Minimalist fashion blogs are a great source of inspiration, especially when you are maintaining a capsule wardrobe. Keeping a clean and lean closet is a wonderful way to live a simpler and more fulfilling life.

Minimalist fashion not only challenges your creativity but also saves you money and protects the environment. Minimalist clothing is also easy to wear by going back to basics with clean shapes, simple cuts, and classic silhouettes.

I found very inspiring minimalist fashion bloggers to follow with various styles and philosophies behind their capsule wardrobes. Use their lifestyle decisions and daily minimalist outfits as a source of inspiration.

These amazing influencers help you discover the most ethical and sustainable fashion brands, follow a minimalist approach to fashion, and put together elegant, timeless, and stylish clothing pieces.

Here are 20 fantastic minimalist fashion blogs you need to follow.

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1. Seasons And Salt

season and salt minimalist fashion

Conscious fashion influencer Andrea Hartman is styling real life in Portland, Oregon. She operates a blog called Seasons and Salt where she talks about living a simple, minimalist, conscious lifestyle.

Andrea is passionate about ethical fashion and capsule wardrobes. She joined the capsule movement a few years ago, then very quickly the slow and ethical fashion movement as well.

She shares her daily outfits on her blog and Instagram as she learns more about brands and designers who value ethics. She strives to maintain a clean and lean wardrobe.

Andrea also encourages you to stop buying fast fashion and care more about where you get your clothes. She curates a minimalist closet with simple and high-quality essential wardrobe staples.
"What I like to wear definitely changes over the years, but several of the elements of what I like have stayed the same. Shape and volume are some of my favorite elements to play with when picking items and building outfits."

 - Andrea Hartman, fashion blogger

2. Candice Tay

candice tay minimalist blogger

Candice Tay lives in Toronto and runs a slow fashion diary on her eponymous sustainable living blog. Since 2018, she actively pursues a more intentional lifestyle as a conscious consumer.

She shares sustainable lifestyle tips, minimalist style inspiration, and numerous resources for building a capsule wardrobe. She helps you create unique looks with a smaller closet.

Candice Tay documents her journey towards a slower lifestyle and posts minimal aesthetics on her Instagram, her Youtube channel, and her blog. She likes to live minimally and sustainably to make a difference and positive change.

She regularly reviews slow fashion brands and shares what she learns about the fashion industry and its disastrous impacts on people and the planet.
"I get asked a lot where this shirt is from. I’m pretty sure I stole this from my dad's closet back in university haha. Sharing or “shopping” your friends' and families' closets is a great way to sustainably bring new pieces into your wardrobe!"

 - Candice Tay, slow living and low waste lifestyle blogger

3. Style Bee

Lee Vosburgh style bee minimalism

Style Bee by Lee Vosburgh is one of the most influential minimalist fashion blogs today. Lee shares lean closet inspiration, timeless and chic styles that have gained recognition from the biggest fashion influencers.

She focuses on functional pieces that inspire you to get creative with what you have. Her blog aims to make getting dressed fun and effortless by offering simple tools to define your style and streamline your closet.

Lee (the Bee) has a penchant for simplicity, quality, and comfort. After spending a few years working in advertising, she created Style Bee in 2013 as a creative outlet to explore her love for fashion.

People from all over the globe visit her blog and Instagram for more closet contentment, thoughtful style options, and outfit inspiration. Lee explores personal style, closet curation, simple beauty, interiors, and travel.
"Reinvesting in your closet is a great way to start a new season. Instead of jumping to what you want to add, spend some time reconnecting to pieces you already have and love. Reinvesting for me can look like switching over my closet so my seasonal favorites are visible, using fresh eyes to create new combinations, caring for pieces I want to last like conditioning my boots or freshening up my knits."

 - Lee Vosburgh, thoughtful style blogger

4. Un-Fancy

un-fancy Caroline Joy fashion blog

Caroline Joy runs a fashion blog called Un-Fancy since 2014. She started with the need to find her style and curb her mindless shopping habits. She uses intentionality, curiosity, moderation, and mindfulness to create her outfits.

Caroline began her minimalist fashion journey by trying out a capsule wardrobe and living with a small and structured closet of 37 pieces. She now offers many simple tips to do more with less.

On her blog Un-Fancy and Instagram, Caroline shares her thoughts on building a timeless wardrobe. She also promotes going back to basics and curating a closet with only the essentials.

She is passionate about maintaining a small closet filled only with clean and classic looks from intentional purchases. Un-Fancy is a great destination to find inspiration for populating a capsule wardrobe.

