Academia refers to a group of aesthetics inspired by the atmosphere of prestigious European universities in the 18-19th century. They are centered around intellectual activities and the desire to learn and deepen one's knowledge.

The Academia aesthetic has several declinations. The most famous ones are Dark Academia and Light Academia which are the preppiest of all. But Art Academia is also gaining popularity because of its casual vibe. This aesthetic is dedicated to creativity and visual arts such as sculpture, painting, sketching, or photography.

Fashionwise, Art Academia outfits combine vintage elegant clothing and comfortable artist-inspired pieces. Think warm tones, plaid patterns, and cozy woolen textures mixed with flowy, lightweight fabrics and art prints.

In this article, I give you wardrobe essentials to create the perfect Art Academia outfit. Step into the shoes of a young art student with this chic, versatile, and comfy look that will keep you warm and cozy during autumn days.

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Denim jeans

art academia outfits jeans
Denim usually doesn't belong in Academia wardrobes. But Art Academia is more laid-back than other Academia styles, and denim items are perfect to balance formal outfits. High-waisted mom jeans, denim jackets, or even denim overalls will perfectly fit into your Art Academia style.

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A White Button-up Shirt

art academia outfits oversized shirt

art academia outfits loose shirt
A white button-up shirt is essential to any Academia outfit. Remember that Art Academia fashion is all about balancing casual comfort and vintage elegance. That's why loose, flowy shirts are the best choice for this aesthetic. Combine them with cigarette pants or high-waisted tweed shorts.

A Romantic Blouse

art academia outfits romantic blouse
Add a feminine touch to your Art Academia outfit with a flowy romantic blouse. Puffed sleeves, lace, or ruffles will look fantastic combined with masculine items like dress pants and oxford shoes.

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Knit Sweaters and Vests

art academia outfits sweater

art academia outfits knit vest
Nothing says cozy and comfortable like knitwear. Create a casual and elegant Art Academia outfit by combining a knit sweater or a knit vest with a white shirt, high-waisted loose jeans, and black lace-up boots.

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art academia outfits turtleneck

art academia outfits white turtleneck
Turtlenecks are also typical of Academia aesthetics. They add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, and they can be paired with many different bottoms. Create a relaxed elegant Art Academia outfit by combining a turtleneck with a long flowy skirt or high-waisted jeans and a blazer.

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A Cozy Cardigan

art academia outfits grey cardigan

art academia outfits short cardigan
Oversized vintage cardigans tucked-in cigarette pants or linen shorts make for the perfect cozy autumn outfit. Artists like to carry brushes and pencils everywhere, so pockets are essential in Art Academia fashion.

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Oversized Blazer

art academia outfits blazer

art academia outfits corduroy blazer
The oversized tweed blazer is a symbol of academic education. Choose a simple dark brown color or spice up your look with a plaid pattern. Combine your blazer with a pair of jeans and a cozy sweater for the perfect casual Art Academia outfit.

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Tartan skirt

art academia outfits plaid skirt
You can't talk about Art Academia aesthetics without mentioning the epitome of student fashion: the tartan skirt. Pick a straight mini skirt or a pleated one with pockets and combine it with a loose button-up shirt or a flowy blouse. Finish the look with an oversized blazer, loafers, and long socks.

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High-waisted tweed pants

art academia outfits checkered pants

art academia outfits cigarette pants
Art Academia fashion includes many unisex items. Tweed dress pants and cigarette pants are great examples. Pair them with a romantic blouse or a loose shirt tucked into your waistline to create a laid-back classy look. Corduroy pants would also match this aesthetic perfectly.

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An Umbrella Midi Skirt

art academia outfits long skirt
Create an elegant Art Academia outfit with a long flowy skirt. Remember to avoid layers and complicated tops when wearing a long skirt. Instead, combine it with a simple turtleneck or an oversized T-shirt.

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art academia outfits brown overalls

art academia outfits yellow overalls
Overalls are cute and comfy, and they are a perfect fit for the Art Academia aesthetic. Artists love overalls, especially if they have many pockets to carry small art supplies while working. Pick a brown overall to remain in the Academia color palette and wear it with a cozy sweater underneath. You could also choose a denim overall paired with a turtleneck to create a youthful yet sophisticated look.

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A Pinafore Dress

art academia outfits pinafore
A pinafore dress will provide a vintage charm and feminine flair to your Art Academia outfit. Wear it over a turtleneck or a light blouse with puffed sleeves, and finish the look with loafers and a cute beret.

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Elegant Shoes

art academia outfits loafers

art academia outfits lace-up boots
When creating an Art Academia outfit, you should avoid sneakers and sandals. Instead, prefer classic footwear like loafers, derbies, and oxford shoes to complement your dapper look. For a more casual look, lace-up ankle boots combined with long socks are also great options.

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Vintage Accessories

art academia outfits beret

art academia outfits satchel
Top off your Art Academia outfit with vintage-inspired accessories. Satchels and messenger bags are perfect to carry your belongings just like an art student would. But you could also choose a simple tote bag with a beautiful art print.
Jewelry should be kept to a minimum but a vintage watch would complement your look perfectly.
And if you bought a cute beret for your last trip to Paris, this is the perfect type of outfit to wear your beret with.

Shades of Brown

art academia outfits brown shades

art academia outfits beige tones
Academia aesthetics are all about earthy tones like brown, beige, and terracotta. The classic black and white are also essential. These warm neutral colors are easy to mix and match to create many different outfits. But Art Academia is a little more playful than other Academia styles. It tends to incorporate other warm colors such as burgundy or mustard yellow and some cooler tones like olive green and navy blue.
Most Art Academia outfits use darker hues, but also feature a touch of fantasy with brightly colored accessories like cadmium yellow earrings.

Vintage Patterns and Textures

art academia outfits vintage patterns

art academia outfits flanel shirt
Vintage patterns and textures are staples of Art Academia fashion. They include semi-heavy fabrics with geometric patterns like plaid, tartan, tweed, flannel, herringbone, and corduroy. These materials create sophisticated, intellectual looks that remind me of European college students and professors. Flowery vintage patterns can also add a feminine touch to your Art Academia outfit, provided the flowers remain discreet.
Remember not to mix too many different patterns. Choose one patterned piece for each outfit, two at most.

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