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10 Free Yoga for Weight Loss Videos To Burn Fat

Watch these 10 free yoga for weight loss videos to burn fat. Are you looking to lose weight? You have made a great choice to try out a yoga for weight loss video. These 10 free youtube videos will make you sweat and burn calories effectively.

Practicing yoga is an easy way to get healthy and shed excess body fat. A regular early morning yoga boosts your metabolism and solve many weight issues. How will a yoga for weight loss video help you achieve your body goals?

There are many factors that cause excess weight and yoga solves all of them. The key to success is consistency and enjoying yourself. You will notice following improvements by trying out the youtube videos:

How a Yoga for Weight Loss Video helps you

More mindful eating for healthier diet choices.

Yoga is a great way to connect the mind and the body. By practicing regularly, you learn how to distinguish what is good for you in the long run. You have a clear vision of what helps you and what not.

Connecting deeply with our inner self allows to recognize food as a way to fuel our body. Quick enough, a Yoga for Weight Loss Video makes it easy to understand how to perform better and avoid destructive behaviours.

Being more aware of our body is one the many benefits of yoga. Studying yoga increases mindfulness that helps maintain a healthy weight. It prevents overeating by regulating appetite.

It is then easier to separate emotional hunger from physical hunger. By tuning in with our needs, we seek less comfort food and make more fulfilling diet choices.

Relief from fatigue, stress and anxiety for better deep sleep.

Following a Yoga for Weight Loss Video reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It allows to take a moment for ourselves during a busy day. Plus, yoga is awesome at getting rid of worrying thoughts.

Follow the instructions and focus on the practice. You will learn control, discipline and concentration. Finding inner peace and mental clarity is an added bonus. A better sleep is guaranteed with a peaceful mind.

Improved mood and overall happiness.

By combining breathing, mouvement and meditation, yoga has a positive effect on our mind. It helps us see what is important and what make us happy. A better lifestyle and healthy habits are sure to follow.

The yoga exercises for weight loss have proven influence on our hormonal balance. Many asanas aid regulate hormone production that maintains our physical and mental health.

Boost the digestion, metabolic function and immune system.

A Yoga for Weight Loss Video will get your heart pumping. It is a great way to increase blood flow, circulation and get a healthy heart. You can notice an increase in vitality by practicing regularly.

Yoga is known to improve your energy levels. Plus, it helps you from within by massaging the organs and stimulating the nervous system. The kidneys, liver and pancreas are kept healthy for a better digestion and detoxification.

More lung capacity and better breathing.

You will learn how to breath correctly by doing yoga. Deep breathing exercises are an essential component of every practice. It is necessary to learn deep breathing to perform the different yoga poses.

Furthermore, many asanas have the benefit of stretching the thorax and liberating the lungs. The Upward Salute or Urdhva Hastasana is one of them. It is very easy to master, even for beginners.

Increased strength, flexibility and stamina.

It is not a secret anymore. Following a recommended Yoga for Weight Loss Video will work your body. It is a very effective way to discover yourself and improve. Many postures are very challenging and increase your willpower.

It is advised to go beyond your comfort zone and push yourself. The key to success is to act despite your fears. Practice the videos often and you will get surprised about your body changes.

The Best Yoga For Weight Loss Video List

Simple Hatha Yoga for Beginners

25 minutes of gentle flow

Thank you for the amazing class ChriskaYoga.

Christina is an RYT 500 yoga instructor & dance MFA in NYC. She is an awesome instructor and has plenty of great tips that she shares with passion.


This course is very accessible for beginners. If you are just getting started with yoga, I recommend that you practice this free video regularly. With a gentle flow, you will see what yoga can do for you.

This is perfect to easily get back in shape and to learn the basics yoga poses. It will warm you up and give you strong foundations before more advanced classes.

Relaxing Yin Yoga Class

30 minutes of calm and peace

Thank you Mind Body Bowl for this otherworldly experience.

Annie is a very patient yoga teacher. She loves to share inspiration with others. She has very advanced training in various yoga styles.


Use this deep relaxing yin yoga to calm down and relieve any tension in your body. It will make you appreciate yourself and your life as a whole. This yoga video will transform you from within into a happier healthier person.

Consume without moderation. Take this time to yourself to relax. Try to empty your mind and focus on the postures. Concentrate on breathin and your body. Don’t let your mind wander and control your emotions.

Slow Full Body Yoga Flow for Beginners

15 minutes of full body workout

Thank you for this amazing challenge Bad Yogi.

Erin Motz is a very fun yoga teacher. She loves teaching and it shows. She doesn’t want to fit to any yoga stereotypes and rightly believe that yoga is for everyone.


This will be a bit more challenging for you if you are just starting out with yoga. Make sure to find your own pace if you are having difficulties. Take the time to learn and repeat the various asanas. These of some of the most important ones.

This yoga practice will give you a solid workout. It will raise your heart rate and increase your metabolism. This is a very good starting point on your weight loss journey after you master the basics. An increase in strength, flexibility and endurance are the biggest benefits.

To get all the help and guidance you need on your yoga journey, join the private Panaprium Support Group. Ober there, you will find a wonderful community of yogis on the same journey as you. We will all be able to answer your questions and concerns every time you need it. Stop by and say hi!

