Minimalism is getting trendy! Keeping it simple can do wonder for your peace of mind, your budget and your closet. But what is the minimalist fashion trend exactly? And how do you build a minimalist wardrobe that fits you perfectly?

With sustainability being more and more in the mind of consumers, brands are coming up with new ideas to make durable classic pieces that you can combine easily and wear for a long time. And rejoice! Minimalism does not mean boring.

Follow a more minimalist approach to fashion and just keep it simple. You can already mix and matches many different pieces together and make various outfits with just a good selection of shapes and colors.

Simple fashion aesthetics are good for the eye and the environment. It is a good feeling to declutter your life. Clever lines and clean shapes are gaining popularity for a lot of good reasons. If you are new to the minimalist fashion trend, follow the next piece of advice. Minimalism has to be done well in order to become timeless.

Put simplicity first. This is now the motto of many celebrities and designers. Dressing in a realistic way without being too complicated makes it easier to get dressed in the morning. You don't have to stick to one type of colors or shapes, just rotate through them

You can begin a minimalist approach to fashion by investing in more timeless pieces, creating a wardrobe with simplicity in mind. Jumpsuits, tees, dresses, shirts, high-waist pants, tunics, blouses, boots,... There is plenty to choose from. Look for your style essentials.

Keep your look minimal and original. Minimalism has become a lifestyle. Commit to a minimalist wardrobe. It is easy to start. Sometimes, less is more. Owning less is a good feeling. Trust me! This is a good way to have more purpose in your life, live intentionally and be fulfilled. Follow my definitive guide to the minimalist fashion trend and you will soon reap its benefits.

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What is the minimalist lifestyle?

Minimalism puts simplicity at the forefront. No extras, nothing superfluous, you keep only the essentials and live accordingly. Following a minimalist lifestyle, you remove what is unneeded. You learn to rediscover yourself through simplicity.

You have then more time, more space for what matters the most to you. Needing less is a good feeling but it is not for everyone. If you are to it, don't be too extreme at first. There is no point in getting rid of everything and throwing it away. You risk missing something of value to you and regret it in the long run.

Instead, seek simplicity gradually. And it can begin with your wardrobe. This is a good place to start. With the right ideas, you can start living a more minimalist life today!

What is the minimalist fashion style?

The fashion industry is torn by extremes. On one hand, there is fast fashion and its disastrous impact on the environment and local communities. New, cheap, trendy but easily disposable clothing landing in stores every week.

On the other hand, there are expensive collections of Gucci, Chanel, Calvin Klein with strong aesthetic from runway shows that seem inaccessible. They dictate new styles, new trends, prints and accessories that you can find in stores months later.

Far away from the extremes, the minimalist fashion trend is gaining popularity rapidly with block colors, clean cuts, simple shapes, and timeless silhouettes. Even new Instagram accounts such as @minimalstreetstyle and @theminimalistwardrobe are on a quick rise by promoting the minimalist lifestyle.

The minimalist fashion style is often associated with sustainability, eco-friendliness, being fair and ethical. And that is a good thing. But do not get confused. These are two different things.

Read my complete definition of the minimalist fashion style here.

To have the most positive impact on the environment and our society, adopt a minimalist fashion style AND shop only pieces that are ethical. This means buying clothes second hand or made from natural, organic or recycled materials, have claims verified by certification standards, and were produced using fair and ethical practices.

To know more why buying second-hand clothes is sustainable, follow our analysis here.

If you are wondering what kind of certification standards you should be looking for, you get a complete overview of eco-friendly textile standards here.

A minimalist wardrobe isn't always sustainable. But sustainable fashion aims to be minimalist, as it reduces the impact of your closet on the environment.

Find out the other simple things you can do at home today if you really want to minimize your environmental impact here.

To familiarize yourself with minimalist fashion, adopt a back-to-basics approach. Place only the pieces that matter to you in your wardrobe. Fill it with your staples! Minimalist pieces are stylish yet simple, timeless and versatile.

Minimalist fashion is not about being boring or only using shades of gray, taupe, white, ivory or other pale shades. Before anything else, it is about keeping your closet clean and simple. In the minimalist fashion trend, less is more!

The minimalist fashion style is ideal for everyday wear. You will dress effortlessly to work, and on vacation. Continue reading to find our best ideas to inspire you.

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Is the minimalist fashion trend right for you?

Are you a minimalist? To know if the minimalist fashion trend is right for you, ask yourself if you like to usually keep things simple. Or are you more of a maximalist?

If you like things to be kept very simple, you can call yourself a minimalist. If you find yourself going back to basics often, if you value sustainability above everything else, if you like some key pieces in your wardrobe for their versatility, you might be a minimalist.

It definitely is a good gesture to want the clothes you buy to stand the test of time. It does a big favor to the planet and your budget. That being said, you don't have to wear the same outfit over and over again. Just keep the essentials in your wardrobe and combine them differently for new looks.

If you like your clothes to have longevity and personality, minimalism might just be the right lifestyle for you. Don't worry, the minimalist fashion trend is also beautiful and colorful.

All minimalist collections aren't just black and white. But they are all chic and classic. If you want to be minimalist with clothes, it all starts with the choices you make.

How can I be minimalist with clothes?

The minimalist fashion style goes back to basics and keeps things simple. To jump on the minimalist fashion trend do the following.

  • Go through your wardrobe and only keep the essentials. You want to keep pieces you can combine easily. Classics that don't go out of style that you can wear for a long time.
  • Make a list of what you like to wear quite often and keep those. Then look for what you can wear it with. Don't be afraid of bright colors or prints. Just make sure that it fits your current lifestyle and that you can pair them effortlessly.
  • Start with box cuts (for tops and sweaters) and straight silhouettes (for dresses and skirts). A white dress, cream V-necks, gray coats, flat shoes, clutch bags. Light blue denims, sandals, sunglasses, sleeveless tops can all be part of a minimalist wardrobe.
  • Remember the main goal: get back to basics. Avoid the extras. You want to be able to mix and match everything. To be minimalist with clothes, invest in things that you love. It is totally worth it.

