In the first episode of The Buzz Podcast, the host and guests discuss the dark side of fashion, fast fashion.

Manchester is home to some of the most well-known fast fashion brands operating in the United Kingdom.

The Buzz is a new Podcast from the University of Manchester about all things Science And Engineering in the city of Manchester.

It discusses some of the research happening in the region, how it affected the city's past, and how it will shape the future.

Dr. Patsy Perry and Dr. Amy Benstead are both Manchester University lecturers on the Fashion Business and Technology course at the Department of Materials and guests to The Buzz Podcast.

Rachel Cox, a graduate of the Fashion Buying and Merchandising course, also discusses what the future holds for the sector.

Fast fashion is a global phenomenon. It is a widely-spread practice and business model used by retailers, brands, and designers worldwide.

Fast fashion doesn't create garments that last. Instead, it focuses on making cheap, trendy, and accessible clothing at scale.

Mass production is very common in the fast-fashion world with very short development times and very low costs.

Unfortunately, fast fashion has a disastrous impact on our society and the planet. It is very harmful to the environment, ecosystems, and human health.

Thankfully, an alternative to fast fashion, slow fashion, is gaining recognition within the textile and apparel industry.

Slow fashion is very important to stop the cycle of overproduction and overconsumption and reduce harm to the planet, the people, and the animals living on it.

It is a more eco-conscious approach to fashion that aims to produce high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly garments that customers can wear for a long time.

Many sustainable clothing labels based in the UK create inexpensive and eco-friendly garments that help you dress sustainably, look stylish, and protect the environment without breaking the bank.

It's very encouraging to see more apparel companies add eco-friendly and affordable options to their collections.

As a consumer, you have the power to drive positive change in the fashion industry. Support the most transparent, accountable, and sustainable brands.


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