Yoga can help you lose weight fast in 10 days if you practice regularly It transforms you from the inside out. Every healthy weight loss program should include yoga. 

Regular yoga practice increases muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility. It's a great form of exercise to burn calories and lose weight. Plus, it helps you focus, concentrate, and relieve stress.

Extreme dieting or exercising isn't healthy or sustainable long term. Instead, try out these 10 wonderful yoga poses to lose weight. They are suitable for beginners.

They are quite easy and safe to begin adopting a healthy lifestyle and see some progress.

The key to success is consistency. Yoga is a wonderful journey of self-discovery for the body, mind, and soul. Everybody can practice at home. The following postures aren't difficult and can be done every day after waking up.

These 10 yoga poses will help you lose weight in 10 days by:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety preventing weight gain.
  • Improving focus, concentration, and mental clarity.
  • Helping circulation, purification, and detoxification.
  • Boosting the metabolic, endocrine, and digestive system.
  • Preventing chronic diseases reinforcing the immune system.
  • Increasing balance, stability, flexibility, and strength.

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1. Upward Salute or Urdhva Hastasana

yoga lose weight 10 days upward salute

Urdhva Hastasana Effects:

  • Increased lung capacity.
  • Improved breathing.
  • Warmed up the body.
  • Arms, shoulders, torso, and legs stretched.
  • Strong abdominals and legs.

This is a very simple stretch. But every yogi needs to master the Upward Salute before moving on to more advanced yoga exercises for weight loss.

Here is how to do Upward Salute or Urdhva Hastasana:

  1. Begin in Tadasana.
  2. Lengthen the spine.
  3. Raise the arms overhead.
  4. Join your hands.
  5. Keep your legs, back, and arms straight.
  6. Keep your upper arms near your ears.
  7. Extend as much as possible while breathing deeply.

2. Tree Pose or Vrikshasana

yoga lose weight 10 days tree pose

Vrikshasana Effects:

  • Improved mental clarity.
  • More balance and stability.
  • Energy levels boosted.
  • The entire body warmed up.
  • Strong ankles and visceral muscles.
  • Hip and shoulders stretched.

Learn tree pose as soon as possible. It is a basic posture that has plenty of benefits for your body and mind health. This posture improves focus and balance but also boosts your energy levels.

You should incorporate this exercise into your yoga routine. It relieves stress and anxiety by clearing your mind. It doesn't elevate your heart rate as much. But it is a great warm-up pose for more difficult ones to come.

You will get very toned leg muscles when doing the tree pose. Plus it strengthens the ankles, the abdominals, and visceral muscles. It is a good stretch for the hips too. Focus your gaze on a single point to find equilibrium.

Here is how to do Tree Pose or Vrikshasana:

  1. Get in the Tadasana pose.
  2. Shift your body weight onto one leg.
  3. Bend your knee.
  4. Place your foot on the inner thigh.
  5. Open your hips as wide as you can.
  6. Lift your arms overhead.
  7. Join your hands together.
  8. Repeat with the other foot.

3. Chair Pose or Utkatasana

yoga weight loss chair pose

Utkatasana Effects:

  • Strong thighs and lower back muscles.
  • Improved focus and concentration.
  • Increased balance, stamina, and energy.
  • Upper back stretched.

The chair pose will build you strong thigh and lower back muscles. This is a powerful posture to increase strength in the lower limbs. Plus, it will grow your focus, concentration, and confidence.

Hold the position as long as you can to make it worth it. Its other benefits include better balance, stamina, and stability. Utkatasana reinforces the back region and liberates from spinal pain.

Furthermore, it is known to strengthen the lower body while stretching the upper back. The chair pose also improves the overall health and energy of the body.

Here is how to do Chair Pose or Utkatasana:

  1. Begin in Mountain pose.
  2. Keep the feet close together.
  3. Bend the knees and squat down.
  4. Let the hips above the knee level.
  5. Lengthen the spine.
  6. Bring your arms up.
  7. Hold.

4. Warrior I or Virabhadrasana I

yoga lose weight 10 days warrior 1 pose

Virabhadrasana I Effects:

  • Lower limbs strengthened.
  • Less Back pain.
  • Improved balance and stability.
  • Back leg, thorax, and neck stretched.

