Whether you go to Berghain to tear up the dancefloor or head out for after-work drinks, knowing what to wear to the club can be challenging. Berghain is an iconic Berlin nightclub popularly known for its thumping beats, vibrant personalities, and intimidating bouncers.

Getting into this legendary club is more challenging due to the strict and fickle club's door policy. There are no set rules to enter Berghain, but dressing well will increase your chances of not only getting in but also fitting right in.

You want to show your excellent style, and I can help you find the perfect outfit. From the ideal shirt to the right pants and shoes, here is the ultimate guide on what to wear to Berghain.


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Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans Berghain wear

Ripped jeans are a popular and perfect option for most ladies to wear in Berghain. It's trendy, versatile, and helps you portray a nonchalant attitude ideal in a club's atmosphere. Ripped jeans are also comfortable to wear all night long since they allow you to move easily, which is crucial for dancing.

Pair it with a black t-shirt, crop top, or tank top, a belt, statement jewelry, earplugs, sunglasses, a bum bag, and sneakers or chunky boots for a complete look. Layer a denim or leather jacket on top if it is chilly or cold.

Here are some of the best affordable denim jackets that every woman needs.


Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts Berghain wear

Graphic t-shirts are a fantastic and suitable option for Berghain outfits. They are breathable and lightweight tees for men, enabling you to have fun and let your individuality shine through.

Graphic t-shirts convey a sense of personality, and you can express yourself through the message written on the t-shirt. Pair it with black jeans, a belt, a watch, a hat, sunglasses, and sneakers for a vintage look.

Check out our selection of the best affordable and sustainable graphic tees.


Fishnet tops

Fishnet tops berghain wear

A fishnet top is another stylish Berghain outfit to reflect your style. It is stretchy, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable in a hot environment like Berghain nightclub. The fishnet top's edgy vibe fits appropriately in the club's atmosphere.

Match it with a dark-colored bandeau or bralette, leather pants, and chunky boots. Accessorize it with a long curly hairstyle, collar necklace, bold makeup, hoop earrings, a bangle, and a small designer handbag.


High-waisted shorts

High-waisted short berghain wear 

High-waisted shorts are trendy and fancy and give you a relaxed fit that is ideal for a club. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods and are suitable for dancing since they offer ease of movement.

Pair it with a black tank top or crop top to show off your midriff or a tucked-in blouse for a more casual look. Put on your black booties and accessorize with bracelets, silvery lipstick, stud earrings, a statement necklace, a bum bag, and a long straight hairstyle.

Here are the best organic cotton shorts that you will need to look fashionable and feel comfortable.


Statement jackets

Statement jacket Berghain wear

A statement jacket is another great outfit for men and women in Berghain, especially during a cold night. It allows you to stand out from the rest of the crowd wearing black clothing since it has a bold color, unique design, and exceptional texture.

Pair your statement jacket with dark or bright-colored jeans, a black t-shirt, a studded belt, silver rings, a leather choker, and black sneakers or boots for a sophisticated look.

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Faux leather pants

Faux leather pants

If you want to look sexy and show off your curves in Berghain, wear your leather pants. It offers a sleek and stylish look that fits the club's aesthetic and allows you to show your personality. Leather pants are soft, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and comfortable all night. Match it with a black or grey loose-fitting tank top or t-shirt to balance the leggings' tightness and create a chic look.

Besides, if you want to show off more skin, pair your pants with a dark bodysuit or crop top. Wear ankle boots and accessorize with stud earrings, a thin necklace, silver matte lipstick, a statement ring, a bud hairstyle, sunglasses, and a designer handbag.

Check out our selection for the best affordable and luxurious faux leather pants.


Cargo pants

Cargo pants berghain wear

Cargo pants are a perfect option to wear to Berghain since they are fashionable, functional, and comfortable. The multiple pockets enable you to carry essentials like keys, a smartphone, and a wallet.

Its loose fit provides easy movement, ideal for hours of dancing. Pair it with a solid color t-shirt, a belt, a watch, sunglasses, black sneakers, and a jacket for warmth on a cold night.

For inspiration, check out our top affordable and sustainable cargo pants selection.


Pleated mini skirts

Pleated skirts berghain wear

Wear a pleated mini skirt for a unique and trendy look when heading to Berghain. It is soft, breathable, and comfortable to spend the entire night with. The skirt's high waist, side pocket, and chain allow girls to present a lovely gothic style.

The pleats help to add a playful and flirty touch to your outfit, while the mini length guarantees ease of movement and dancing. Match your pleated mini skirt with a black tank top, crop top, or t-shirt, chunky boots, sheer mesh legging, and a leather jacket for a complete, cohesive look.

 Accessorize your ensemble with silvery matte lipstick, hoop earrings, a statement necklace, sunglasses, a hat, a bracelet, and long curly hair for a bold look.


Mesh bodysuit

Mesh bodysuit berghain wear

Wearing a mesh bodysuit to Berghain will help you create a unique, elegant, and memorable look. The bodysuit design enables you to dance for an extended period, while the mesh fabric adds a sensual touch to your ensemble.

Pair your body suit with a black mini skirt, high-waisted shorts, a black bandeau for more coverage, and black boots for a stylish look. Add accessories like a studded choker, pinkish lipstick, stud earring, a leather harness, and a long straight hairstyle to enhance your overall style.


Gothic pants

Gothic pants berghain wear

Gothic pants are another suitable outfit to wear to Berghain. They are stylish and classic since they come in various designs decorated with straps, chains, and studs. The gothic pants add a sense of creativity and individuality to your ensemble while making a grand statement.

They also make you feel confident and comfortable walking or dancing on the floor. Match it with a black t-shirt, a bracelet, a silver necklace, sunglasses, hair dye, and black boots for a complete, bold look. Layer a dark-colored hoodie or jacket to keep you warm in winter.


Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings berghain wear

Fishnet stockings are a perfect choice for Berghain since they are bold and add a sexy touch to any ensemble. The sheer mesh fabric helps to add texture and complexity to the garment, while the fishnet design creates a distinct and unforgettable appearance.

Match it with a black crop top or tank top, black ankle boots, cozy socks, a black bodycon dress, or a black midi skirt to balance the stockings' sheer nature and create an elegant look. Accessorize it with silvery matte lipstick, hoop earrings, a bug bag, a bracelet, a long straight hairstyle, a statement necklace, and a leather choker to add some edge to your look.


Denim jacket

Denim jacket berghain wear

A denim jacket is a popular choice for men and women to wear to Berghain. It is stylish, versatile, and can withstand a whole night of movement and dancing. Also, a denim jacket will help you add a laid-back touch to your outfit and maintain a fashionable look.

For ladies, pair your denim jacket with a black tank top, skinny black jeans, silvery jewelry, bold makeup, a bum bag, and black sneakers for a cohesive and effortless look. Wear it with a black skirt or shorts for a more feminine look. For gents, you can pair it with a printed or graphic t-shirt, cargo pants, black boots, a belt, a chain, a watch, and sunglasses for a classic look.

Here are some of the best affordable denim jackets that every woman needs.



Culottes berghain wear

Culottes are another perfect outfit for Berghain due to their versatility. These wide-legged, cropped pants are trendy and easy to move in; hence ideal for dancing.

Match your culotte with a fitted dark-colored crop top, a graphic t-shirt, black boots or sneakers, and a leather jacket to add personality and create a flattering silhouette. Accessorize your outfit with a statement belt, a cap, a bum bag, a bangle, stud earrings, a thin necklace, and light pink lipstick.


Black skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are a timeless closet essential for many girls as it offers a sleek and appealing silhouette to any outfit. They are also fashionable, easy to move in, and can be dressed up or down for various occasions.

Pair your skinny jeans with black boots, a black tank top, or a printed t-shirt to add some personality, silver jewelry, bold makeup, sunglasses, a belt, a bangle, and a bum bag for an effortless yet classic look.


Vegan leather jackets

leather jackets berghain wear

Leather jackets are trendy, versatile, and suitable for wearing at different events, including Berghain Nightclub. They offer a classic and timeless look and help to add detail and texture to your outfit. A leather jacket will keep you warm on a cold and chilly night.

 For gents, match it with a black graphic t-shirt, jeans, a black belt, a hat, a metallic watch, sunglasses, and black ankle boots for a cohesive look. For ladies, match your leather jacket with a black crop top, skinny black jeans or a mini skirt, boots, a bum bag, statement earrings, a silver necklace, a choker, and a bun hairstyle.

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Denim shorts

Denim shorts berghain wear 

Denim shorts are another popular outfit for Berghain since they are stylish and comfortable for longer. They are also soft and stretchy, and offer a snug fit and a 'push up' look. Pair your denim shorts with a gothic blouse, fishnet legging, a black bodysuit, a silver necklace, hoop earrings, a statement belt, silvery matte lipstick, sunglasses, a bracelet, and black ankle boots for a timeless look.



T-shirts berghain wear

T-shirts are perfect for men and women in Berghain since they fit well in a club's dress code. They are comfortable and lightweight, making them an ideal choice to wear to Berghain in summer. Besides, t-shirts are versatile and can be graphic or plain designs.

You can match your t-shirt with black jeans, a black belt, a metallic watch, sunglasses, a cap, and boots for a classic look. You can also pair your t-shirt with cargo pants for a more rugged look.


High-waist pencil pants

High-waist pencil pants

Pencil pants are a favorite choice for many girls to wear to Berghain. They are stylish and comfortable and add edginess to your outfit. Also, they are soft and lightweight, making them easy to dance in. Match your pencil pants with an oversized t-shirt to create an appealing visual effect or a dark-colored crop top to show off your midriff.

 Besides, you can also pair your pencil pants with a mesh top if you want to add a touch of edge to your outfit. Accessorize it with a bracelet, sunglasses, stud earrings, a thin necklace, silvery matte lipstick, a bun hairstyle, and combat boots. For a more vintage look, layer your outfit with a leather jacket.


Graphic hoodies

Graphic hoodie berghain wear

Are you looking for something to keep you warm while remaining elegant and unique at Berghain? Graphic hoodies can be an excellent option. These hoodies are stylish and super comfy to wear on a cold night. Pair your hoodie with black cargo pants or skinny jeans, a black statement belt, a dark-colored t-shirt, a watch, and combat boots for a complete, edgy look.

Here are the best sustainable and affordable hoodies.



combat boots berghain wear

Selecting the best footwear to put on to Berghain is crucial since it will determine your comfort and personal style. The most popular option for Berghain is combat boots since they are trendy and comfortable, and you can wear them with any outfit, from denim shorts to cargo pants to leather leggings.

Sneakers are another perfect choice for Berghain as they are easy to dance in and come in various options. Sandals are also an excellent choice for Berghain during the summer months. Sandals are comfortable to spend the entire night with, and you can pair them with numerous outfits.

Platform boots are an exceptional choice for those who want to increase their height. You can pair platform boots with denim shorts or miniskirts to add a gothic flair to your overall look.

If you are unsure where to start regarding footwear, I recommend you check out these best eco-conscious sneaker brands or these sustainable sandals.



How you dress can determine whether you will get into Berghain or not. Wearing certain clothes can prevent you from getting into this legendary club. The above are some of the best outfits to wear to Berghain. Choosing all-black is the perfect option for Berghain. However, ensure you incorporate creativity to create a unique, personal, timeless look for a memorable moment.

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