If you are looking for capsule wardrobe inspiration, Instagram is a great place to go. I found very inspiring bloggers to follow on Instagram that will help you build a wonderful minimalist wardrobe.

Amazing influencers regularly post on Instagram unique fashion styles you can emulate to enhance your closet. They present ethical and sustainable capsule wardrobe ideas to spark your creativity.

Minimalist bloggers on Instagram make it easy for you to create simple yet stylish outfits that are also elegant and timeless. Update your fashion style with a more simplistic approach to fashion.

A capsule wardrobe is made of clean shapes, simple cuts, and classic silhouettes. Going back to basics, it includes essentials and very versatile pieces that you can combine easily into different outfits.

Here are 20 epic capsule wardrobe bloggers to follow on Instagram.

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1. Sustainably Chic

sustainably chic

Sustainably Chic is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog by Natalie Kay featuring eco-friendly and ethically made clothing, skincare, and home decor.

Natalie Kay has been helping people build a conscious wardrobe since 2014. She believes that fashion can exist responsibly. On her Instagram page, she shares how to create a sustainable closet that looks different for everybody.

2. Sedona Christina

sedona christina wardrobe

Sedona Christina is a sustainable vegan & intentional living blog run by Christie, a Canadian millennial gal with a knack for wellness, movement, self-care, entrepreneurialism, and leaving this world better than we found it.

She believes that compassion is the key - always. She follows the principles of slow fashion and Zero Waste while sharing cute and sustainable outfits on Instagram and Youtube.

3. Andrea Hartman

andrea hartman season style

Andrea Hartman is styling real life in Portland, Oregon. She runs a blog called "Seasons and Salt" about a simple, conscious style. She joined the capsule movement a few years ago and very quickly after that the slow and ethical fashion movement.

She shares her outfits on Instagram and her blog as she learns more about brands and designers who value ethics. She strives hard to maintain a lean wardrobe.

4. Gittemary

gittemary sustainable fashion

Gittemary Johansen is a Zero Waste content creator, lecturer, and writer. She shares perfect combinations of vintage and environmentally friendly brands on her Instagram account and Youtube channel.

In 2015, she switched out impulse buys, fashion week, and must-haves for a Zero Waste and plastic-free lifestyle. She creates capsule wardrobes made of sustainable organic or recycled materials.

5. Signe Hansen

signe hansen use less blog

Signe Hansen helps you build a conscious wardrobe. She is a certified style coach, former designer, social media expert, blogger, and Youtuber. She says that style is not about having a lot of clothes; it's about having the right clothes.

On her social platforms and blog called "Use Less", she shares a genuine bit of the Scandinavian culture. She tries to make a difference and practice positive influence.

6. Madeleine Olivia

madeleine olivia minimalist fashion

Madeleine Olivia is a minimal and sustainable living influencer, blogger, and Youtuber. She posts plant-based recipes and outfit ideas on her social media accounts.

She is passionate about sharing her thoughts on veganism, minimalism, and self-discovery with her over 400k subscribers. She posted her first video in 2016 and is now one of the most influential voices in minimalism.

7. Shelbizleee

shelbizlee sustainability vlogger

Shelbi is a sustainability Vlogger that makes amazing Youtube videos and share eco-friendly outfits on her Instagram blog. She reveals that the sustainability movement is lacking in many areas and try to do as much good as possible.

Her capsule wardrobe is simple and colorful, designed around eco-minimalism, consuming as little as possible. She encourages everyone to get creative, reuse, shop second-hand, and support sustainable brands.

8. Alisson Simmonds

alisson simmonds capsule wardrobe

Alisson Simmonds started a journey to a sustainable life in 2016. She is doing her best to reduce her environmental impact. On her blog A Sustainable Mess, she gives you tips on sustainable fashion, plant-based food, natural parenting, and organic beauty.

Alisson is a second hand and fair fashion advocate. She shares slow, vegan, ethical, fair, organic, and sustainable outfits from her minimalist capsule wardrobe on Instagram.

9. Blue Ollis

blue ollis sustainable living

Blue Ollis runs a blog and Youtube channel dedicated to promoting intentional living. She is a keen advocate of living sustainably and posts her favorite outfits on Instagram.

Blue urges you to wear only the things that make you feel your best. Don’t settle for anything else. She shares lots of opportunities to improve your sustainability.