Follow Caroline Joy if you want to practice contentment with fewer clothes and adopt a leaner closet. A minimalist approach to fashion helps you be happy with a lot less.
"Personal style is often presented to us as an either/or. Are you classic or bohemian? Colorful or neutral? Relaxed or tailored? But to me, this either/or mindset zaps the fun right out of something that’s meant to be playful and open-ended."

 - Caroline Joy, calm, mindful, intentional blogger

5. The Thoughtful Closet

Allison Karaba The Thoughtful Closet

Allison Karaba operates a blog called The Thoughtful Closet where she encourages others to try living with a minimal wardrobe and refrain from shopping.

She believes that style can evolve without constantly buying more but instead by just looking at what you already have a little differently. She shares guides, looks, and styling tips to adopt a lean wardrobe.

Allison initially wanted to focus on a minimal closet to better her shopping habits. She had tons of mediocre pieces and no idea how to describe her style.

With her lean closet, she now strives to look at what she has and create something that feels new. On her blog, Allison shares her journey towards slow fashion including her seasonal outfits.

She loves to connect with people interested in building a more sustainable wardrobe. And she shares fantastic style inspiration as well as tips and tricks on how to build an ethical wardrobe.
"Now more than ever it is important to spread the word on small businesses that are trying to break the fast fashion mold and help them prove that there is a better way to do things."

 - Allison Karaba, ethical style journey blogger

6. Hej Doll

Jessica Doll hej minimalist wardrobe

Jessica Doll is a San Francisco-based blogger who shares her passion for a minimalist wardrobe and travel. Her blog called Hej Doll is a wonderful source of inspiration to save time, money, and energy.

Jessica showcases many of her traveling outfits in a limitless repertoire of exquisite travel landscapes and elegant styles. Her lifestyle blog features her passion for good design and great photos.

Jessica Doll is a professional photographer, avid traveler, and stylish mom who has gained recognition among modern living and travel bloggers. Hej means and sounds like “hi” in Danish.

Hej Doll is a travel, life, and style blog inspired by the simple modern luxuries found in California and beyond. It features excellent minimal outfits, closet tips, gifts, and shopping guides.
"I'm a California-born and raised photographer, content creator, avid traveler (well, not right now), and stylish mama of two boys. I consider myself a soft minimalist, in both my home and wardrobe. I've had a capsule wardrobe since 2014 and it has dramatically made my life easier."

 - Jessica Doll, photographer, and travel blogger

7. Minimalist Beauty

Minimalist Beauty conscious living Dawn Michelle

Minimalist Beauty is a conscious living blog by Dawn Michelle. It features amazing guides and tips about simplicity, organic beauty, DIY, motherhood, style, zero waste, health, and wellness.

Dawn Michelle created her blog in 2010 to share a better way to live an eco-friendly, beautiful, and healthy life. She shares her experience with living simply, dressing modestly, and decluttering.

She is passionate about helping you create your life effortlessly and beautifully with grace. She puts together an amazing capsule wardrobe that inspires you to wear minimalist fashion.
"I started dressing modestly out of pure obedience after being born again September 2017 which I shared in my testimony. Being obedient in itself made this process very challenging because I had let go of what I had learned from society about dressing as well as my own opinions without the support of scripture. God’s standards are not our own, and modest dressing separates how you look from the majority."

 - Dawn Michelle, artist, writer, creator of skincare line Azuha

8. Use Less

Signe Hansen use less blog

Signe Hansen is the creator of a popular fashion blog called Use Less. She helps you build a conscious and minimalist wardrobe as a certified style coach and former designer.

Signe believes that style isn't about having a lot of clothes but about having the right clothes. On her blog and social media platform, she shares a genuine bit of the Scandinavian culture.

Signe takes you on her journey towards a lifestyle with less waste and shares style, hair, and beauty inspiration along the way. She wants to inspire women to buy less, choose more carefully, and have fun with a minimalist approach to fashion.
"When you're feeling stuck with your style or tempted to shop get up from the couch and in front of your wardrobe! It's such a lovely, proactive way of reassuring yourself that you already have more than enough. Even if you have nowhere to go, I promise you you'll have a little fun and learn something about yourself in the process."

 - Signe Hansen, style coach, and former designer

9. The Sustainable Edit

Jen Brownlie sustainable fashion blog

Jen Brownlie shares sustainable fashion and capsule wardrobe advice and her ethical fashion blog called The Sustainable Edit. She writes about her journey towards a more natural, simple, and eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Sustainable Edit is a great destination for beauty, minimalism, simple and slow living tips. Jen is a former fast fashion addict turned slow and responsible fashion advocate.

She inspires you to live a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing the things you love. She encourages you to show kindness and be aware of your impact on other people and the planet.
"Always enjoy seeing all my clothes at once (once I get over the shock of the pile on the bed) as it reminds me of what I already have and that most of it is pretty great."

