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The 18 Reasons to Start Practicing Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is amazing and has been life changing for always so many people in in so many ways. Not only does it benefit your strength and flexibility, it improves your mental as well.

However, a lot of the time, people will hesitate to start practicing Ashtanga yoga. Why? Because it is extremely challenging! Some would that it is the most physically challenging style of yoga.

You will need strength and coordination, balance and stability to start practicing Ashtanga yoga. It is definitely not a form of yoga for beginner. You should already have lots of stamina when getting into Ashtanga yoga.

Practice basics Asana at home alone if you have to, until you feel comfortable your the practice. If you feel ready, here are the 18 reasons to do Ashtanga yoga.


Calorie burning

It helps a lot with your weight! Ashtanga yoga burns plenty of calories. So if you are trying to manage your excess weight, it will be easy.



If you have trouble with focus and concentration, get into Ashtanga! Both are a requirement to practice correctly. You will see so many changes in yourself as you progress with your practice.


Muscle strength

This style of yoga build lots of strength. You will feel stronger and also acquire more flexibility and stamina.


Faster metabolism

Doing your body good is a result of regular Ashtanga practice. It will boost your metabolism and you will feel rejuvenated.


Less stress

There is nothing better than doing yoga to move away from the day to day stress.


Peace of mind

Ashanga will help you calm down and relax. It is easy to quiet your mind after you master Ashtanga yoga.


Blood pressure

Ashtanga yoga will help your body regulate your blood pressure.


Better sleep

Since this form of yoga is very demanding, you will have no trouble to get deep restful sleep.


Mental clarity

Ashtanga yoga promotes mental clarity and quiet the mind as you focus on your practice.


Body strength

You will not just strengthen your muscles with Ashtanga. But your entire body! Your bones, joints, ligaments and nerves as well.



A regular practice promotes healthy digestion and detoxification.


Excess body fat

Weight loss and excess body fat burning are added benefits of practicing Ashtanga.


Blood circulation

You will have overall better blood circulation. Practicing regularly will surely do your body good.


Cholesterol and sugar

As Ashtanga is quite intense, it is perfect to combat cholesterol and to reduce blood sugar levels.



Your body will thank you! Expect more balance in your hormone production.


Immune system

Doing Ashtanga, you will learn to be strong and resistant. And your immune system will become stronger as well.



Ashtanga yoga helps increase mindfulness and self-awareness.



As your progress with your practice, you will learn self-acceptance and acquire wisdom.

Be sure to practice regularly. As you see the progress you make, you will feel more and more motivated to continue even if it might be difficult at first. You will become more aware of your body, thoughts and emotions. Ashtanga yoga will give you the tools to find balance and follow a healthier lifestyle. It will bring you awareness to the positive habits in your life. And soon you will reach your potential!


I hope this was helpful to you. Please share your experiences with Ashtanga in the comment section below. And if you have any tips for newcomers, it will be much appreciated!


About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex is passionate about conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. He writes to raise awareness around the environmental and social impact of fashion.


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