What is the minimalist fashion style and why do you need it? Adopting a minimalist fashion style is good for your closet, your wallet, and the environment! Fortunately, minimalism does not mean boring.

You can follow a more minimalist approach to fashion by keeping it simple. With only a small selection of shapes and colors, you can mix and match many different pieces together and create a new outfit each day.

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How To Start a Minimalist Fashion Style

In order to start a minimalist fashion style, do the following:

  • Go back to samples in your wardrobe. Find basic, simple and timeless pieces you can style easily. Box cuts and straight silhouettes are perfect shapes to start with.
  • Forget the extras. These are difficult to combine and you don't wear them as often.
  • Keep it simple. Keep garments you are able to mix and match anytime. You don't have to give up bright colors necessarily. But be sure to have something more neutral to pair it with at all times.

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Where Does Minimalism Come From

Minimalism is a movement that strips everything down, going back to the essentials in order to achieve simplicity. 

Don't think minimalist means shapeless, black, cream, grey or taupe. Minimalist fashion just avoids ornamentation and superfluous designs. Oftentimes, less is more. Removing what is unneeded improves the look.

With a minimalist fashion style, you will not necessarily feel in trends. But you will definitely feel lighter, at peace, and in accordance with nature.

With simple materials of essential quality, you will learn to rediscover yourself in simplicity.

Getting dressed in the morning will be much much easier. You will have more time and more space for what matters.

What Are The Minimalist Fashion Style Staples

The minimalist fashion style is a general feeling, vibe or aesthetic. Fill your wardrobe with a limited number of pieces.

This is a minimal approach to fashion. It is about the attitude and desire of dressing purposefully, with intention. Not aiming for the largest number of pieces.

If you are aware of the benefits of ethical and slow fashion, the minimalist fashion style will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

The goal is to fill your wardrobe with high-quality pieces lasting longer, that you can wear over and over again.

Learn to feel confident about your choices. Having fewer choices, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Keep the pieces that you love to wear and get rid of the ones that you don't. You have the option to donate them, sell them or recycle them.

To find your minimalist staples, you have to know your style. Nothing makes you feel more comfortable and confident than wearing clothes that invite you on a journey of self-expression.

But make sure to leave room for experimentation. Try out new shapes, colors, and silhouettes until you find what fits you perfectly.

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How To Shop For A Minimalist Fashion Style

Now that you know what minimalist fashion is and what your own clothing style is, it will be easier to go shopping for a minimalist fashion style. Here is how to shop for a minimalist fashion style:

  • Make a shopping list in advance. Then you will know exactly what you are looking for. You don't have to be super specific, but a wish list you definitely help you stay on course.
  • Note what type of item you are seeking. It will be easier to identify the shape, color, material, and quality you are looking for. Make a mental note of what you wear every day and shop what is missing to complete your outfit.
  • Always go for more timeless and versatile pieces. These are the type of pieces you can easily combine. Avoid trendy seasonal pieces that will bore you very quickly.
  • Shift your buying habits to purchase items of higher quality. Focus on quality over quantity and buy less so you can buy better. A higher price does not necessarily mean a higher quality.
  • Learn how each garment is made and where it is coming from. It will feel more valuable to you without being too expensive. Ultimately, you want to learn to recognize a quality garment when you see it. Don't purchase anything that is disposable.

Fast fashion is not sustainable. It is responsible for huge textile wastes, high water consumption, toxic chemicals, greenhouse gas emissions.

A high-quality garment will most of the time be made by a factory worker paid decently in an eco-friendly way from sustainable materials.

To shop for a minimalist fashion style, you have to shift the way you buy clothing toward more ethical and sustainable practices.

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