Getting married is an exciting event for any couple. A significant part of your big day is choosing engagement rings and wedding bands. 

There’s a lot of jargon thrown around in the wedding world, especially when it comes to ring shopping. 

You may have heard the term “Euro shank wedding bands” and wondered what in the world that meant. 

Euro shank wedding bands are popular with people around the world. Its unique design makes it a timeless and elegant wedding ring. 

When choosing a ring, both men and women love the look of Euro shank wedding bands. 

Let’s dive into Euro shank wedding rings, their pros and cons, and whether it’s the right wedding band choice for you. 


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What is a Euro Shank Wedding Band?

what is euro shank wedding ring

A Euro shank wedding band, also called a “European shank,” is a style of ring where the bottom edge is wide and squared off. 

This square or flat ring bottom can prevent extra wear and tear on your precious stone. 

The extra weight at the bottom and the unique shape of the band prevent a Euro shank ring from spinning around on your finger. 

Compared to a traditional round shank, a Euro shank uses more metal to create a heavier, thicker band. It has a sturdier look and can complement certain types of stones and settings. 

It’s important to note that Euro shanks still have a round inner shank, so it perfectly fits your finger no matter what. 

Plenty of sustainable jewelry brands offer Euro shank wedding bands, making it easy to look great and support the environment. 

Pros of a Euro Shank Wedding Band

euro shank wedding band pros

Whether you’re a man or a woman, choosing a Euro shank wedding band has several benefits. 


It’s unique

Euro shank wedding band styles aren’t as commonplace as traditional shank rings. So, your ring will have a more unique look and feel if you go with a European shank design. 


Added comfort 

Consider getting a Euro shank if your engagement ring has a large stone or a dramatic setting. 

The squared-off style makes the ring less likely to twist around your finger. There’s less chance of irritation, and the stone on the ring is less likely to get snagged on things. 


Extra durability 

Euro shank rings use extra metal to create their raised edge and unique shape. More metal means increased durability. Your Euro shank ring will last a lifetime. 

Cons of a Euro Shank Wedding Band

euro shank wedding band cons

Despite the many benefits of the Euro shank style, there are bound to be some drawbacks. Consider these cons when deciding whether the style is right for you. 

Hard to size

Euro shank wedding bands are a bit harder to size because of their extra metal and unique cut. Ensure you get the correct size by having a professional jeweler assist you. 

Personal taste

Some people simply don’t like the squared-off look of a Euro shank wedding band, and that’s okay. It’s all about personal style. 

History of Engagement and Wedding Rings

euro shank engagement ring history

Engagement rings have been around in one form or another since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used rings to signify certain contracts and love connections. 

According to Brides, the engagement and wedding rings we know and love today became commonplace in 15th-century Europe.    

Today, engagement rings and wedding bands come in a seemingly unlimited variety, from Euro shank diamond rings to sparkling-colored gemstones. 


How Do You Wear a Euro Shank Ring?

how to wear euro shank ring

Euro shank wedding rings are worn the same way as a traditional round shank ring. 

Today, most cultures and countries wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand. Some countries, like Germany and India, wear the wedding ring on their right hand

How you wear your Euro shank wedding ring depends on personal taste, cultural expectations, and individual choice. 

Can Men Wear Euro Shank Rings?

mens euro shank rings

Men can absolutely wear Euro shank rings. This style is not just reserved for women’s engagement rings.

In fact, Euro shank rings are an excellent choice for men who want a customized, masculine design with a low spin factor. 

The square shape of a Euro shank band adds weight and gravitas to any man’s wedding ring. 

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How to Choose the Right Euro Shank Ring

how to choose euro shank ring

When shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band, there are many factors to consider. 

The design of the ring is the most crucial part for most couples. Choose a ring style, stone, and setting that you love. 

Some people prefer traditional diamonds set in a Euro shank band, while others prefer a modern twist with other precious stones like sapphires and rubies. 

Choose a jewelry company that ethically sources its materials. Sustainably, ethically sourced stones and metals have less impact on the environment and ensure the fair treatment of the people who make your ring. 

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Wedding Outfit Ideas for Women

euro shank outfits wedding dress

Most women choose to wear a white wedding dress on their big day. An elegant white dress goes perfectly with a timeless Euro shank ring. 

White suits and jumpsuits are other wedding day outfit options. Plenty of brides these days opt for more colorful options, like blush pink wedding dresses or black evening gowns. 

What you wear on your wedding day is entirely up to you. The important part is that you feel comfortable and confident. 

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Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Women

engagement outfits euro shank wedding

You definitely want to showcase your Euro shank wedding ring during your engagement photoshoot. Wear something elegant, beautiful, and chic. 

A flirty skirt or elegant evening dress looks amazing for engagement photos. 

Photographers recommend avoiding busy prints when posing for engagement photos. Neutral solid colors like navy, tan, and pink are best. 

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Wedding Outfit Ideas for Men

wedding suit euro shank rings

Most men opt for a tuxedo or suit on their wedding day. 

Wear an elegant tuxedo with a boutonniere to bring out the elegance of your ring. Dark colors like black and navy are classic choices. 

Lighter colors like tan and gray work well for spring or summer weddings.  

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Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Men

euro shank engagement photo outfits

You can wear semi-formal or business casual outfits for your engagement photos. 

Chinos with a tucked-in button-up and a vegan leather belt make an excellent engagement photo outfit. 

You can also wear a linen suit if the vibe is more formal. 

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