More and more couples all over the world are throwing gender reveal parties during which their family and friends can discover the gender of the baby.

Despite the growing popularity of gender reveal parties, they are rather new and don't have a long tradition, which makes choosing a proper outfit a little bit difficult, especially if this is your first time attending such an event.

We are here to help you! We have compiled a list of amazing fashion tips that can help you be the best dressed. Keep reading to discover them.

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Pink and baby blue

gender reveal party outfits pink

gender reveal party outfits blue

Most gender reveal parties are themed around light pink and baby blue shades, as these colors are traditionally associated with the two genders.

Many decorative objects such as balloons, stuffed animals, or flowers will be featured in pink and blue. If you want to match the theme of the party, choose an outfit that's either pink or baby blue.

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T-shirt + skirt outfits

gender reveal party outfits T-shirt and skirt

Prioritize comfort without sacrificing style with this beautiful combination.

Choose a cozy T-shirt from a sustainable brand, and wear it with your favorite skirt.

There is a lot of room to play with colors, designs, and textures so that you can find an amazing combo that looks very flattering on you.

Hippie details

gender reveal party outfits hippie

gender reveal party outfits hippie

Highlight your bohemian side with details like colorful accessories, fringed bags and clothes, and patchwork tops.

Stay true to your everyday style and combine these hippie elements with your other clothes.

For more fashion inspiration read our tips for a hippy fashion style wardrobe.

Slip dresses

gender reveal party outfits slip dress

Elegant, yet simple, slip dresses are amazing! They are beautiful, comfortable, and versatile and you can't go wrong with one.

If the gender reveal party is taking place on a hot day, you can wear a slip dress and a pair of sandals.

If it is a little bit chilly, you can wear boots and add a cardigan. Either way, you will have a stunning outfit that will not go unnoticed!

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Summer dresses

gender reveal party outfits summer dresses

Breathable and lightweight materials that allow a lot of freedom of movement? Yes, please!

A summer dress is a great outfit idea for a gender reveal party.

Feel comfortable and attractive with one of these 20 cute and cheap summer dresses.

Be classy

gender reveal party outfits be classy

Stay away from fast-fashion trends that have an expiration date when it comes to style. Most of them will be out of fashion next season.

Instead, go for high-quality, timeless designs that last you a long time and are suitable for a variety of occasions.

If you want to enhance your elegant fashion style, click here to read our best tips.

All black

gender reveal party outfits all black

All black outfits are very stylish and never go out of fashion.

Choose a beautiful midi dress that's tighter around the waistline and creates an hourglass shape impression.

Check out our sustainable recommendations.

Sweater dresses

gender reveal party outfits dress

For autumn and winter parties, sweater dresses are excellent!

They come in different colors and thicknesses, so there is lot to choose from.
You can wear them with flat shoes, heels, or ankle boots.

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Mini dresses

gender reveal party outfits mini dress

Mini dresses are very attractive, they beautifully showcase you are legs and increase your confidence.

For a gender reveal party, choose a beautiful, floral mini dress that enhances your femininity. Check out these sustainable dresses.

Coordinated sets

gender reveal party outfits coords

Be effortlessly stylish with a beautiful coordinated set.

Blouse and shorts, crop top and skirt, or tank top and trousers - all of them look gorgeous and save you a lot of time otherwise spent putting together an outfit. Coordinated sets exude great taste and sophistication.

Purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Wrap dresses

gender reveal party outfits wrap dress

Wrap dresses look flattering on any body type and are stylish and timeless.

You can easily dress them up or down and you can wear them all year round. For a gender reveal party, choose a beautiful wrap dress and wear it with a pair of comfortable shoes, a small bag, and statement jewelry.

Discover the best affordable designer clothing brands.

Maxi dresses

gender reveal party outfits maxi dress

Maxi dresses are amazing for hot summer days because they allow movement and breathability.

With the right maxi dress, there is no need to worry about mixing and matching to create a beautiful outfit. Even better, maxi dresses are universally regarded as stylish and elegant, which means you can't go wrong with one.

Go for a black maxi dress if you want a timeless outfit, or choose a floral print if you want something fun.

Check out the 15 best affordable maxi dresses made in the USA.

Lightweight materials

gender reveal party outfits lightweight materials

Comfort and breathability are extremely important when it comes to having a great time.

A well-fitted outfit made from a lightweight material will increase your confidence and will allow you to look and feel amazing. Avoid very thick and bulky materials. They are both unflattering and uncomfortable.

You can now learn how to check the fabric quality of clothing from our article.

Polka dot print

gender reveal party outfits polka dots

Polka dots are the perfect mix between classy and playful. The available combinations of colors to choose from are limitless. We recommend choosing black and white or red and white.

If an all-over print is not your thing, you can easily wear a polka-dot blouse with a pair of black trousers.

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gender reveal party outfits lace

Lace is a material that comes in different patterns and designs, such as geometric patterns, little flowers, and ornamental stripes.

It is often combined with other materials, such as cotton, to create beautiful and comfortable clothes.

Lace clothes are usually saved for special occasions, and a gender reveal party gives you the perfect opportunity to shine in a wonderful and delicate lace dress.
Gentle, but with many details, lace looks great next to rather plain items, such as a simple, black pair of stilettos and a black purse.

Take a peek at these timeless clothing brands that create inexpensive and beautiful clothing pieces from eco-friendly materials.

Summing up

gender reveal party outfits summing up

A gender reveal party is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your friends before they become parents, but also to wear amazing clothes.

You can keep it simple and still look fashionable, with a cute and comfy dress. Choose something easy to wear and don't forget to go for the right size for your body - well-fitted outfits are the best! Always go for items that showcase your best features, and never force yourself to wear something you don't like just because it is trendy.

Save the sporty outfits for another occasion. It is inappropriate to show up to a gender reveal party wearing leggings, hoodies, trainers, sweatpants, or sweatshirts.

You can dress your outfit up with heels and statement jewelry. On the other hand, if you want to keep everything as comfortable as it can be, stick to flat shoes.
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