It’s become commonplace and trendy for men to wear multiple rings. More and more people are hopping on the trend, looking for clever ways to wear their favorite rings. 

There are so many possibilities when choosing which rings to wear. 

From vintage pieces to bespoke rings made with recycled materials, this classic piece of jewelry is a timeless choice for men and women alike. 

We have all the best tips, tricks, and ways to style your ring collection. Get ready to dive into different ways to wear multiple rings as a man.

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Do Men Wear Rings?

do men wear multiple rings

Men’s rings may seem like a modern invention, but rings have existed for thousands of years. 

In ancient times, men’s rings often signified social rank, power, and occupation. The craftsmanship behind these rings was quite elaborate.

According to the International Gem Society, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict pharaohs wearing rings as a symbol of power. 

Ancient Greek and Roman men wore signet rings with precious stones and metals. It’s safe to conclude that men’s rings have existed throughout history.

Today, rings come in all shapes and sizes. From classic signet rings to bold class rings, simple wedding bands to diamond pinky rings, men’s jewelry is here to stay.

There’s nothing weird about men wearing rings. It’s a perfectly acceptable fashion choice for people of all genders and identities. 

Fashion is all about self-expression. Many men love to wear multiple rings as a way to communicate their style and personality. 

Be Bold

bold men wear multiple rings

It’s old-fashioned to think men can’t wear multiple rings. Fully embrace the trend and be bold in your ring choices! 

You can choose various eclectic ring styles, such as large signet and gemstone rings, to show off your individuality. 

Don’t be afraid to choose rings with colorful gemstones, shiny metal, and intricately carved details. The more unique, the better!

Mix Metals & Materials

multiple mens rings mix metals

It’s a common assumption that all rings have to match each other. This is simply not true. While some men prefer to wear all gold or all silver, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. 

Don’t be afraid to mix metals and materials when wearing multiple rings. Wear silver, gold, gemstones, and stone all in one go. 

Go with your gut when choosing which rings to wear. The best options are vintage, thrifted, and upcycled rings. 

For brand-new rings, supporting fair-trade, ethical jewelry brands is best.

Think About Ring Placement

multiple mens ring placement

It’s essential to consider ring placement when wearing multiple rings. Think about how many rings you want to wear and which fingers to wear them on. 

A good rule of thumb is to spread out the rings across your fingers. 

For example, wearing a ring on your pointer and ring fingers looks more elegant and subtle than wearing a bold ring on every single finger. 

Space out your ring placement for an effortlessly cool look that doesn’t look planned. If you wear a ring on every one of your ten fingers, it will look like you’re trying too hard. 

Wedding Rings

mens wedding rings

Many men wonder if wearing multiple rings with a wedding band is possible. The short answer is yes. 

Don’t worry whether multiple rings will distract from your wedding ring. 

Learn more about the ever-popular Euro shank wedding bands, which look spectacular when layered with multiple rings.

Stackable Rings 

stackable mens rings

Stackable rings are a visually interesting way to layer jewelry. Instead of wearing multiple rings on different fingers, you can stack rings on top of each other. 

Stack simple gold bands, or wear a bold statement ring below a minimalist band. 

There is plenty of room for experimentation and personal expression with this technique. 

Don’t Forget the Thumb

mens thumb rings

Many men like to wear bold rings on their thumbs and smaller ones on their other fingers.

A bold thumb ring is always a great choice because the thumb is usually the largest finger on the hand. 

Plus, the thumb is farther away from the rest of your fingers, giving larger rings room to breathe.

Pair With Other Accessories

accessorize mens multiple rings

Pair your rings with other accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, and watches. 

Accessorizing with extra jewelry is great if you love the layered look or want a maximalist vibe.

Check out our favorite sustainable necklace brands and affordable bracelet brands for eco-friendly accessory options.

Embrace Routine Nail Care

routine nail care men

While we’re discussing men’s rings, let’s talk about men’s nail care. 

People are definitely going to look at your hands when you wear multiple rings. Make sure they’re impressed by keeping your nails trimmed, clean, and manicured. 

Create a regular self-care routine that involves cleaning up your nails and ensuring they’re well-maintained. 

Multiple Ring Outfit Ideas

Now that you’ve figured out your multiple-ring style, what do you wear? Here are several outfit ideas and fashion styles that look great with multiple rings. 

Check out our ultimate guide to men’s fashion styles for more outfit inspiration.

Minimalist Vibes

multiple mens rings minimalist

Wearing multiple rings doesn’t have to be over the top. You can embrace minimalist fashion by wearing delicate, thinner rings with simple, everyday basics.

A significant benefit of minimalist style is its inherent sense of sustainability. Minimalist brands often embrace ethically sourced materials and sustainable production practices.

Explore our comprehensive guide on minimalist fashion style.

Classic & Cool

multiple mens rings classic style

Embrace a classic and cool style if you want a more polished, professional vibe. 

Wear multiple rings with blazers, dress pants, and Oxford shoes. This look is fantastic for professional settings. 

Wearing multiple rings brings a unique element to this style, making it all your own. 

Street Style

multiple mens rings street style

Bold rings look great with street style outfits. Wear classic streetwear like tracksuits, cargo pants, and graphic tees for a modern edge. 

Street style is all about showing off, so don’t hold back when choosing what rings to wear.

For this style, focus on rings using gold, ethically sourced diamonds, and other luxurious precious metals.

Check out our favorite sustainable streetwear brands.

Goth, Punk, & Rock Style

multiple mens rings goth style

Multiple rings are popular in goth, punk, and rock fashion. Embrace your edgy side by wearing multiple eclectic rings. 

Combine a variety of ring styles for this look. For example, pair a minimalist gold ring with a vintage signet ring and a Victorian-inspired jewel ring. 

Explore these ethical goth clothing brands for more outfit inspiration.

70s Retro-Chic

multiple mens rings retro style

Go all out with a ‘70s-inspired retro-chic style. Layer gold and silver rings with fringe vests, wide-leg pants, and sun-drenched colors. 

For this style, layer rings that are intricate and detailed. Maximalism is what you need to pull off this look. 

Check out modern ways to embrace 1970s fashion.

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