As we patiently wait for the latest season of HBO’s Euphoria, why not embrace ourselves in the fashion of one of the coolest TV shows ever made? If you want to channel the show’s aesthetic but you’re not sure where to begin, then you have come to the right place! 

Euphoria-themed parties call for bold, eclectic fashion that embraces the spirit of self-expression. From glittering ensembles to Y2K nostalgia, below we have some show-stopping looks to help you steal the spotlight at your next Euphoria-themed gathering. From Y2K to vegan leather to hyper-femme accessories, there are many ways to dress like you should have a part in this unconventional teen drama.

So whether you are going for a cute Cassie, an ethereal Jules, a vixen Maddy, a sexy Kat, or a chilled Rue, you are sure to slay in these stunning Euphoria-inspired fits. 

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Halter Top and Fishnets

Euphoria halter top fishnets

Embrace Kat’s edgy vibes with a halter top paired with fishnet stockings. This daring combination exudes confidence and sets the tone for a night of euphoric style.

Pair with some black chunky boots and accessorize with some cute butterfly hair clips for some extra slay. 

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Bralette and Mini Skirt

Euphoria fashion bralette miniskirt

For a flirty yet fashionable look, opt for a stylish bralette paired with a chic miniskirt. It's a classic combination that never fails to turn heads.

This look is a baddie Maddy fit, so why not layer a cute mesh top over and style your hair in a slick back pony too? 

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Sparkly Chain Link Dress

Euphoria sparkly chain link dress

This look is not for the faint-hearted, but if you're a fan of all-things Euphoria, then this will be a walk in the park for you. 

Dazzle the crowd in a sparkly chain link dress that captures the essence of Euphoria's glam aesthetic. This bold choice is perfect for those who want to make a statement. 

Wear a bodysuit underneath for a seamless vibe.

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Euphoria inspired accessories fashion

Elevate any outfit with the right accessories – think bold earrings, layered necklaces, and statement rings. Accessorizing is key to achieving the maximalist style that Euphoria is known for.

In a world where more is more, go bright, sparkly and bold to fit right in with this eye-catching crowd.

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Slip Dress

Euphoria slip dress fashion

Channel the effortless allure of Euphoria with a silky slip dress. It's a timeless yet on-trend choice that radiates a sense of laid-back glamor.

Pair with a tiny handbag and high heels for a top 90s It Girl vibe - one of the show’s biggest inspos.

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Lacey Skirt

Euphoria inspired lacey skirt

Incorporate lace into your ensemble with a stylish lacey skirt. This delicate touch adds a hint of romance to your look, perfect for capturing the dreamy Euphoria atmosphere.

Style this look with matching underwear for Fairycore Jules vibes.

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Crop Top and Skirt

Euphoria fashion crop top

Mix and match with a cropped top and a complementary skirt. This versatile combination allows you to play with textures and patterns, showcasing your unique style.

Ground your outfit with a pair of chunky boots. Not only do they add an element of grunge, but they also provide a comfortable and edgy foundation for your Euphoria-inspired look.

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Euphoria fashion preppy skirt

Go for a preppy vibe inspired by Cher from Clueless. Think plaid skirts, matching blazers, and knee-high socks – a perfect fusion of sophistication and playfulness.

Perfect your look with platforms or brogues, depending on your vibe.

This is a tried and tested look in Euphoria and in the fashion-sphere, so why not give it a go?

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Low Rise Jeans

Euphoria fashion low rise jeans

In case you didn’t get the memo, low rise jeans are back. And they aren’t only adorned by certain hotties in the Euphoria ensemble - we are seeing them out in the wild too.

Embrace the Y2K era with low-rise jeans, a trend that’s made a comeback and looks here to stay for a while. 

Pair them with a crop top or a fitted tee for a nostalgic nod to early 2000s fashion.

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Vegan Leather Skirt and Platforms

Euphoria fashion vegan leather skirt

If sexy bondage vibes are the style you are going for then consider a vegan leather skirt matched with mega-high platforms.


The boldness of the skirt against the height of platform shoes will ensure you are looking as in control and powerful as Euphoria’s Kat. 

This edgy combination is a fantastic way to showcase your individuality at the Euphoria-themed party.

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Hyper Femme

Euphoria fashion hyper femme

Unleash your hyper-feminine side with frills, bows, and pastel hues. Embrace exaggerated femininity to stand out in the crowd and capture the essence of Euphoria's diverse fashion.

Thanks to the Barbie movie, being girly and dressing in girly garb has never been more en vogue. The sky’s the limit with this eye-catching look.

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Sporty Chic

Euphoria fashion sporty chic outfit

Achieve a perfect balance between sporty and chic with athleisure-inspired pieces. Think oversized hoodies, sleek leggings, and stylish sneakers for a look that's both comfortable and on-trend.

Being a tomboy was made ever cooler by Euphoria’s main character Rue, so if she can nail the boycore trend, then why can’t you?

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Euphoria fashion Y2K outfit

Transport yourself to the Y2K era with futuristic and experimental fashion. Think metallics, bold prints, and futuristic accessories for a look that's ahead of its time, yet nostalgic at the same time. 

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Vegan Leather Pants

Euphoria fashion vegan leather pants

Make a bold statement with a pair of vegan leather pants. This versatile piece can be paired with various tops to create a head-turning Euphoria-inspired ensemble.

My top tip: try dressing head to toe in vegan leather, including boots and a snood. You will slay in this fit, and people will be in awe of your badassery.

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Glitter Flares

Euphoria fashion glitter flares outfit

It would not be a Euphoria-themed party without a little glitter. So why not turn heads with the sparkle of glitter flares? This disco-inspired choice adds a touch of glam to your look, ensuring you shine bright.

Style this outfit with a bralette, tube top or cute tee and you will slay.

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