If you are petite and curvy, finding the right clothes may be quite a struggle for you.

The best outfits for your body type should be well-fitted and in the right size for your body.

Luckily, there are many tips that you can use if you want to highlight your best features. Keep reading to learn more about the most flattering clothes.

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Highlight your waist

petite curvy outfits highlight waist

Always choose to wear clothes that are tight around the waist because they are the most flattering for your silhouette.

When you highlight your waist your body looks more in balance! The best way to achieve this effect is to purchase clothes that are designed with this purpose in mind.

Let yourself be inspired by these sustainable brands.

High-waisted trousers

petite curvy outfits trousers

For a very stylish look, wear a pair of trousers with a beautiful shirt.

Choose a high-waisted design that highlights your waist and makes your legs appear longer.

Take a look at our sustainable recommendations.

Avoid low-rise designs

petite curvy outfits avoid

petite curvy outfits avoid

Low-rise trousers and jeans will make your waist area appear wider, and your legs shorter.

Ankle length and low rise is a deadly combination if you are petite and curvy - it visually shortens your legs bottom up and top down, and also adds a few extra kilograms to your appearance.

Your aim should be to create an hourglass body shape with your clothes. If you want to learn more about the best outfits for petite hourglass silhouettes, click here.

Buy a belt

petite curvy outfits belts

Belts can come in handy whenever you have an outfit that isn't well-fitted.

Fortunately, you can now purchase amazing ethical and vegan leather belts from sustainable brands.

Vertical stripes

petite curvy outfits stripes

Vertical stripes make you look taller and thinner.

They are essential in a petite woman's wardrobe, and you can use them to target a specific body part that you want to visually elongate.

For shopping inspiration, check out these sustainable brands.


petite curvy outfits prints

Avoid large prints that overwhelm your body proportions.

petite curvy outfits small prints

petite curvy outfits no prints

Instead, choose small prints or printless clothes, because these designs are more flattering for petite silhouettes.

Read our article if you want to learn how to create a petite capsule wardrobe.

Straight jeans

petite curvy outfits jeans

Straight-leg jeans are a timeless and popular style of jeans, characterized by a consistent width from thigh to ankle.

The best thing about them is that they can be styled in so many amazing ways, with shirts, blouses, T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, or blazers.

Looking for affordable and sustainable jeans? Click here!

Avoid boxy designs

petite curvy outfits boxy designs

Boxy clothing can be comfortable, but it's certainly not a flattering style for your body type.

Try to avoid oversized clothes because they will add a lot of unwanted volume to your body, making it impossible to highlight your best features.

If you're struggling to create attractive outfits, we've got you covered! Here are 20 outfits that guys think are hot.

Tuck your tops in

petite curvy outfits tuck in

Instantly highlight your waist and make your entire outfit appear more polished, by tucking your top in.

It doesn't matter if you are wearing an elegant shirt or a basic T-shirt - any type of top can be tucked in!

Take a look at the best affordable hemp shirts, tees, and tops.

Crop tops

petite curvy outfits crop tops

Anyone can wear crop tops. They are fashionable, attractive, and versatile.

There are many ways to wear crop tops, including without showing stomach skin. Click here to discover how.

Let yourself be inspired by these 15 affordable and sustainable crop tops.


curvy petite outfits all black

All-black outfits look fantastic on any body type and can be worn on many occasions.

Black has a slimming effect, which can help curvy women feel more confident.
From black dresses to interesting combinations of trousers and blouses, or even overalls, black clothes are amazing!

They are also easy to find - any type of clothes you can think of is available in black.

Start with a beautiful and affordable black pair of denim jeans!

Off-shoulder clothes

curvy petite outfits off-shoulder
Sometimes curvy women want to shift focus from their widest body part which is usually the hips area. You can easily achieve this with an off-shoulder dress or top.

It will beautifully highlight your upper body, and it is a design that can successfully be worn on special occasions.

Don't forget to purchase your clothes from sustainable brands that work under very high-quality standards.


curvy petite outfits lingerie

curvy petite outfits lingerie

Comfortable lingerie made from high-quality materials is extremely important if you want to feel great.

Luckily you can now find amazing ethical and affordable lingerie.

Wrap dresses

curvy petite outfits wrap dress

Wrap dresses are very flattering for petite silhouettes.

They highlight your waist and your bust in a beautiful way. You can wear wrap dresses all year round.

Discover beautiful dresses made by sustainable brands.

Well-fitted clothes

curvy petite outfits well-fitted clothes

curvy petite outfits well-fitted clothes

curvy petite outfits well-fitted clothes

Always choose well-fitted clothes, in the right size for your body.

They are the best for professional situations when you need to be elegant, but also for your everyday life if you want a boost of confidence.

Buy your clothes from petite brands if you want them to be well-fitted.

Summing up

curvy petite outfits summing up

The best outfits for petite curvy women are always made of well-fitted clothing items that highlight the waist and balance the body's proportions.

If you want to look thinner and taller, avoid prints, low-rise jeans, and boxy clothes.

Remember that belts are essential accessories in your wardrobe and use one whenever your outfit feels a bit loose. The most flattering dresses for your body type are wrapped dresses and off-shoulder dresses.

There's a lot of room to play with your clothes and you should always choose designs that highlight the body parts you are most proud of. This will make you feel beautiful and confident!

If you want to always be well dressed, start building a capsule wardrobe made of clothes that highlight your qualities. Start with simple items such as plain T-shirts and jeans. Remember that you don't need to spend a fortune to have amazing outfits. Buy your clothes from eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable brands that care about both the consumer and the environment.
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