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Summer Style Guide: Are Shorts Appropriate Attire in Italy

It is a common question for anyone traveling to Italy: Can you wear shorts in Italy? All though there are a range of answers, the consensus seems to be yes,... Read More

Ultimate Guide: What to Wear Under a Crop Top for Effortless Style

The crop top was a trend that now seems to have become a staple in many people’s closets.  The crop top was first seen as early as the 1930s and... Read More
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Best Breathable and Comfortable Outfits to Wear in Egypt

The best outfits to help you fit in when you visit Egypt feature conservative styles and breathable fabrics. Long, loose garments like blouses or maxi dresses for women and trousers... Read More

20 Vibrant Celebration of Life Outfits

The best outfits to wear to a celebration of life ceremony feature cheerful colors and conservative styles. Unlike a traditional funeral, you should not wear black, brown, or grey to... Read More
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22 Best Dependable Outfits to Wear to a Funeral

In Western cultures, traditional funeral attire for guests and family members consists of a formal black outfit like a knee-length dress paired with a blazer or a black suit and... Read More

20 Best Outfits to Wear to a Christening or Baptism

The key to putting together a great outfit to wear as a guest at a christening or baptism is to choose happy colors, conservative cuts, and just the right level... Read More
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12 Best Outfit Ideas For A University Interview

It is common knowledge that people dress for success. When deciding what to wear to an academic interview, you want to adapt to that formal environment whilst looking your best... Read More