Are you wondering if you have too many pieces of clothing in your wardrobe? If you are asking yourself this question, you already know the answer. Yes, you do!

The number of pieces of clothing a woman need is much lower than you think. It depends on your lifestyle, how often you can do your laundry, and how much room you have at home. 40 to 50 items is a safe number.

In developed countries around the world, the majority of men and women own too many pieces of clothing. And clothes are worn on average only a few times before becoming too old.

It's easy to understand why. Fast fashion has made clothing cheap and disposable over the last 20 years. Buying clothes was a rare event and used to be considered as an investment.

Today, many people shop daily for new clothes! New trends and stylish pieces arrive in high-street stores so quickly. Cheaply produced clothes are everywhere. They encourage consumers to buy more items more often.

I used to shop for fast fashion many times per month and change my outfit three to four times per day. It's fun to buy new clothes and try various styles to look different.

When I understood the huge impact of my clothing purchases on the planet, the animals, and the people living on it, I decided to make more conscious decisions about the clothes I buy and wear.
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The overproduction and overconsumption of cheaply made clothing is very common in many countries. The current fast-fashion business models aren't ethical or sustainable.

Only by changing our consumption habits can we reduce our environmental footprint and also push fashion brands to care more about the planet and the people behind our clothes.

Worldwide, the average number of times a garment is worn before it becomes too old has decreased by 36% compared to 15 years ago.

At the same time, the average person buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago.

The apparel and footwear industry is one of the largest polluters globally. The increasing production and consumption of cheap clothing is the biggest contributor to pollution and climate change worldwide.

It's an excellent idea to ask yourself how many pieces of clothing you should own. Why not try a more minimalist approach to fashion?

Keeping your wardrobe simple with only essential pieces of clothing that you love is amazing for your peace of mind and your wallet.

Buying durable, versatile, and timeless pieces that you can combine easily and wear for a long time isn't boring. You can mix and matches many different pieces of clothing together and make various outfits with just a solid selection of shapes and colors.
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It's now cool to own fewer clothes. Simple fashion aesthetics are desirable for the eye and the environment. It's also a good feeling to declutter your wardrobe and going back to basics.

What are your style essentials? What activities do participate in daily? How often do you wash your clothes? These are the questions you should answer to find out how many pieces of clothing you need.

I encourage you to create a wardrobe with simplicity in mind. To keep your look minimal and original. Nothing superfluous to free time and space in your life for what is most important to you.

You can keep your closet clean and simple by filling your wardrobe with your fashion staples. Prefer classic pieces of clothing that don't go out of style easily.

Make a conscious decision about what you need. Think about the time when you are lounging at home, at work, on a casual walk or a trip. Concentrate on only keeping a few key items that you adore.

You can only determine how many items you need if you've identified your style. An easy way to do so is to go through your closet and get rid of anything you don't wear.

Don't put your used clothes in the trash! The better option is to donate them or sell them. You can even recycle them, or re-purpose them into bags or cleaning rags.
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You've probably understood by now that there isn't a set number of items that you should have. Some women feel very confident and comfortable with 20 pieces of clothing in their wardrobe. Other women need more than 100.

I advise you to keep it simple for you and avoid feeling overwhelmed by owning too many clothes. In general, aim for 40 to 50 items. This is a good start, especially if you are new to decluttering your wardrobe.

Here is a great wardrobe example you can use as guidance to figure how many pieces of clothing you need:

  • Two to four workout outfits
  • Two or three swimsuits
  • Three or four cardigan sweaters
  • Four or five pair of casual pants
  • Two or three pair of casual shorts
  • Five or six casual tops
  • Three to five casual dresses or skirts
  • Two or three jackets or coats
  • Three or four pair of heels or flat shoes

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You don't want to spend too much time and energy trying to figure out how many pieces of clothing you should own. Instead, focus on keeping the essentials and getting rid of the rest. Do what feels right for you!

What are the essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe?

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