 - Jen Brownlie, simple living blogger

10. Blue Ollis

Blue Ollis simple minimalist outfit

Blue Ollis runs an eponymous blog dedicated to intentional living. She shares simple tips for living sustainably and cruelty-free on her Instagram, blog, and Youtube channel.

Blue is passionate about veganism, minimalism, zero waste living, and holistic wellness. She talks about a wide variety of topics from low-waste living and minimalism to plant-based recipes and holistic wellness.

Blue designs every video and article with clean, simple, and green living in mind. She promotes health and wellness from nutrition and fitness to inner alignment and compassion.
"Sustainability isn’t just about buying better. It’s about taking care of what you already have so you can buy less. Make do and mend."

 - Blue Ollis, conscious, slow, holistic living blogger

11. Sustainably Chic

Natalie Kay sustainably chic blog

Natalie Kay has been helping people build a conscious wardrobe since 2014. She runs a blog called Sustainably Chic where she shares fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.

Natalie believes that fashion can exist responsibly. On her blog, she features eco-friendly and ethically made clothing, skincare, and home decor.

Natalie is passionate about helping you create a sustainable closet that looks different. She initially created Sustainably Chic as an outlet to speak on sustainable fashion, a topic she cares deeply about.

Over the years, Natalie has built an endless archive of ethical and sustainable fashion lists for minimalist living, featuring a carefully curated selection of simple and affordable clothing, footwear, and accessories.
"There isn’t one way to have a sustainable closet. From thrifting to mending to supporting sustainable fashion brands, there are so many ways you can do it. Loving what you already have is the best way to start."

 - Natalie Kay, conscious fashion blogger

12. Gittemary

gittemary minimalist fashion blog

Gittemary Johansen is a Zero Waste content creator, lecturer, and writer. She shares perfect combinations of vintage and environmentally friendly brands on her Instagram, eponymous blog, and Youtube channel.

Gittemary abandoned impulse buys, fashion week, and must-haves in 2015 for a Zero Waste and plastic-free lifestyle. She assembles and shares beautiful and minimal outfits from sustainable or vintage brands.
"When sustainability becomes a selling point, all the focus tends to be on the green products we can buy, and sometimes we forget that the sustainable journey starts way before we press 'accept order'."

 - Gittemary Johansen, green activist, and writer

13. Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia minimalist sustainable blogger

Madeleine Olivia is a minimal and sustainable living influencer, blogger, and Youtuber. She posts plant-based recipes and outfit ideas on her social media platform.

She is passionate about sharing her thoughts on veganism, minimalism, and self-discovery with her over 490k subscribers. She posted her first video in 2016 and is now one of the most influential voices in minimalism.
"Now we are all staying at home, it’s probably bringing out some more sustainable habits such as cooking from scratch, growing our own veg, using what we have in our house, driving a lot less, and buying less stuff. [...] Small steps can lead to big changes, and now might be just the time for you to make some moves towards a more sustainable lifestyle."

 - Madeleine Olivia, minimal and sustainable living blogger

14. Ethical Unicorn

Ethical Unicorn blog Francesca Willow

Ethical Unicorn is a blog by Francesca Willow. She takes a holistic, fact-based approach to sustainable living and social justice. She talks about her experiences with minimalism and offers capsule wardrobe inspiration.

Francesca shares fantastic outfit ideas on her blog and Instagram that combine sustainability and ethics, using both natural and recycled materials.

She is a Geordie gal based between London and Cornwall, working as an artist and writer. She is always trying to grow, challenge herself, and learn along the way.
"We have to remember there are other ways. Models can be changed, systems can be dismantled and redesigned. It doesn't have to be like this, we can build something different.⁣ [...] I believe in switching to circular and regenerative systems. Because I believe we can give back more than we take and we can help rather than exploit each other. We have the solutions, we just have to choose them."

 - Francesca Willow, performer, and artist

15. Shelbizleee

Shelbizleee sustainability minimalist blogger

Shelbi is a sustainability advocate that shares eco-friendly outfits on her Instagram, Youtube channel, and her blog called Shelbizleee.

She believes that the sustainability movement is lacking in many areas and tries to do as much good as possible.

Shelbi has an amazing minimal wardrobe made of simple and colorful pieces. She populates her closet around eco-minimalism and wasting as little as possible.

Shelbi promotes mindful consumption and encourages you to get creative, reuse, shop second-hand, and support sustainable brands. She is an expert in sustainability, reducing waste, and conscious resource consumption.
"On your journey to eco-minimalism, it is important to recognize what will truly add value to your life and what you simply WISH would add value.
It’s okay if something that works for others doesn’t work for you and by removing yourself from purchasing those items you inevitably reduce your footprint by not contributing to the resource use required to make those items."