10. Candice M Tay

candice tay capsule wardrobe

Candice Tay runs a slow fashion diary and sustainable living blog. She decided to actively pursue a more intentional lifestyle to be a more conscious consumer in 2018.

She documents her journey towards a slower lifestyle through her Instagram and her blog. She likes to live minimally and sustainably and focuses a lot on slow fashion to make a difference and positive change.

11. Ethical Unicorn

ethical unicorn capsule movement

Ethical Unicorn is a blog by Francesca Willow. She aims to take a holistic, fact-based approach to sustainable living and social justice. She talks about her experiences with minimalism and offers capsule wardrobe inspiration.

You can find on her Instagram amazing outfit ideas that combine sustainability and ethics, using both natural and recycled materials. Francesca is always trying to grow, challenge herself, and learn along the way.

12. Caroline Joy

caroline joy fashion blog

Caroline Joy runs a fashion blog called Unfancy since 2014. She wanted to find her style and curb her mindless shopping habit. After trying out a capsule wardrobe and living with a small and structured closet of 37 pieces, she uses intentionality, curiosity, moderation, and mindfulness to create her outfits.

Caroline offers closet-curating tips, carry-on packing guides, and a lighthearted approach to the whole “less is more” thing. She promotes going back to basics and shares her thoughts on building a timeless wardrobe.

13. Mikaela Loach

mikaela loach ethical fashion

Mikaela Loach promotes ethical fashion, sustainability with inclusivity, antiracism, and climate justice. She recognizes the extreme amount of privilege she has and wants to use it to mitigate her impact.

Mikaela is vegan and boycotting fast fashion to reduce her carbon footprint. The pieces from her closet she shares on Instagram are simple and elegant.

14. Green Girl Leah

green girl leah thrift vintage

Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmental activist and eco-communicator based in Southern California. She's passionate about advocating for and exploring the relationship between social justice and environmentalism.

She is trying to start an eco-revolution and shares incredible and inspiring eco-friendly and ethical brands on her Instagram blog. Most of her capsule wardrobe is made of thrift, vintage, and sustainable pieces.

15. Aditi Mayer

aditi mayer sustainable fashion

Aditi Mayer is a speaker and (photo)journalist on all things style, sustainability, and social justice. She talks about the state of fashion, her favorite products, culture, and beauty standards.

On Instagram, she shares natural and incredibly easy to style outfit ideas. She promotes phenomenal artisans, brands, and organizations that shape sustainable fashion.

16. Jess Lee Carpenter

jess with less sustainable capsule

Jess shares amazing sustainable fashion ideas and outfit inspiration. She is building a (mostly) second-hand and sustainable capsule wardrobe. She offers tips and guidance to anyone wanting to start living sustainably.

She started her blog back in 2018 Zero Waste focused but quickly rediscovered her love for fashion. She now shares outfits and different ethical brands and makers.

17. Let's Talk Slow

lets talk slow fashion stephanie

Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst runs Let's Talk Slow, an honest lifestyle platform that takes you on her conscious journey. She learned a lot about sustainability in fashion over the years and now works on her platform and as a consultant for brands.

She is on a mission to drive positive change and shares ethical, sustainable, or conscious brands she comes across. She shows you how to build a stylish capsule wardrobe and at the same time have a lower impact on our planet.

18. Emma Elwin

emma elwin make it last

Emma Elwin is the co-founder of Make It Last, one of Sweden’s most popular fashion blogs. She sheds light on sustainability initiatives and inspires smart, conscious audiences to make greener, longer-lasting choices.

On Instagram, she shares lovely, cute, comfortable, practical, and minimalist outfits from her capsule wardrobe. The pieces she wears are stunningly classic, elegant, and timeless.

19. Impact for Good

impact good sustainable wardrobe

Impact for Good is Jessica Clifton's platform to promote sustainable and low waste living. She helps you learn what you can do to make a difference for our environment.

She insists that the most sustainable way to approach fashion is to wear your clothes again and again. On Instagram and her blog, she shares ways to have a more sustainable wardrobe.

20. Sustain Yourself

sustain yourself sustainability pin

Sustain Yourself is a blog and business founded by Spanish-American identical twins Geevie and Sophia from Minnesota. They promote an ethical and sustainable lifestyle, spreading plastic pollution awareness and low impact living.

They discovered the Zero Waste movement back in 2017, and continue to promote sustainability with climate justice. They share outfit ideas that meet the highest sustainability and ethical standards.

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