Summer is the perfect time to let loose and dance the night away at a disco party. But with so many outfit options out there, it can be hard to know what to wear. 

That's why we've compiled a list of the hottest 15 summer disco outfits for women. From eye-catching dresses to bright sneakers, we've got you covered.

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Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

summer disco party outfit jumpsuit

The disco era boomed in the 1970s, so you could channel that style to stand out.

Wear an airy wide-leg jumpsuit in a metallic color for a luxurious disco ensemble.

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Sequin Mini Dress

summer disco party outfit minidress

A sequin mini dress is a classic choice for a disco party. It's flashy, fun, and perfect for dancing the night away. Opt for a strapless number to keep cool.

Pair it with high heels and statement earrings for a look that's sure to turn heads.

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Metallic Romper

summer disco party outfit romper

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a metallic romper is the way to go. It's bold, daring, and perfect for a summer disco party. 

Finish the look with some platform sandals and a bold clutch for an outfit that does the talking for you.

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Colorful Crop Top with High-Waisted Shorts

summer disco party outfit colorful crop top

For a more casual ensemble, try pairing a colorful crop top with high-waisted shorts. 

Add some chunky sneakers and a statement necklace and you will be comfortable and stylish.

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Halter Top with Jeans

summer disco party outfit halter top jeans

Pair a colorful halter top with jeans for a fun and flirty look.

Experiment with your favorite colors and patterns, keeping the palette summery and fresh.

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summer disco party outfit miniskirt

Boogie the summer evening away in a miniskirt paired with a shirt or tube top for a disco-inspired look. 

Pick one with shimmering sequins for a full gorgeous glitter effect.

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Off-the-Shoulder Dress 

summer disco party outfit off shoulder dress

An off-the-shoulder dress is a beautiful summer disco option.

This look will keep your body cool, and your dance moves even cooler.

Here are 20 cute and cheap summer dress options for you.

Co-ord Crop Top and Skirt 

summer disco party outfit co-ord

Wear a matching crop top and skirt to channel the disco vibe.

Not only is it eye-catching, but it’s also disco-dancing friendly too.

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Wrap Top with Sequin Skirt

summer disco party outfit sequin wrap top 

Pair a wrap top with a sequin midi or mini skirt for a chic and sophisticated disco outfit.

This look is perfect for outdoor parties like summer cookouts and beach discos.

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Bell Sleeves 

summer disco party outfit bell sleeve

Opt for a bell sleeve shirt or romper with big sleeves in a vibrant color or bold pattern to showcase your playful side.

Be the belle of the ball by pairing it with a chunky platform shoe.

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Retro Print Maxi Dress

summer disco party outfit retro print

Choose a 70s-inspired maxi dress with a retro print like polka dots, stripes or geometric patterns for a groovy disco look.

Pair with a wicker handbag and a wicked smile.

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Crop Tee with High-Waisted Jeans

summer disco party outfit cropped tee 

Combine a crop tee with high-waisted jeans for a casual yet trendy disco outfit.

This casual ensemble will have you looking just the right amount of chilled and fun for a summer party.

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Sparkly Bodysuit with Denim Skirt 

summer disco party outfit bodysuit

Match the twinkle in your eye by wearing a sparkly bodysuit with a denim mini skirt for a mix of glam and casual elements.

Pair with heels to add class, or sneakers to dress the outfit down and you are good to go.

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Sheer Blouse with Sequin Shorts

summer disco party outfit sheer blouse

This outfit is sophisticated, classy and a perfect option for a summer disco vibe.

Wear a sheer blouse with sequin shorts for a daring and eye-catching disco outfit. Roller skates are optional.

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Glittery Tunic Dress

summer disco party outfit glitter tunic 

Opt for a loose-fitting glittery 1970s tunic dress that allows for plenty of movement on the dance floor.

Go for extra short in length for a nod to sexy 1960s fashion.

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Metallic Crop Top with Flared Pants

summer disco party outfit metallic 

Pair a metallic crop top with high-waisted flared pants to embrace the disco-era fashion.

Choose a sleeveless or backless option to avoid getting too warm.

Here are the best flares and bell-bottom leggings around.

Rainbow Striped Dress

summer disco party outfit rainbow stripe dress

Choose a stunning rainbow-striped dress in a bodycon or A-line silhouette for a colorful and energetic disco-inspired look.

Chase the rainbow and look elegant at the same time for a summer disco look that will brighten the mood.

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