Beginner Yin Yoga Practice

40 minutes of relaxation

Thank you Shima Flow Yoga for this very peaceful practice.

Jodi Shimabukuro is a very experienced yoga teacher. She works hard to spread love, happiness and metta through yoga, wellness and food.


I love a relaxing yin yoga practice. It has plenty of positive effects on your body and your mind. You will increase your flexibility by following this class regularly. It is great to stretch your muscles deeply, especially the back, hips, and hamstrings.

This yin yoga initiation is suitable for everybody. Plus, it relieves from stress after a busy day at work. It also improves focus, concentration and discipline. Be safe and go at your own rythm.

Full Body Morning Yoga

60 minutes of invigorating flow

Thank you for the wonderful flow Kristina Matskevich.

Kristina gives you very good instructions in this video. These are easy to follow to take your yoga practice further. Kristina provides great guidance for everybody.


You will work all your muscles with this yoga exercise. It includes many beneficial back bends and twists of the torso. This will stimulate your spine and nervous system deeply. Make sure that you practice slowly and listen to your body.

As an added bonus, practicing this yoga flow will raise your energy levels. It is perfect to start your day on the right foot. The different stretches are great to wake you up and increase your flexibility.

Beginner Yoga Flow | Sun Salutation

35 minutes of total body flow

Thank you Anita Goa TV for this wonderful flow.

Anita Goa is a very impressive yoga teacher. She provides amazing and very well thought out yoga classes. Plus, she helps you stay strong, flexible and enduring on and off the mat.


This is a very good Yoga for Weight Loss Video for beginners. It strengthens your legs and stretches your thorax. A few twists and inversions are also included. They are important to ensure the good health of your hormonal and immune system.

With this yoga practice, you will realize that difficult exercise can also be fun and enjoyable. Breath deeply and follow the very good instructions. Make sure that you find out where you still need to progress. Work on it before moving on to the more challenging videos.

Full Body Vinyasa Yoga Class

30 minutes of vinyasa yoga flow

Thank you ChriskaYoga for the powerful class.

Christina gives very nice tips throughout this class. Try it out to take your yoga practice to the next level.


This is an amazing Yoga for Weight Loss Video. It has the ability to help you shed excess body fat effectively. It is not like any other physical activity. You will need to master the more gentle yoga flows before this one.

Do not rush or push yourself too hard. Make sure that you are fully warmed up before attempting the difficult postures. There might be some that you will find quite challenging. But it will improve your mood and make you confident in your ability to progress.

Total body yoga flow

35 minutes of vigorous flow

Thank you Anita Goa TV for this vigorous flow.

Anita proposes here a more advanced yoga class but still accessible for beginners.


This yoga video will make you sweat. Make sure to breath deeply through the nose. You will build strong core and lower back muscles practicing this class. Furthermore, it has a very energizing effect on the body and the mind. At the end, you will be filled with positive energy.

Raising your heart rate is an added bonus. Increasing the blood flow and the metabolic system will make you burn calories more effectively. Make sure to appreciate every moment and have fun.

Full body Vinyasa yoga flow

60 minutes of energizing class

Thank you for the workout Kristina Matskevich.

Kristina teaches a very relaxing class that will fill you with positive energy.


Take your time to do the asanas correctly during this video. It is important that you focus on breathing. You have to provide enough oxygen to your muscles to work efficiently. It will have positive effects on your metabolism.

You will build great leg strength and flexibility during this class. Strong and long muscles with dense fiber are good to lose weight. You will burn more calories with larger muscles, even when you are not exercizing.

Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

60 minutes of power yoga

Thank you this intense full body flow O’M Yoga.

Mary Nelson O’Meara is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200). Her speciality is Power Vinyasa Yoga. She teaches with heart and helps transform our body, mind and spirit.


This is a great yoga style if you are looking to lose weight. The intense postures and deep breathing provide a vigorous practice. It is great to get your heart pumping and burn more calories. This will be challenging so practice the other Yoga for Weight Loss Video beforehand.

Power yoga is known to boost the metabolic function. Plus, it is a great way to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. You will feel energized and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Summing up:

A yoga for weight loss video will seriously tone your body using challenging mouvement and breathing exercises. Plus, it is not like any other physical activity. Practicing yoga brings balance between the body, mind and soul of the students.

The number of calories burned varies a lot depending on the intensity and type of practice. Vinyasa, ashtanga and hot yoga are great to elevate the heart rate, sweat and boost the metabolism. They increase strength, flexibility and endurance.

But all styles of yoga practice will help you lose weight by transforming you from within. Increased digestion, organ performance and detoxification are associated with many asanas and deep breathing techniques. Yoga is also much more than a physical workout.

A regular yoga practice repairs the nervous and hormonal system. Plus, these best youtube videos improve awareness of your body and your thoughts. Better diet choices, mindful eating and a healthy appetite are the added bonuses.

About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex Assoune (MS) is a global health and environmental advocate. He founded Panaprium to inspire others with conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Alex has worked in many countries to address social and environmental issues. He speaks four languages and holds two Master of Science degrees in Engineering from SIGMA and IFPEN schools.


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