Having too many clothes is a common problem. If you like all of them, it's a sign that you made great purchase decisions based on your style and lifestyle. But you didn't take into account if you need them and how much room you have at home.

Making space in your closet and getting rid of some clothes is probably the best solution. Getting organized and decluttering your life are great steps you can take right now to feel of lot better about your wardrobe.

But where do you begin? It's extremely difficult to choose what clothes to throw away when you like all of them. How do you recognize your fashion style essentials? And will you regret anything you get rid of?

Even if it's hard to do, it's a good idea to have some space in your closet for better items. Ask yourself if you would buy your clothes again if you saw them in the store today.

I have the habit of keeping everything. I don't like to get rid of anything, especially clothes. It doesn't come naturally to me. But with perseverance and practice, I managed to get organized and separate what I need daily from what is superfluous.

The result is less stress, a simpler life, extra cash, the feeling to do good for myself and the planet. I purged everything that doesn't bring me joy and kept what makes me confident.

Here are the best tips for people who have too many clothes but like them all.

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Don't throw clothes in the trash

Textile waste is piling up at an alarming rate globally. Americans alone generate more than 16.9 million tons of used textile waste each year. That number has double over the last 20 years.

Instead, you can sell your doubles that have the same purpose and earn extra cash. Follow my guide on how to get rid of unwanted clothes for money to get a list of amazing places to sell your clothes.

Donate your clothes to charity

A great gesture is to donate your extra clothes to charity or nonprofit organizations. Someone else probably needs some of your items more than you do.

You will feel a lot better about yourself and help so many people at the same time. Great places to drop off clothes when you have too many of them are:

The suitcase trick

If you are a hoarder like me, having an encumbered wardrobe happens very often. If you feel like you have too many clothes, it's time to make room in your closet. Find out your favorite pieces and get rid of the rest.

But it's hard to do so and you might miss something eventually. Use the suitcase trick. Keep a bag or a suitcase away from your closet and place the clothes you wear less often in there. When you start missing something, pull it out. If not, after a while, get rid of it.

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Keep the winners

Don't feel bad about getting rid of clothes. Have no regrets. Think of it as making space for something new and a lot better.

Keep only the winners in your closet. You want the very best items that you wear all the time, that look amazing on you and make you happy.

Focus on one type of clothes at a time to make space in your closet. Do you have too many sportswear? Read up my top 5 tips to declutter your workout clothes.

Identify your best style

Your fashion staples are the best items for you. Keep pieces that you can easily combine into many different outfits. This way you will have an easier time to find more clothes that match what you already have.

Be adventurous and leave room for experimentation. Find out the best fashion style for you to avoid shopping mistakes, save space, time and money.

Create a stylish minimalist wardrobe

Have you ever thought about following a more minimalist approach to fashion? It's about keeping it simple, going back to basics, and getting rid of the rest.

It's a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed with too many clothes. Making more conscious decisions about what to buy and wear has many benefits. Follow my ultimate guide to the minimalist fashion trend to get started.

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Don't be too emotional

Clothes are things. Take good care of them but don't get emotionally attached to them. Why exactly are you holding on to items you don't wear that often?

They aren't offering you anything. You don't need more clothing. You need less. Just get rid of the excess. You can be tough and honest with yourself sometimes. Some pieces don't deserve a place in your wardrobe anymore.

Wear your clothes out

Use your clothes until they are no longer in good condition. And keep clothing that needs repair. Just get rid of it if you have no plan to repair it soon. If you don't throw it away, it occupies precious space you could use for something better.

Look for an easy way to recycle or repurpose clothes that cannot be sold or donated. Follow my guide on the best ways to keep your clothes out of landfills for great ideas to reduce textile waste.

Keep seasonal clothes away

If the weather is very variable in your area, it's understandable to have lots of clothes for different seasons. Temperate, hot, and cold weather require various outfits to shield you from wind, rain, sun, and snow.

Use different storage containers for off-season clothes. Keep in your closet only the clothes you wear regularly.

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Get rid of the extras

Anything that you don't wear doesn't earn a place in your closet. Get rid of the extras responsibly. Only keep what fits your style and lifestyle perfectly.

You want to get rid of bad gifts, any multiples, anything out of trend or uncomfortable, clothes that you wear rarely or bought for a special occasion. Check out my list of 20 types of clothes to get rid of right now to make room in your closet effectively.

Expand your closet

You may need more clothes than the average person for various reasons. If you feel like you have too many clothes but lack space, then getting organized with extra storage space might be the way to go.

You can add shelves, bars, baskets, boxes, use corners, organizers, clothing racks, special hangers, and stack your shoes.

If you are unsure about how many clothes you should own, read up my article on how many pieces of clothing a woman needs.

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Would you buy it again?

This is a great question to ask yourself when deciding what clothes to keep. If you are wondering why you even have some items you don't wear, it's time time to get rid of them.

For each piece of clothing, would you buy it again if you saw it in stores today? If the answer is no, then you don't need it. It's a relief to have more space and ease of use.

Swap clothes with friends and family

Organize a clothing swap with your friends and family. set up a pop-up shop at your house and invite your friends over. You can do this over the weekend for fun.

It's a great way to renew your wardrobe and share some pieces with your social circle. If you miss something in the future, you can always get it back.

Buy new clothes responsibly

Buying fewer clothes overall and higher quality is one great solution to be more sustainable with clothes. It not only helps the planet but also your wallet.

It's a simple step you can take to make a big difference. Choose clothing pieces that are durable and made to last. Read up my list of the top 10 eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics to understand what kind of material you should be looking for.

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I hope these tips are helpful to you if you have too many clothes but like them all. I encourage you to dress purposefully and with intention. Be more conscious about the close you buy and wear.

Only get new clothes when they make you feel more comfortable and confident. With a shopping list made in advance, you can focus on buying less clothes but higher quality, versatile, and long-lasting pieces.

Don't spend too much time, space and money on too many clothes. Keep your essentials and favorites. Get rid of the rest.

Please let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear your experiences and any other tips you may have. Write them down in the comments below.

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