Channel your inner tourist and dress to manifest travels abroad - this is what vacationcore is all about! The best thing about it is that you don't even have to be traveling to wear this aesthetic!

If you want to look like you are ready to go on a faraway adventure, you need to choose clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. To help you be the best dressed, have compiled a list of 15 vacationcore aesthetic outfits.

Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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White dress

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits

White dresses are beautiful, comfortable, and perfect for summer! Moreover, white is a versatile color that looks great in many combinations.

Consider wearing a beautiful white dress with a straw bag and a pair of flat sandals.

Let yourself be inspired by these 200 sustainable brands from Europe.

Linen trousers + shirt

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits linen trousers

Linen is considered a luxurious fabric that's a more sustainable alternative to many popular materials such as silk.

Choose beautiful, comfortable, and stylish trousers made of linen, and complete your outfit with a relaxed shirt.

Linen trousers are also easy to style.

Read our article and discover the advantages of linen for clothing.


Vacationcore aesthetic outfits hat

Summer is the season when most people go on vacation.

If you want to transform your wardrobe with some vacationcore aesthetic outfits it is a great idea to purchase a hat. It will protect your head and hair from direct sunlight and it will enhance your vacationcore style.

Have a look at the 15 best affordable and sustainable hats and beanies.

Mini skirt & top

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits mini skirt

Craft a relaxed yet very attractive outfit with a mini skirt and a casual top. Your boyfriend will be impressed! You will look effortlessly stylish and you can complete this outfit with sports shoes and beautiful jewelry.

The best mini skirts are cute, versatile, durable, timeless, and ethically made to help you look fabulous.

Discover our selection of affordable and sustainable mini skirts.

Blue jeans + sweatshirt

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits blue jeans

Blue jeans are classic clothing items that every woman should have in her wardrobe. They are extremely versatile and can easily be dressed up or down and worn in many combinations.

If you want to achieve a fashionable and relaxed outfit, combine a pair of straight blue jeans with a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. This is the perfect outfit to explore a new city, but also to wear if you want to upgrade your vacationcore aesthetic wardrobe.

If you are interested in affordable and ethically made jeans, don't forget to check out our selection.

Cut-off shorts + T-shirt

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits shorts

Vacation is a state of mind that you can manifest through your relaxed and stylish outfits.

Shorts are must have in every woman's summer wardrobe. To nail the perfect outfit that screams vacation vibes, choose cut-off or distressed shorts and wear them with your favorite T-shirt.

Here is our list of affordable and sustainable shorts.


Vacationcore aesthetic outfits sundress

Europe is the favorite destination for Americans who go on holiday and it is often romanticized and associated with luxury fashion.

If you want to be the best dressed during the summer months, you need a cute sundress.

Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, sundresses are stylish and comfortable.

Take a look at these sustainable and affordable luxury labels and purchase your next sundress from one of them.

Floral top + shorts

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits floral top

Flowers are a symbol of spring and femininity and floral prints will never go out of style.

Opt for a beautiful floral top that highlights your best features and wear it with denim shorts or a cute skirt.

If you need shopping inspiration, here are the 20 best affordable hemp shirts, tees, and tops.

Maxi skirt and shirt

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits maxi skirt

Create an outfit that looks like you are trespassing through the South of France with a beautiful maxi skirt and a shirt.

Choose high-quality and breathable materials for both because you want to look fashionable and feel comfy.

Take a peek at the best affordable and sustainable maxi skirts.

Check shirt & shorts

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits check shirt

Check shirts are must-haves that can help you instantly enhance your style. Wear yours with denim shorts or jeans.

Check shirts can also be used to create layers in your outfit.

Here are our sustainable recommendations.


Vacationcore aesthetic outfits jewelry

Complete your vacationcore aesthetic outfits with beautiful jewelry that highlights your best features and makes your look more interesting. Luckily, you can now purchase cruelty-free jewelry from sustainable brands.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best ethical jewelry brands using recycled materials.

Slip dress

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits slip dress

Slip dresses are beautiful and easy to wear. 

They were originally undergarments. They have transitioned to garments and they are now one of the most stylish options for a summer evening.

Purchase yours from a sustainable brand.


Vacationcore aesthetic outfits footwear

Whenever you are choosing your vacation footwear, you must have comfort in mind.

Sandals, sports shoes, and ballet flats should be your first options because they provide comfort without sacrificing style. They look great with dresses, skirts, and outfits with jeans and shorts.

Thankfully, nowadays many sustainable brands produce high-quality footwear without using any animal ingredients.

Have a look at the 30 best ethical and vegan shoe companies.

Hair accessories

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits hair accessories

Make any outfit romantic with hair accessories!

No matter if you choose a hair bow or a colorful scrunchie, your entire look will instantly be more interesting.

Here are the 12 best affordable and sustainable hair accessories made from organic or recycled materials under high social and environmental standards.

Lightweight sweater

Vacationcore aesthetic outfits lightweight sweater

Complete your vacationcore aesthetic outfit with a stylish and lightweight sweater. Make sure to choose a design that doesn't add bulk to your silhouette even if it's not tight.

Sweaters look fabulous in many combinations with jeans and blouses, dresses, skirts, and tank tops.

Click here to discover the best eco-friendly sweater brands.

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