and elegant in an effortless way.

Check out our article about the best 200 sustainable European clothing brands, if you want to buy items that are made with great care for the environment and that will last you a very long time.

Avoid bright colors

Eiffel Tower outfits brights

Some people love to express themselves by wearing very colorful outfits. However, in some contexts, these will stick out as tacky and will be definitive tourist signals.

Our advice is to avoid this kind of colors that can transform you into a target not only for jokes but also for scams.

If you want, by any means, to wear a bright color, try to limit it to a small accessory, so that you can remain on the dressier side.

Wear sundresses

Eiffel Tower outfits sundresses

If the weather outside allows it, wear a sundress. They look feminine and fantastic and having an outfit that contains one single main clothing piece can save you a lot of time and effort.

In 2023, sundresses are extremely fashionable, and everybody loves them.
Purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Avoid tight clothes

Eiffel Tower outfits tight clothes

Clothes that are too tight or revealing are often perceived as vulgar and tasteless.

Eiffel Tower outfits revealing clothes

Even if they showcase your body lines and make you look and feel sexy, very tight clothes are not elegant and for this reason, French women avoid them.


Eiffel Tower outfits jewelry

Accessories can always make an outfit complete and add that little sparkle that you need in order to shine.

Choose beautiful accessories that match your outfit and that come from sustainable brands.

If you need shopping suggestions, take a look at our article here.

... but don't overdo it

Eiffel Tower outfits too many accessories

When visiting the Eiffel Tower, you shouldn't over-accessorize your outfit. This means that you shouldn't wear an excessive amount of jewelry, or multiple statement pieces at once, but it also means that your outfit shouldn't contain too many details - for example do not wear a belt with a statement buckle, multiple jewelry chains, fringed sleeves and an embellished top all at once.

Too many details are always distracting and should be avoided, especially for day events.

Jeans are okay

Eiffel Tower outfits jeans

If on the dressier side, regular jeans are okay to be worn at the Eiffel Tower.

Keep things simple and choose a cute pair of blue or black jeans in the right size for your body.

Here are our sustainable suggestions.

Ripped jeans are not the best

Eiffel Tower outfits ripped jeans

For this occasion, ripped jeans aren't the best choice because there are too laid back and you want to go for an outfit that's a little bit more elegant.

Keep your ripped jeans for other, more relaxed, occasions, and choose a pair of regular jeans if you want to wear denim on your visit to Eiffel Tower.

Less is more

Eiffel Tower outfits basic clothes

Simple and sustainable clothes made of high-quality materials are timeless pieces that you can enjoy for many years. Keep that in mind when shopping, and end up with a versatile wardrobe, always ready for upcoming events.

If you want a very relaxed outfit for when you're visiting the Eiffel Tower, we recommend keeping things simple and practical.

Avoid brand logos

Eiffel Tower outfits logos

Showing off brand logos is a thing of the past for elegant people. Even if you love to treat yourself with expensive clothes, you should always avoid logo prints and brand tags that are exposed in plain sight.

Instead, go for simple, basic clothes that are much more versatile and stylish.

Comfort is important

Eiffel Tower outfits comfortable clothes

Visiting the Eiffel Tower involves a few good hours of your time spent there, and that is why you should make sure that you're wearing very comfortable clothes that will allow you to feel good the whole time.

For example, as a guy you could buy a beautiful, timeless, and sustainable shirt that's made from a high-quality, breathable material.

All your clothes can now be sustainable and there is no need to break the bank to be able to purchase them. Take a look at these affordable and sustainable brands.

Avoid gym clothes

Eiffel Tower outfits sports clothes

In many countries, people wear gym clothes as street wear - however, that's not the case in France. Wearing sports clothes in France is like wearing a label that says you are a tourist.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with being a tourist, but if you want to blend in, you should dress up a little bit, and avoid looking like you're going to the gym.

This will also help a lot in case you want to eat in one of their restaurants. Most of them have a smart casual dress code and do not allow sports attire.

Flat shoes

Eiffel Tower outfits flats

Ballet shoes are cute, comfortable, and versatile.

They can be worn with dresses, trousers, jeans, and skirts, and they look fantastic every single time.

Take a look at our article about the 10 best affordable and comfortable ballet flats if you want to wear the coziest shoes when visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Don't wear heels

Eiffel Tower outfits heels

A pair of stilettos might be your most elegant pair of shoes.

This doesn't mean you should wear it when visiting the Eiffel Tower and that's because you're going to spend hours on your feet and heels are both unhealthy and inappropriate.

Choose to be elegant in an effortless way!

Wear cute skirts

Eiffel Tower outfits skirts

Skirts are cute, feminine, and easy to match with your favorite tops.

Buy yours from a sustainable brand that works under very high standards and wear it with a blouse or shirt.

Avoid trying to look too French

Eiffel Tower outfits French style

We have all read about the French style and Parisian chic in a magazine before. There even are some elements that are famous for being characteristic of this style, such as red lipstick, trench coats, and berets.

Wearing too many of these at once can however have the opposite of the desired effect and look like you are trying too hard, therefore you should carefully use them and never overdo it. Remember, less is more!

Summing up

Eiffel Tower outfits summing up

Visiting the Eiffel Tower is certainly a memorable event that you are most likely going to cherish for the rest of your life.

To have a great time and create amazing memories, you need a proper outfit. The best outfits are on the dressier side. Without being too much, they contain dark and neutral colors, a minimal amount of details, and comfortable shoes. Such a stylish outfit that's neither too casual, nor too elegant, will look great in photos, and it will also be comfortable enough to allow you to enjoy this experience.

If you need to shop for this occasion, always choose sustainable brands that produce timelines and versatile clothing items with minimal damage to the environment.

Travel tips

Eiffel Tower outfits travel tips

Our best travel tips for you are to allow yourself plenty of time for visiting the Eiffel Tower. You should also expect that a lot of people are going to be there, so prepare for a big crowd. Also, keep in mind that there is the option to buy your ticket in advance, and this way you can skip the ticket line.

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