The 1960s fashion is full of bold colors, influences that at the time were modern (the "mod" style), stylish and tailored clothes, and interesting prints.

In the early '60s, fashion styles were an extension of the late '50s, featuring elegant coats, coordinated sets, and beautiful A-line dresses. The decade continued with a big hype surrounding mini skirts and the mod movement, to end with hippie influences that reached their peak during the '70s.

Since the '60s were a transition to bolder styles, a lot of trends from different backgrounds were mixed, and it is nowadays easy to bring a touch of the spirit of those times into your modern attire.

Keep reading to discover amazing outfits that range from authentic '60s clothes to the revival of old trends using modern clothes.

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A-line dresses

dress like the 60s A-line dress

The name of the A-line dresses comes from their visual appearance - they are fitted around the waist and continue to widen, creating a representation of the letter "A".

An A-line dress instantly brings the vibes of the '60s into your outfit. They are amazing for many occasions, and you can easily transition from office to free-time outfits with the right accessories.

A-line dresses can make you look thinner, they look fantastic on any body type, they can hide fat and bloating, and this makes them extremely flattering.
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Mini skirts

dress like the 60s mini skirt

A daring length then, but also now, mini skirts are statement fashion items. They stand for girl power and liberation, and they are also practical: you can wear a mini skirt in many combinations, guys love them, and they allow airflow during summer.

Create either a vintage or a modern outfit with your mini skirt! it is all up to you to style your skirt the way you prefer.

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Evening gowns

dress like the 60s gown

Every woman needs an impeccable outfit for special occasions.

A beautiful gown is always a great idea because gowns are the definition of elegance and grace! Wear it with a pair of long gloves if you want your outfit to have a strong 60s vibe.

Discover fantastic gowns that are both affordable and sustainable.

Colorful suits

dress like the 60s suits

We all know suits as work attire, but what if they could be fun?

Wear a colorful suit that revives the '60s trends and puts a smile on your face!
You can always combine vintage trends with modern elements to be fashionable, so wear your suit with your favorite modern jewelry!

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dress like the 60s hat

Hats are timeless pieces that you can wear to accessorize your beautiful outfit and protect your head and hair from direct sunlight.

Discover affordable and sustainable hats that can complete your '60s-inspired outfit this summer!


dress like the 60s tights

Tights were very fashionable in 1960.

Wearing them comes with many advantages - they allow unrestricted movement, and protect your legs from cold temperatures.
You can choose a pair in a color that is similar to your skin tone, or a bold color that will not go unnoticed.

Great news! Your tights can now be sustainable!

Bold prints

dress like the 60s bold prints

We can't think of the 1960s fashion, without bringing up the bold prints that were introduced during the decade.

Think of the amazing options you have - countless combinations of patterns and colors that can make your outfit feel like an artist's canvas!

Nowadays more and more brands choose to focus on sustainability, and here are our top 200 best European brands.


dress like the 60s stripes

Bring the stripes right from the '60s into your modern outfit.

You can choose a striped top, a T-shirt, an overall, a pair of pants, or even a blazer. Either option is fantastic and you can now make it sustainable.


dress like the 60s pants

Pants can be both beautiful and comfortable. Create a 1960s-inspired outfit with a beautiful pair of pants.

There are many options to choose from, including a variety of materials, colors, and prints.

Discover stunning and affordable pants made by sustainable brands.

Black and white

dress like the 60s black and white outfit

Black and white was a fashion statement combo in the '60s. It is still fashionable and you can wear it in one of the following manners: either choose a vintage outfit in black and white to look like you've time-traveled from 1965, or pay homage to the era by wearing a completely modern outfit that only features these colors.

Don't forget that there are many sustainable alternatives to fast fashion and start letting yourself inspired right now!

Vintage dresses

dress like the 60s vintage dress

Do you want a dress as close as possible to those from the '60? Then buy one from the '60!

Time travel is impossible, but in this case, shopping second-hand can lead to the same result.

Vintage shopping has gained popularity during the last few years because it allows you to find hundreds of authentic clothing items that you'll love.
Check out these second-hand clothing apps for affordable vintage.


dress like the 60s shoes

In 1960 shoes had low, squared heels and were often decorated with buckles.

Nowadays you can find similar styles that are ethically made from vegan leather.

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dress like the 60s bangles

Bangles were a huge trend in the '60. Bring it to life with these sustainable options!

Colorful jewelry

dress like the 60s jewelry

Express yourself through colorful accessories that will add a vibrant final touch to any outfit! They can boost your mood and make your attire more interesting in no time.

Here is our article about sustainable jewelry.


dress like the 60s headbands

Headbands are fashionable and can be worn in any season. During winter they can keep you warm, while during summer they prevent sweat dripping and can help you avoid overheating.

Choose to accessorize with a cute headband from a sustainable brand.

Summing up

dress like the 60s conclusions

The '60s fashion is very approachable from a modern perspective and you shouldn't shy away from the beautiful trends that the decade gave us!
There are many statement 1960s-inspired pieces that you can include in your outfit.
These clothing items are usually very versatile and allow you to make many combinations!
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