 - Shelbi, sustainability vlogger

16. Jess With Less

jess lee carpenter minimal outfit

Jess Carpenter shares amazing sustainable fashion ideas and minimal outfit inspiration on her Instagram, Youtube channel, and her blog called Jess With Less.

She is building a (mostly) second-hand and sustainable capsule wardrobe. She offers tips and guidance to anyone wanting to start living sustainably.

Jess initially focused on Zero Waste when she started her blog in 2018. She then quickly rediscovered her love for fashion and now showcases inspirational outfits, ethical brands, and makers.
"Before you buy something see if you can find it from a local business or a small business online. Today, I’m taking clothes that just don’t fit right to my local tailor and I know they missed a ton of business for prom & graduation. Y’all, you can really change up your existing closet by simply updating what you have!"

 - Jess Carpenter, sustainable style, simplified living, Zero Waste blogger

17. Be More With Less

Courtney Carver be more with less

Courtney Carver runs a blog called Be More With Less about simplifying your life, decluttering your mind, and connecting with your heart. She is passionate about proving that less is more.

Launched in 2010, Be More With Less quickly became one of the most widely recognized blogs on minimalism. It features books, articles, and podcasts about simplicity as a way back to love.

Courtney created the fashion challenge Project 333 to wear just 33 items for 3 months. This new approach to living simply helps you worry less about what to wear.

Courtney encourages you to declutter, downsize, create space, and enjoy what matters the most to you. She shares all the ways for you to live debt and clutter-free.
"Since you are only wearing a fraction of your wardrobe anyway, it might be time to try minimalist fashion. [...] The extra stuff you have to sift through to get to your favorites isn't doing you any favors. If anything, it's weighing you down, complicating decisions, and maybe even making you feel sad/mad/frustrated."

 - Courtney Carver, minimalist blogger

18. Reading My Tea Leaves

Reading My Tea Leaves Erin Boyle

Reading My Tea Leaves is a lifestyle blog by Erin Boyle, a writer, photographer, and former editor at Gardenista. It celebrates a practical and purposeful approach to a simple, sustainable life in a tiny apartment.

Erin Boyle offers minimalist wardrobe inspiration, simple living insights, and tips to reduce waste at home. She is a minimalist with a particular approach to living simply.

Reading My Tea Leaves is an amazing starting point to build a beautiful, practical, and intentional minimalist wardrobe. It features simple style advice to dress purposefully and sustainably, not only for the environment but also for your happiness and well-being.
"When we talk about ethical clothing, we’re often talking about how clothes get made. We ask questions about the where and the what and the who of what happens before clothes are ever worn. Less often, we ask questions about what happens after clothes have outlived their usefulness."

 - Erin Boyle, simple, sustainable lifestyle blogger

19. Simply And Fiercely

Jennifer Simply And Fiercely minimalist

Get started with minimalism by following Jennifer of Simply And Fiercely. She is a minimalist who grew up in Baltimore and helps you clear the clutter from your home and life.

Her blog Simply And Fiercely is dedicated to helping you build a life you love through simple and intentional living. If you're busy, feeling tired, or overwhelmed, use her practical advice, stories, and guides as inspiration.

Jennifer shares her journey to minimalism and a happier, simpler way of life. She is passionate about simple living and helping you overcome your decluttering challenges.

She launched her blog in 2015 with a handful of stories about her minimalist journey. Simply And Fiercely ⁣ has grown into something big, meaningful, and useful for every minimalist.
"Once upon a time (not that long ago), I was a shopaholic and workaholic. [...] For years, I accepted this as normal because it’s what I saw all around me. Everyone I knew was living a cluttered, busy life too - why should my life be any different?⁣ Fortunately, I decided not to settle for a life half-lived and now I’m passionate about helping other women.⁣"

 - Jennifer, traveler, minimalist, and dream chaser

20. The Simplicity Habit

Julianna Poplin simplicity habit blog

Julianna Poplin is a professional declutterer and runs a blog called The Simplicity Habit. She is on a simplicity mission to inspire and help others live a life of purpose and intention with fewer distractions.

She shares on her blog and Instagram wonderful tips to create decluttering habits in your life. When it comes to minimal clothing, she challenges you to simplify and do something different.

Shopping less boosts your creativity and improve your fashion style. It also saves you money and creates space in your life for what matters the most to you.

Follow Julianna to receive guidance on your slow living journey and how to do more with less. She loves helping people simplify their homes and their lives.
"A few years ago, I noticed that people started talking all about capsule wardrobes. They became really popular on Pinterest and I continued seeing seasonal wardrobe pictures appearing more frequently. I did some research on capsule wardrobes and ultimately decided against trying to create one."

 - Julianna Poplin, decluttering expert

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