Vans sneakers are a staple of Southern California fashion. Originally founded in Orange County, California, the brand has become synonymous with casual skate fashion across the globe. 

Vans slip-ons are famous for their simple design, streamlined sturdiness, and versatile style. 

But this classic sneaker matches with so many different things that it can be hard to decide exactly what to wear. We’ve got you covered.

So, grab your favorite pair of slip-ons and get ready to dive into your closet. 

Here are 15 super chill women’s outfits to wear with Vans slip-ons.  


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Tank Tops and Jeans

vans slip-ons tank jeans

A tank top and jeans look great with Vans slip-ons. It’s an easy, simple outfit that looks effortlessly relaxed on any body type. 

Pair classic checkered Vans with distressed jeans and a neutral-colored tank, or wear a slinky racerback top with high-waisted mom jeans for a chic twist. 

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Trendy Jackets

vans slip-ons trendy jackets

Vans slip-ons are a classic streetwear staple, so top off your outfit with some trendy outerwear. 

Anything from a vintage bomber jacket to an oversized puffer zip-up looks great when paired with Vans. Trendy jackets that have a skater vibe work best with slip-ons. 

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A Zip-Up and High-Waisted Shorts

vans outfits zip-up shorts

Wear a zip-up hoodie and high-waisted shorts for a cute, easy date night outfit. Vans slip-ons are super comfortable, so you’ll feel great in this look no matter what you’re doing. 

Go with a soft cotton zip-up and cut-off shorts for a cute, flirty look. Try a waterproof windbreaker with high-waisted black shorts and matching slip-ons if you want something edgier. 

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Denim Jackets

denim jacket vans slip-ons

Denim jackets are a classic, versatile piece of outerwear to pair with your Vans slip-ons.

Wear a casual denim jacket over your favorite relaxed t-shirt or tank. You can even wear a denim jacket, sundress, and white Vans for a cute date night outfit. 

Denim jackets are a must-have for any wardrobe, so invest in a high-quality one made with sustainable cotton. 

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A Sweatshirt and Leggings

vans slip-ons outfits leggings

We all love how casual and comfortable Vans slip-on shoes are. So why not reflect that in your outfit?

A sweatshirt and stretchy leggings are perfect for lazy days in the backyard or those busy chore-filled mornings. 

Wear an oversized pullover sweater for a retro 90s vibe or a cropped crewneck for a sporty look.

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Distressed Vintage Denim 

vans slip-ons distressed denim

California skate culture heavily influences the Vans brand. What better way to embody that chill culture than with distressed and vintage denim?

Anything goes when it comes to distressed denim. Ripped jeans, faded denim skirts, and vintage 90s overalls are all excellent options to wear with Vans. The key is to make it look as effortless and relaxed as possible. 

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Cozy Knitwear

vans slip-ons cardigan

vans slip-ons knitwear

Vans slip-on sneakers are popular because they can be worn year-round. Throw on some cozy knitwear when temperatures drop for a great fall outfit. 

Wear black or white Vans with chunky knit sweaters and dark denim jeans for an autumnal look.

You can also mix and match your Vans with cozy cardigans, crewneck sweaters, and crochet shawls. 

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Crop Tops and Jeans

vans slip-ons crop top

You can easily center a whole outfit around your favorite Vans slip-ons and go from there. A crop top and jeans make one of the best outfits to wear with Vans. 

Comfort is key when it comes to Vans. Be comfy and cool with a boxy crop top and high-waisted mom jeans. A cropped spaghetti strap and baggy cargo pants are also fantastic options. 

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Comfortable Hoodies

vans slip-ons outfits hoodie

Hoodies are a streetwear staple when it comes to skating culture, so you’ll fit right in with a soft, comfortable hoodie. 

Go with a slightly baggy fit for ease of movement and a slouchy silhouette. To stand out from the crowd, try a neutral hoodie and brightly colored Vans.  

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Casual Sweatpants

vans slip-on outfits sweatpants

Sweatpants and Vans are a match made in heaven. They’re both incredibly comfortable and relaxed, making them a perfect outfit for hanging out at the park, exercising, or lazing around during the weekend. 

Complete your look with a simple t-shirt and hoodie, or elevate your outfit with a crop top and designer handbag. 

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Skirts and Tank Tops

vans slip ons skirt

A cute skirt and comfy tank top make the perfect summer outfit when paired with Vans slip-ons. 

Wear a floral midi skirt, sheer blouse, and Vans slip-ons for an elegant-yet-casual evening look, or keep it simple with a tennis skirt and halter tank top. 

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Comfy Streetwear

vans slip-ons outfits streetwear

Given the brand’s history, Vans and streetwear go hand-in-hand. When you wear a pair of slip-ons, you automatically exude confidence. Wear some comfy streetwear to seal the deal. 

Vans slip-on shoes look amazing with baggy jeans, branded hoodies, matching tracksuit sets, and so many other streetwear staples. 

When shopping for streetwear essentials, invest in high-quality pieces that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. 

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Chic and Cute Dresses

vans slip-ons outfits sundress

vans slip-ons casual dresses

Many assume that Vans slip-ons can only be worn with extremely casual outfits. That’s simply not the case!

Create a dressed-up look by pairing your favorite slip-ons with a chic and cute dress. From minis to maxis, any type of day dress looks great with these sneakers. 

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Cargo Pants

vans slip-ons cargo pants

Wearing cargo pants with your Vans slip-ons is a modern take on a classic outfit from the 90s. 

When choosing the perfect pair of cargo pants, go with a loose fit and a mid-rise cut. Pair your cargo pants and slip-ons with a cotton crop top, flannel shirt, or comfy hoodie to complete this relaxed skater-inspired look. 

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Shorts and Classic Tube Socks

vans slip-ons tube socks

High-waisted shorts and vintage tube socks are a must if you want that fabulous retro look. 

Harken back to 1960s California beach culture with classic white tube socks, cut-offs, and a vintage baseball tee.  

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The History of Vans

slip-ons outfit vans history

So, what’s the history of this instantly recognizable shoe?

Vans was founded in 1966 by Gordon C. Lee and brothers Paul and James Van Doren. They opened their first sneaker store in Anaheim, California, and Vans became an almost instant success.  

The shoe drew inspiration from the skate culture prevalent in Orange County in the late 60s and 70s. Their thicker-than-average rubber soles made Vans sneakers and slip-ons stand out. This thicker sole helped skaters absorb impact and stabilize themselves on their boards.  

According to the official Vans website, the classic slip-on sneaker, originally called “The Vans #98,” debuted in 1977. It was an immediate bestseller in Southern California but had yet to take on the world. 

The Vans slip-on sneaker really came into its own in the 80s when Sean Penn’s character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High rocked the black-and-white checkered slip-ons that have now become synonymous with the brand. 

Today, Vans slip-ons remain one of the brand’s most recognizable shoes. It’s a symbol of youthful energy, rebelliousness, and effortless cool. 


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