If you are going to attend a riverboat dinner cruise and don't know what to wear, you are in the right place!

Generally, a riverboat dinner cruise has a casual to semi-formal dress code.

In this article, you will discover some amazing outfit recommendations that can help you increase your confidence and look fantastic.

Keep reading to discover our tips!

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Dress code

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits dress code

The first and most important step that can help you nail the right outfit is to check the dress code.

Most riverboats accept outfits from casual to semi-formal and allow the participants to wear what's best for them. You should also pay attention to the type of events you are going to attend. For example, it may be a romantic dinner or a dinner with your work colleagues.

Next, consider the time of the day. For instance, daytime cruises may be more casual, while evening cruises might require formal attire.

Last but not least, it is very important to have the weather conditions in mind. Dressing appropriately for the weather is very important in order to have a good time.

Slip dress

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits slip dress

Slip dresses are versatile pieces that can work both for a casual daytime cruise and a semi-formal evening cruise.

During the day, pair your slip dress with flat sandals and a wide-brimmed hat for a chic, sun-safe look. However, for the evening, switch the sandals for strappy heels and add some sparkling jewelry.

Complete your outfit with a blazer for an extra layer of protection.

Check out the best affordable and sustainable slip dresses.

Romantic blouse

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits blouse

For a feminine and sophisticated outfit, do not hesitate to choose a beautiful blouse featuring romantic fashion style elements such as embellishments, cute collars, floral prints, or puff sleeves.

Here is our selection of affordable and sustainable blouses.

Maxi dress

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits maxi dress

Maxi dresses are stylish, elegant, breathable, and comfortable. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, and you will easily find a flattering one that you love.

For more fashion inspiration, take a look at the 20 best cute and cheap summer dresses.

Cocktail dress

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits cocktail dress

When attending a riverboat dinner cruise, a cocktail dress often hits the sweet spot. Not too formal, yet sophisticated enough for such an occasion, it also offers great versatility.

Accessories can elevate your cocktail dress. Opt for statement pieces if your dress is simple. If your dress is already embellished, choose subtle accessories.

Browse through the best sustainable cocktail dresses for any party.

Casual outfit

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits casual style

If we are talking about a casual event, pair a white shirt with a cute skirt for a relaxed yet stylish outfit.

You don't need expensive or very sophisticated clothes to look fabulous. Just make sure you choose items in the right size for your body because anything too big or too small might not be flattering.

Go for high-quality materials that are beautiful and durable.

Take a peek at our selection of sustainable shirts.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits gown

For a formal riverboat dinner cruise, a gown could be your go-to choice. It exudes elegance and sophistication, and it will make you feel like a princess.

If you don't want to spend a large amount of money on an expensive gown that you will only wear on a few special occasions, we've got you covered!

We have compiled a list of the best places to rent prom dresses and gowns. Check it out here.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits blazer

Blazers can instantly make any outfit more elegant. If you purchase a high-quality blazer in a neutral color that's easy to match with anything, you will be able to enjoy it on many occasions.

A blazer can elevate your riverboat dinner cruise outfit no matter if you choose something formal or casual.

Choose a stylish blazer from our sustainable recommendations.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits suit

For a formal riverboat dinner cruise, men can choose a suit.

Suits are the epitome of elegance and you can never go wrong with them when it comes to special events.

Create a classy outfit that will not go unnoticed with one of these 20 best affordable and sustainable suits.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits footwear

Choosing the right shoes doesn't have to be a difficult task.

First and foremost, make sure to opt for a comfortable design made from cruelty-free, durable, and high-quality materials.

Match your shoes to your outfit: For a formal event you will need elegant shoes, while for a casual dinner, you can choose ballet flats.

Have a look at the 30 best vegan shoe companies.

Trench coat

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits trench coat

Timeless, fashionable, and extremely versatile, trench coats can help you complete any riverboat dinner cruise outfit.

Trench coats are staple clothing items that offer a timeless appeal.

Enhance your style with one of these lightweight and elegant trench coats.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits beret

Accessorize your outfit with a chic beret. A beret can always top off any simple look and it is a very creative way to accessorize.

Check out these eight best sustainable clothing brands from Paris.

Color palette

Riverboat dinner cruise outfits color palette

You may be wondering what the best colors to wear to a riverboat dinner party are.

Our recommendation is to go for a conservative color palette.

Even if you choose to wear one bright color, make sure your outfit doesn't feature too many colors and prints. This is the best way to stay classy and elegant.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits jewelry

Accessorizing your outfit is very important. Jewelry allows you to express your personality and preferences.

Thankfully, you can now accessorize with a clean conscience: Here are the 10 best ethical jewelry brands using recycled materials.


Riverboat dinner cruise outfits don'ts

It's time to talk about the things you shouldn't wear when attending a riverboat dinner cruise.

Stay away from anything that is too revealing, such as very short dresses and skirts and very tight clothes.

Don't wear jeans. We all love them because they are very comfortable, but they are inappropriate for this occasion.

Avoid anything that's uncomfortable and over the top. Certain designs look amazing but are extremely uncomfortable for the wearer. If you want to feel beautiful and confident, you need to wear something elegant that doesn't sacrifice comfort.

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