Gypsy dress also known as Romani dress is well known for its creative, expressive styles that are bright with colors and patterns.  Many people prefer to refer to Gypsies as Romanis due to the negative connotations associated with the word gypsy. 

Their unique style came from necessity, with their nomadic lifestyle and often low budget, Romanis adapted by making simple, modest clothing worn in layers and collecting varying types of jewelry from many different places

Nowadays, Romani fashion can be quite broad, including a wide range of types of clothes worn by both women and men.  Like their ancestors, Romanis carefully choose what they wear to best show their good fortune and status. Let’s take a look to see what a modern Romani might wear. 

Romani women’s fashion is loose-fitting, bright, and bohemian.  Many unique layers are common from their clothes to their jewelry.  Their style is well known for its expression, individualism, and connection to nature, often with items like feathers used to accessorize.

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Long Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirt

Long, colorful skirts with many kinds of patterns are an essential piece of Romani clothing.  Historically, skirts were long for modesty, and brighter colors were worn by younger women, with darker colors worn by older women.  

In modern times, the length of the skirt is less strict, though many women still wear longer lengths.  Skirts worn by Romani women focus on loose fit and expressive style.  Fringes and other textures and details are also common features.

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Loose Dresses

Loose Maxi Dress

Like their skirts, Romani dresses are also loose and colorful.  Romani style is well known for the freedom of expression and combination of layers and styles. 

Romani dresses often have a bohemian, romantic look, with many patterns, textures, and details. 

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Traditionally headscarves were worn for modesty, often by married women.  Headscarves are still worn for modesty and another layer for Romani women to show off their individualism and style. 

Their headscarves often have bright patterns, with fringes or even jewels hanging from the ends. Traditionally gold coins would hang from their headscarves to show their good fortune. 

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Loose Pants

Loose Pants

Romani women did not wear pants historically, but loose pants are a common item owned nowadays.

Romani women often wear pants with wide legs, bright colors, and fun patterns. 

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Often paired with a skirt or loose pants, is a blouse or shirt with a deep neckline.  Roman women were not shamed for showing their necklines as it was not considered immodest by the culture.

Many Romani women wear textured blouses with wide bell sleeves.  Blouses can either be simply white or can be bright colors with or without patterns. 

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As Romanis were and continue to be nomadic or semi-nomadic, practical shoes are a must.  Shoe types worn range from sandals, slippers, and boots.  

Traditionally shoes were flat, but modern Romani women alternate between flat shoes and wedges or sandals with heels.

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Women's Jewelry

Jewelry is a vast, well know component of Romani dress. Romani women wear many layers and types of necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, and earrings. 

Many of their jewelry has beading, fringes, feathers, and floral and sun and moon components connecting them to nature. 

Both gold and silver can be worn, and their jewelry ranges in size, texture, and even price.

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Men, like women often wear loose-fitting clothes that are equally as bright and detailed to show their personal style.  In addition, Romani men promote their good fortune and status in life through what they dress in.



Pants can be made of many materials from denim to silk, to linen.  Long pants are often worn for modesty.

Romani men’s pants can be bright and colorful, as well as darker and less vibrant, while most of them are looser fitting.

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Button Up Shirt 

Button Up Shirt

Polo shirts and button-down shirts are often worn by Romani men, either in a simple solid color or something more vibrant.

Like the rest of their clothes, their shirts are looser-fitting versus form-fitting and are layered with other clothing and jewelry.

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Traditionally vests were styled and worn to reflect a Romani tribe, nowadays they are still worn and can vary from community to community.

Vests are often shiny and layered on top of a shirt or under a jacket.  They are worn casually or more formally with a suit. 

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Like Romani women, men chose practical footwear as well including boots, shoes, and sandals. 

Many modern Romani men still wear flat footwear.  Two-toned shoes are also well-known for the Romani male style. 

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Men's Jewelry

Romani men wear many layers of jewelry just like Romani women, including rings and necklaces. 

Like Romani women, the material and style, as well as size, can vary from piece to piece, and many components of their jewelry also reflect components of nature. 

There is no rule on how much jewelry men should wear, but many choose to wear several different rings or necklaces at once.

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Wide brim hat 

Wid Brim Hat

All though now not as common, many Romani men wear hats to cover their heads for both modesty and protection from the sun. 

Hat styles can range from urban-style cowboy hats to wide-brim sun hats. 

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Suit and Tie

In addition to self-expression, many Romani men wear clothes to express their power and good fortune.

Shiny suits with bright, patterned ties are a common piece for Romani men.  Traditionally their ties were wide, but in the modern day, many styles are worn. 

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Whether they meant to or not, Romanis have long created a unique, bold style that is all about self-expression and creativity.  Many similar styles have directly or indirectly been influenced by the Romani style.

Next time you wear something bohemian or layer your necklaces maybe you will think about the Romanis and feel confident in showing off your personality through your outfit. 

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