The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, stands as a breathtaking testament to Islamic architecture, culture, and spirituality.

As one of the world's largest mosques, it draws visitors from across the globe who seek to experience the grandeur of its design and the serenity within its walls.

Amidst the awe-inspiring domes and minarets, it is imperative for visitors to adhere to a respectful dress code that reflects the modesty and cultural values integral to the mosque's ambiance.

In our article, we provide a comprehensive list of appropriate outfit items to wear when visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, ensuring that your attire aligns with the revered traditions and customs of this sacred space.

Additionally, we highlight five outfit items to avoid, helping you navigate the mosque's dress code with grace and cultural sensitivity. By embracing these guidelines, you not only enhance your experience but also contribute to the preservation of the sanctity that defines the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

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Long Flowing Abaya or Maxi Dress

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits maxi dress

Choose a conservative, ankle-length abaya or maxi dress made from breathable fabric. Ensure that it is loose-fitting and drapes modestly, reflecting a sense of elegance and cultural awareness. Discover the 15 best affordable maxi dresses made in the USA. 

Headscarf or Hijab

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits headscarf

Select a lightweight headscarf that coordinates with your outfit's color scheme. Wrap it securely to cover your hair completely while complementing your overall look. Also make sure to check out the 15 best affordable, ethical, and vegan winter scarves

Closed-Toe Shoes

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits shoes

Opt for closed-toe shoes that are comfortable for walking and respectful of the mosque's requirements. Consider elegant flats or low-heeled shoes for a polished appearance. Do not forget to check out the 15 best affordable and ethical dress shoes for men. 

Long Trousers or Skirt

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits pants

Men and women should wear long trousers or a skirt that not only covers the knees but also allows for ease of movement. Choose a style that aligns with the cultural and religious significance of the mosque. Check out the 10 best affordable linen yoga pants in 2023. 

Long-sleeved Blouses or Shirt

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits long-sleeve top

Select a long-sleeved top made from breathable fabric to cover your arms fully. Ensure that the sleeves are loose-fitting, offering both comfort and modesty. For more inspiration, check out the 20 best affordable hemp shirts, Tees, and tops

Neutral Colored Clothing

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits neutral colored clothes

Stick to neutral colors such as black, white, beige, or pastels to maintain a harmonious and respectful appearance within the sacred space. Avoid bold or vibrant patterns that may distract from the serene atmosphere. Discover our ultimate tips on how to style your white pants. 

Loose-Fitting Clothing

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits loose clothes

Embrace loose-fitting clothing to honor the mosque's dress code and ensure a comfortable experience during your visit. Loose clothing not only respects cultural norms but also promotes modesty. Discover the 15 best affordable blouses for broad shoulders

Cultural Attire

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits kandura

If you have the opportunity, consider wearing traditional Emirati clothing, such as a kandura for men or a traditional dress for women. This showcases a deep appreciation for local customs and traditions.

If you are interested in learning more about traditional clothes, check out our article on the powerful beauty of Italian traditional clothing

Dressy Sandals

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits sandals

If you choose to wear sandals, opt for a pair that is dressy and covers most of your foot. Ensure they are in neutral tones and complement your overall ensemble. Here are the 15 best affordable, vegan, and sustainable sandals

Minimalistic Accessories

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits accessories

Keep accessories minimal to avoid distraction and maintain a focus on the cultural and religious aspects of the visit. Consider subtle jewelry that complements your outfit without being overly flashy. For more inspiration, check out the 12 best affordable and sustainable hair accessories

Lightweight Fabric

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits lightweight clothes

Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics, especially if visiting during warmer months. This ensures comfort while adhering to the modest dress code. Make sure to read our article on the 10 disastrous fabrics for the environment. 

Comfy Socks

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits socks

Men especially should wear socks if opting for trousers or shorts to ensure that the legs are covered when sitting. Choose socks that blend seamlessly with your outfit. Discover the 20 best affordable, sustainable, and organic socks

Tasteful Makeup

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits makeup

If you wear makeup, keep it natural and tasteful. Subtle and neutral tones enhance your features without drawing unnecessary attention.

Closed-Back Shoes

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits shoes

Men should choose closed-back shoes for a more polished and appropriate appearance. This aligns with the formality and respect expected within the mosque. Discover the 10 best durable and organic hemp shoes

Collared Shirt

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits shirt

Wear a collared shirt for a more refined look. This adds a touch of formality and is in line with the dress code expectations. Check out the 10+ best affordable plus-size linen shirts and tops


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque outfits sunglasses

Bring sunglasses for outdoor areas but remember to remove them when entering the mosque. This ensures that your eyes are visible and contributes to the overall modesty. Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable sunglasses

Outfit Items to Avoid!


Avoid wearing shorts, as they do not adhere to the modest dress code. Opt for longer trousers or a skirt for a more culturally respectful look.

Tight or Revealing Clothing

Steer clear of tight or revealing clothing to uphold the conservative atmosphere of the mosque. Loose-fitting attire ensures both comfort and cultural sensitivity.

See-Through Fabrics

Avoid see-through fabrics, as they compromise the modesty expected within the mosque. Choose materials that provide appropriate coverage.

Loud or Offensive Graphics

Skip clothing with loud or offensive graphics to maintain a peaceful and respectful atmosphere. Opt for simple and neutral patterns or solid colors.

Open-Back Shoes

Men should refrain from wearing open-back shoes, as closed-back options are more in line with the formality and cultural expectations. Closed-back shoes offer a more polished appearance.

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