The Warrior pose is a great posture to build strength in the lower limbs. It can also promote weight loss. You will sweat a lot by holding the position as long as you can.

This pose is a great way to burn calories. Plus, it is the foundation for more advanced standing poses. It is one of the best yoga exercises for weight loss to learn when just starting.

Holding your hands up in the air benefits people with back pain. You will improve your overall balance, strength, and stamina by practicing the warrior I pose.

Here is how to do Warrior I or Virabhadrasana I:

  1. Stand straight with your legs wide apart.
  2. Bring your arms up overhead.
  3. Touch your hands together.
  4. Make sure your knee stays above your ankle.
  5. Extend your back leg as much as possible.
  6. Repeat on the other side.

5. Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II

yoga lose weight 10 days warrior 2 pose

Virabhadrasana II Effects:

  • Strong hips and thighs.
  • The upper body strengthened.
  • Increased energy and abdominal strength.
  • Improved focus and concentration.

Warrior II is another variation of Virabhadrasana. It strengthens your hips and thighs. You will also build upper body strength by practicing this posture. It's very energizing and beginner-friendly.

Practice all variations of the warrior pose together for maximum benefit. Plus, it works the abdominals and the leg muscles deeply. Strong dense muscles are very good if you are looking to lose weight.

More muscle fiber means more calories consumed, even when you are not working out. And practicing often builds a healthy body together with focus, and concentration.

Here is how to do Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II:

  1. Stand straight with your legs away from one another.
  2. Move your arms up parallel to the floor.
  3. Keep your hands facing down.
  4. Hold as long as possible for a fat-burning effect.
  5. Repeat with the other leg.

6. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

yoga lose weight 10 days triangle pose

Trikonasana Effects:
  • Increased flexibility of legs and spine.
  • Treatment for neck, shoulders, back, and knees stiffness.
  • Improved blood flow and circulation.
  • Better digestion and organ function.
  • The nervous system stimulated.

The triangle pose improves the flexibility of the legs and spine. It cures back pain, neck, shoulders, and knees stiffness. This pose is great to tone the legs, ankles, back, and abdominals.

Furthermore, doing Trikonasana regularly improves circulation and abdominal organ function. Plus, it stimulates the nervous system and encourages weight loss with better digestion.

There are many variations of the triangle yoga pose. Begin with the one you feel the most comfortable doing and progress at your rhythm.

Here is how to do Triangle Pose or Trikonasana:
  1. Stand with your legs wide apart.
  2. Keep your legs straight and knees unbent.
  3. Spread out your arms to the sides.
  4. Reach your right foot with your right hand.
  5. Keep your thorax extended.

7. Plank pose or Phalakasana

yoga lose weight 10 days plank pose

Phalakasana Effects:
  • Strong arms, chest, shoulders.
  • Core and back muscles strengthened.
  • Improved balance and stability.
  • Increased endurance and stamina.

You will build arm, wrist, shoulder, core, and back strength with this posture. It is a basic pose but still very powerful to lose weight. You can move on to a more advanced position if you can hold it without difficulty.

It is a good warm-up pose at the start of every yoga practice. Plus, it is also used as a transition between other postures. Practicing the plank pose is worth it to train your body and your mind.

Here is how to do Plank pose or Phalakasana:
  1. On all four, place the hands under the shoulders.
  2. Extend the leg back.
  3. Keep the feet joined together.
  4. Engage core and leg muscles.
  5. Lengthen the spine.
  6. Keep back and legs aligned.

8. Cobra pose or Bhujangasana

yoga lose weight 10 days cobra pose

Bhujangasana Effects:
  • A strong back and spine.
  • Torso and chest stretched.
  • Abdominals and buttocks strengthened.
  • Less stress and fatigue.

This pose is a basic beginner posture. It strengthens the spine and stretches the chest. Don't overarch the back or neck. The cobra pose is great to build firm buttocks and abdominals.

Here is how to do Cobra pose or Bhujangasana:
  1. Start on your tummy.
  2. Press into the mat with the top of your feet.
  3. Keep them joined together.
  4. Lengthen the spine and lift your chest.
  5. Engage the core muscles.
  6. Use the back muscles to lift further.
  7. Keep the hands down.

9. Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana

yoga lose weight 10 days forward bend

Uttanasana Effects:
  • Calves and hamstrings stretched.
  • Increased blood flow to the upper body.
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion.
  • Hormonal system stimulated.
  • Cognitive functions are enhanced.

Uttanasana is a great stretching yoga exercise. It provides a complete stretch of the calves and hamstrings. This pose is an inversion. Practice it to increase the blood flow to the upper body and the brain.

It might be difficult to do for beginners at first. If you don't have the necessary flexibility yet, don't place your hands on the floor. Keep your back straight and reach as low as you can instead.

It is a great asana for overall blood circulation. It will sharpen your cognitive functions, freshen up your face, and regulate your hormonal system.

Here is how to do Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana:
  1. From Tadasana, reach down with your hands.
  2. Keep your back straight.
  3. Place your hands as low as possible on your legs or the floor near your feet.
  4. Hold the position for maximum benefits.

10. Accomplished pose or Siddhasana

yoga lose weight 10 days accomplished pose

Siddhasana Effects:

  • Hips and groin opened.
  • Knees and thighs stretched.
  • A strong back and spine.
  • Improved focus and concentration.
  • Increased control and discipline.
  • Less stress and anxiety.

The accomplished pose is a gentle meditative position. It influences the groin, thighs, and hips positively. It is also used for breathing exercises. Beginners can practice this posture easily with little preparation.

Siddhasana has health benefits for circulation and inner peace. Keeping the back straight makes strengthening the spine possible with this asana. Plus, it teaches focus, concentration, and discipline.

This seated position is very rewarding and promotes weight loss. You learn to control, self-realization, and moderation which will influence your diet.

Here is how to do Accomplished pose or Siddhasana:

  1. Sit down and stretch out your legs.
  2. Bend the knees and place both ankles on top of the other.
  3. Straighten your spine.
  4. Let the knees touch the floor.
  5. Rest your hands on your knees.

Day 1 and 2 of the 10-day yoga challenge

You may be a complete beginner or a long time yogi. Or did you already try yoga but stop after a while? It doesn't matter much. Take the first day to warm up and familiarize yourself with the above list of asanas.

It's important to listen to your body closely. Try to go slow at first. It is not advised to rush into the different postures. Take the time to learn them. It is great to feel what is for you easy, and where you still need to improve.

Begin gently without holding the poses for too long. Focus on breathing and doing the asanas correctly. You don't have to push yourself the first day. Let your body adapt to your yoga practice and lifestyle changes.

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 of the 10-day yoga challenge

The 10-day yoga challenge starts on the second day. Now that you know the sequence, repeat it with more confidence and assurance. The days 3 to 6 are important for motivation and discipline.

Make sure to hold the starting poses for a long time. It's required to warm up your body completely. You should heavily work your muscles, articulations and stretch them only when your whole body is warm.

Breathe deeply through the nose. You will need a good amount of oxygen as the exercises intensify. Work on finding your balance in the more difficult asanas. Focus on your practice and don't let your mind wander.

Day 7, 8, 9, 10 of the 10-day yoga challenge

Now it is time to push yourself. Face the challenge by using the total capacity of your muscles. Hold the different poses as long as you can. Work especially on the postures that you find the most intimidating.

The last days are there for you to perceive what a regular yoga practice can do. The objective is to go above your limits. Believe that you can accomplish what you set your mind to.

You will start to see the benefits of yoga to lose weight. Increase your strength, flexibility, stamina, and willpower. The positive effects go beyond your weight loss goals to all areas of your life.

To wrap it up

Practice these 10 best yoga poses to lose weight over 10 days at home. These asanas are very easy and suitable for everyone. This yoga to lose practice is very effective in burning excess body fat.

Yoga is a great form of exercise that builds strength, flexibility, and stamina. Strong muscles will make you burn more calories, even when you are not practicing. Plus, it will bring a balance between your body, mind, and soul.

It has been known for many years to improve the well-being of practitioners. Yoga is not like any other physical activity. You will increase your overall health from the inside out by practicing daily.

By holding the different postures, you cleanse and rejuvenate your body from within. Plus, yoga prevents metabolic disorders, chronic pain, cancer, and heart diseases.

Adopt this practice as a part of your everyday routine and reap its many benefits for health and weight loss. And as a bonus, these 10 yoga poses help you grow mentally and spiritually.

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