Blazers have always been a classic staple in any fashionista's wardrobe. But with the back-to-school trend dominating in the last year, the slip dress and blazer look has never been so popular.

A slip dress and a blazer provides the perfect blend of feminine and masculine. It's the ideal outfit for so many occasions. No matter what your style or look, there is a way to slay in this cool combo.

Whether it be an oversized blazer and chunky boots, or a color co-ord, we’ll help you nail this major trend, with these 16 hot looks.

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White Blazer and Ankle Boots

Slip dress and blazer chunky boots

For a fresh and modern look, pair a white blazer with a brightly colored slip dress and matching chunky white ankle boots. 

This outfit is perfect for spring or summer days when you want to add a pop of color and a touch of sophistication to your style. 

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Black Slip Dress and Tartan Jacket

Black Slip dress and tartan blazer

Combine elegance with a touch of classic charm by layering a tartan jacket over a sleek black slip-dress. It is a countryside fashion fave for a reason!

This outfit is suitable for more formal occasions or evening events when you want to exude timeless beauty and refinement. 

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Lace Slip Dress and Velvet Blazer

Slip dress and blazer lace and velvet

Serve up hot Great Gatsby vibes this year, with this quaint and quirky outfit featuring a lace slip dress and a luxurious velvet blazer. 

Add some vintage-inspired accessories like a beaded clutch and art deco jewelry to complete the glam look.

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Chunky Jewelry

Slip dress and blazer chunky jewellry

Elevate a black slip dress with a black blazer by adding statement chunky jewelry, like a gold chain for vampy vibes. 

This bold and eye-catching ensemble is perfect for a night out or a stylish party.

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Maxi Slip and Baseball Shoes

Maxi Slip dress and blazer baseball shoes

It’s giving OG Lily Allen and we love it. For a chic and edgy twist, pair a maxi slip dress with a sporty blazer and comfortable baseball shoes. 

This fusion of elegance and athleticism creates a unique and fashion-forward outfit that will look major this year.

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Camel Blazer and Pink Slip Dress

Slip dress and camel blazer

Camel is one of the top colors in this year’s trendbooks.

Create a soft and sophisticated look by pairing a camel blazer with a pretty pink slip dress. This combo exudes femininity and is ideal for daytime events or even a stylish work outfit.

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Bold Patterns

Slip dress and blazer bold patterns

Experiment with bold patterns by choosing a slip dress and blazer combo in striking prints or vibrant colors. Embrace your fashion-forward side and step out with confidence in this attention-grabbing ensemble.

Complete your look with a nice pair of heels and your fave lipstick color.

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Pretty Pastels

Slip dress and blazer pretty pastels

A lovely lilac, soft pink, or mint green slip dress paired with a complementary blazer will have you looking practically edible. 

These pretty pastels are perfect for spring and summer, bringing a touch of sweetness to your style.

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Long Blazer

Slip dress and long blazer

Opt for a long blazer to add a dash of sophistication and elegance to your slip dress outfit. This elongating silhouette is flattering and works well for both formal and casual occasions.

Jazz it up with a pair of gorgeous heels or opt for flats to nail a chilled-out vibe.

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Boyfriend Blazer

Slip dress and boyfriend blazer

For a relaxed and chic vibe, layer your slip dress with a boyfriend blazer – a leading trend this year.

This slightly oversized blazer adds a touch of nonchalant style to your ensemble, making it ideal for casual outings with a fashionable edge.

There are so many ways to rock this look, just lean into your own style and experiment with different accessories and shoes.

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Funky Pantyhose

Slip dress and blazer funky pantyhose

Who said dresses and blazers had to be simple?

Elevate your slip dress and blazer by pairing them with funky pantyhose featuring patterns or bold colors. 

This accessory choice adds a fun and unique element to your outfit, perfect for expressing your individuality.

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Arty Blazer

Slip dress and arty blazer

Make a statement with an arty blazer featuring abstract prints or artistic designs. 

This creative and expressive choice adds an element of high fashion to your slip dress ensemble. Opt for a simple slip dress to let your blazer do the talking.

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Sheer Blazer

Slip dress and sheer blazer

For a touch of sensuality and sophistication, opt for a sheer blazer to layer over your slip dress. This delicate and elegant combination is perfect for date nights or evening events.

Pick a bright-colored slip dress to go under your sheer blazer for maximum effect.

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Pearly Colors

Slip dress and pearly blazer

Step into elegance with a blazer in a pearly color, such as soft ivory or luminous champagne – a big hitter in top trends. 

This refined choice complements various slip dress colors and adds a luxurious touch to your look.

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Linen Blazer

Slip dress and linen blazer 

Stay cool and chic during warmer months with a breathable linen blazer paired with your slip dress. Linen is a gorgeous fabric that will have you feeling and looking fresh.

This effortless and relaxed combo is perfect for outdoor events or casual gatherings like garden parties.

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Vegan Knee-High Boots

Slip dress and blazer knee high boots

Step sexily from season to season by pairing your slip dress and blazer with knee-high boots. 

This versatile footwear choice adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit while keeping you comfortable and stylish.

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