      You will have more space and mote peace at the end of the day. I know it can be difficult at first to throw away clothes. Donate or sell them. Somebody else needs them more than you.

      You will have more time and money with the minimalist fashion style. And you are helping the environment! Cutting textile wastes and your carbon footprint. With your new minimalist wardrobe, you will also have more flexibility.

      But don't be extreme at first. Start slowly. No need to reduce to your closet to only 10 pieces. The number of items doesn't matter that much. Just make sure you wear all of them.

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      How do you dress like a minimalist?

      Being a minimalist is a complete lifestyle. But the best way to start is with your wardrobe. To dress like a minimalist, remove the extras from your closet and only keep the essentials. Your wardrobe should have a limited number of pieces that you wear regularly.

      The minimal approach to fashion helps you go back to basics. Wearing timeless pieces that are also stylish and simple. Think less is more. Remove anything superfluous from your closet.

      Really make a conscious decision about what you want to wear. Lounging at home, at work, on a casual walk or on a trip. Don't aim for the largest number of pieces you can have. Instead, focus on a few key items that you adore.

      This is very easy to do when you are aware of the benefits it has. It is more ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly. It helps your budget, frees time and space in your life. You will have an easier time making decisions and feel more confident with your choices.

      How do you make a stylish minimalist wardrobe?

      The first step to make a stylish minimalist wardrobe is to identify your own style. Before you go out shopping for minimalist pieces, you have to make room at home.

      Make sure to go through your closet and get rid of anything you don't wear. The clothes you wear should make you feel confident and comfortable. To help you separate what to keep from what to throw away, follow our recipe on what clothes to keep here.

      Don't put the clothes in the trash. The better option is to donate them or sell them. You can even recycle them, or re-purpose them into bags or cleaning rags.

      Once you have a good overview of what's left in your wardrobe, make a shopping list of what you might be missing to complete your outfits. It's best to know in advance exactly what you are looking for.

      Make a general note of the type of item you need. You don't have to be too specific with shapes, colors or materials. Of course look for eco-friendly and ethical pieces, made from materials that are sustainable. Prefer durable high-quality items that will last you longer.

      If you are not sure what kind of sustainable materials you should be looking for, take a look at the top 10 eco-friendly fabrics for clothing here.

      Look for clothes that are versatile and timeless classics. These will be the easiest to combine and don't go out of style quickly. Don't purchase anything that feels disposable. Fast fashion is not sustainable. It is responsible for huge textile wastes, high water consumption, toxic chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions.

      A high-quality garment will most of the time be made by a factory worker paid decently in an eco-friendly way from sustainable materials. To shop for a minimalist fashion style, you have to shift the way you buy clothing toward more ethical and sustainable practices.

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      Here is the step by step action plan to make a stylish minimalist wardrobe:

      1. Make your own fashion style.

      Think of your favorite clothes, how you wear them and why. Your personal is made of the pieces you love, your overall feelings and aesthetics. What kind of clothes make you feel confident and comfortable?

      2. Get rid of the extras.

      Anything that you don't wear hasn't earned its place in your closet. Throw away what you don't need responsibly. And only keep what fits you perfectly. The colors and shapes that you like to wear and nothing else.

      3. Identify your needs from your lifestyle.

      Go through each situation in your current lifestyle and think of what you want to wear. Be very thorough and critical of what you are really missing. It might depend on the weather, the events you go to or your hobbies.

      4. Go shopping for what's missing.

      Now you should a clear idea of what to look for. Make sure it flatters your body type, matches what you already own, will last you a very long time. Remember that you will be happier with less.

      5. Take care of your wardrobe.

      You should have long-term pieces in your closet. Some that you wear every other day. Other on occasion. Make a commitment to avoid trendy pieces. Cycle the clothes based on how your style and needs evolve.

      6. Try to not have too much at once.

      Keep getting rid of anything you aren't wearing anymore while looking for new items you will love. Keep learning about yourself and become self-aware. You will need new clothes less frequently.

        How many items are in a minimalist wardrobe?

        There is no set number of items in a minimalist wardrobe. Some minimalists have 20 pieces in their closet, other 100.

        What is important is to keep it simple for you. Avoid feeling overwhelmed owning too much. Only keep the essentials that you like to wear and wear all the time.

        For some people, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pants, and 5 tops are enough to make plenty of different outfits for months. For others, it might be too little.

        In general, aim for 40 to 50 items. This is a good start, especially if you are new to minimalist fashion and haven't found your style yet.

        Go for the following as a good example of a minimalist wardrobe:

        • 3 workout outfits,
        • 3 swimsuits,
        • 3 blouses,
        • 3 skirts,
        • 5 dresses,
        • 5 casual tops,
        • 5 casual pants,
        • 3 shorts,
        • 3 flats shoes,
        • 3 heels,
        • 3 cardigans
        • and 3 jackets or coats.

        Always make sure you can mix and match the various pieces you keep. Your wardrobe should allow for many combinations.

        Don't spend too much time and energy trying to figure out how many pieces you should own. Focus on keeping the essentials and getting rid of the rest. Try to find out the right answer for you.

        Fewer choices lead to less time spent to get dressed. Go with as little as you can. The right amount depends on how often you wear each item, how often you do the laundry, how much room you have at home.

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        Where can you buy minimalist fashion?

        Looking to make a stylish minimalist wardrobe?

        Here are a few good places where you can buy minimalist fashion that is also eco-friendly, fair, ethical and sustainable.

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