A Korn concert is a night filled with high-energy music and an electric atmosphere, so get ready to unleash your inner rocker.

As you prepare for this epic experience, it's important to dress the part and show off your personal style while paying homage to the band. 

Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering their music for the first time, this guide will help you put together an outfit that screams rock 'n' roll. It’s time to rock your fashion like a real Kornhead. 

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Denim Shorts

Korn concert fashionable looks shorts

These are a classic staple for a Korn concert that will have you looking sexy and hot. Not only do denim shorts accentuate your legs, they allow you to jump around and have fun too.

Wear your denim shorts with a cute cropped tee and chunky boots to fit right in with the Kornheads.

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Korn concert fashionable looks all black

Embrace the rebellious spirit of rock by opting for an all-black ensemble and you will be sure to fit right in at a Korn concert.

Complete your edgy Korn outfit with dark denim jeans, a studded belt, and a black band t-shirt for a sleek concert outfit.

Find your favorite pair of sustainable black denim jeans. 

Flannel Shirt

Korn concert fashionable looks flannel shirt

Combine comfort and style by pairing your favorite Korn band t-shirt with a flannel shirt tied around your waist.

This will create a quintessential grunge-inspired look that's perfect for a Korn concert. Just make sure it’s tied tight so you don’t lose it when you’re crowd-surfing.

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Leather Jacket 

Korn concert fashionable looks leather jacket

Channel your inner rockstar by throwing a leather jacket over your Korn concert outfit.

As we all know, a leather jacket adds an instant touch of badassery and will no doubt capture the essence of the rock 'n' roll spirit at the gig. You can pick one with embellishments, badges, fringes, or whatever lets you express yourself in the best way.

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Distressed Denim 

Korn concert fashionable looks denim

This is a perfect rock 'n' roll staple and will have you fitting in any mosh pit.

Opt for a pair of distressed denim jeans or shorts to achieve that effortlessly cool and rugged look, pairing them with band t-shirts or tank tops for a laid-back yet stylish Korn concert outfit.

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Graphic Tee

Korn concert fashionable looks graphic tee

Let your T-shirt do the talking. 

Make a statement with bold and eye-catching graphic tees featuring album artwork or powerful visuals that showcase your love for Korn and make a visual impact in the crowd.

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Ripped and Shredded

Korn concert fashionable looks shredded 

Embrace the grunge aesthetic by incorporating ripped and shredded elements into your outfit.

The good news — just about anything can be roughed up with the help of a pair of scissors. Distressed T-shirts, torn shorts, or a jacket with frayed edges will capture the raw energy of the music. 

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Combat Boots

Korn concert fashionable looks combat boots 

Stomping through the crowd in style is a must at a Korn concert.

Complete your gig look with a pair of sturdy combat boots, giving you both style and comfort as you navigate the crowd and rock out to Korn's electrifying performance.

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Fishnet Stockings

Korn concert fashionable looks fishnet stockings

Add a dash of punk rock to hot pants or a skirt by wearing fishnet stockings. 

Incorporating fishnet stockings will infuse your ensemble with punk rock flair, showcasing your rebellious side. And don’t worry if they get torn — this will just add to the vibe.

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Bold Accessories

Korn concert fashionable looks accessories

Go for Spiked Bracelets and Chokers to finesse your ultimate Kornhead look.

Enhance your concert outfit with edgy accessories such as spiked bracelets, studded chokers, or chunky rings, adding a touch of rock-inspired attitude to your outfit.

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Korn concert fashionable looks bandana 

Channel the '90s alternative era by tying a bandana around your head or wrist.  

Bandanas add a retro and cool touch to your concert ensemble that will pay homage to Korn's early years.

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Leather Pants

Korn concert fashionable looks skinny jeans 

These pants will help you rock the sleek rocker-chic vibe and help to accentuate and elongate your legs.

Opt for a pair of dark leather pants that fit like a glove, providing a sleek and stylish base for your concert outfit. Pair with a band t-shirt, leather jacket and chunky boots to complete your look.

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Statement Hoodie

Korn concert fashionable looks hoodie 

Stay comfortable and stylish by wearing an oversized hoodie to and from the gig.

Layering a statement hoodie over your concert outfit, featuring bold graphics, Korn logos, or unique designs will add an extra layer of style and comfort.

Find an organic cotton hoodie to complete your look. 


Korn concert fashionable looks bondagewear

Thanks to the rise of all things bondage, this look is for the more daring Kornheads.

Complete your concert ensemble with a cute harness, adding a touch of hardcore vibes that will make your outfit look epic.

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Goth Make-Up

Korn concert fashionable looks goth 

Amp up your glam game by going for a dramatic smokey eye or sensuous dark lip to fit right in with fellow Korn lovers.

Goth make-up will have you looking smoldering, sexy and right at home in the edgy and boundary-pushing crowd at a Korn concert.

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