French start-up The Good Goods is launching an interactive map to help its users find eco-responsible fashion, lifestyle, and second-hand stores, as well as points of sale offering more sustainable brands.

The Good Goods aims to make committed fashion more accessible and accelerate the ecological and social transitions in the global apparel industry.

The platform already lists over 120 stores in 30 cities. It offers detailed results linked to each partner brand and multi-brand points of sale as long as they offer sustainable brands referenced by The Good Goods.

"We work alongside 50 partners, startups, and established companies, such as Le Slip Français, Faguo, or TBS, who are reinventing fashion and are part of a more sustainable approach."

- Thibault Satto, The Good Goods co-founder

The company wants the whole fashion system to change, including brands, institutions, citizens, and laws.

That's why it offers a responsible directory where it lists partner brands that have signed a charter that commits it to the social and environmental aspects, transparency, and continuous improvement of its practices.

The Good Goods studies each brand's labels, certifications, and those of its service providers. It doesn't audit nor certify fashion companies but relies on the work of third-party certification bodies.

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