If you have the opportunity to attend a Florence and the Machine concert and you're unsure when it comes to your outfit, you've come to the right place!

Florence Welch's unique style is difficult to replicate, but we will help you decipher it and use it as inspiration for a fantastic outfit! She's all about bohemian-inspired dresses, and ethereal fashion with flowing silhouettes, vintage details, and lightweight fabrics!

In this article, you will discover amazing tips that can help you create an undeniably amazing look. Keep reading if you want to make a statement with your attire.

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Ethereal fashion style

Florence and the Machine concert outfits ethereal fashion

Florence and the Machine concert outfits ethereal fashion

Ethereal fashion is delicate and otherworldly and draws inspiration from fantasy, mythology, literature, and nature.

Some key elements of ethereal fashion are lightweight and sheer materials that create the effects of floating and flowing, feminine details such as floral prints or lace, white, and pastel colors.

Florence Welch loves this style and so should you! Let yourself be inspired by some of her go-to outfits, and choose a beautiful lightweight dress.

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Flower crown

Florence and the Machine concert outfits flower crown

Instantly transform your outfit into a very feminine one with a beautiful flower crown.

Let yourself be inspired by these affordable and sustainable hair accessories. If you don't like to wear flowers in your hair, you can go for an oversized bow.

Little black dress

Florence and the Machine concert outfits little black dress

If you like to keep things simple, you can be stylish with a classic little black dress.

The iconic little black dress should be a staple in your wardrobe because of its versatility - it can be worn on many occasions, including parties, nights out, and a Florence and the Machine concert. You can dress it up with beautiful jewelry.

Discover the 20 best affordable and sustainable black dresses.

Pleated skirt

Florence and the Machine concert outfits pleated skirt

Stand out with a beautiful pleated skirt. It can be worn in many combinations, with shirts, blouses, and tank tops.

Our recommendation: Choose a beautiful green pleated skirt and wear it with a contrasting shirt for a unique outfit.

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Mini dresses

Florence and the Machine concert outfits mini dress

If you love attractive outfits that highlight your best features, a mini dress is a fantastic idea!

Don't forget to go the extra mile when it comes to your outfit and create a beautiful combination that showcases your effort. For example, you can add a pair of chunky boots in black and a shiny belt to complete your outfit.

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Unexpected layering

Florence and the Machine concert outfits layering

Layer your clothes if you want a practical and unique outfit.

Forget your everyday go-to layering, such as a shirt worn over a tank top, and create a memorable mix that no one expects instead.

Our idea? Buy a cut-out dress and wear it over a long-sleeved top. Accessorize your attire with sunglasses and a hat.

For more layering ideas with dresses, read this article.

Floral dress

Florence and the Machine concert outfits floral dress

Let yourself be inspired by Florence Welch's love for floral prints, and attend her concert in style with a beautiful floral dress.

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Pastel blazer

Florence and the Machine concert outfits blazer

Blazers are trademarks of the elegant fashion style.

They are great for many situations, including professional ones. If you want to craft an amazing outfit for a Florence and the Machine concert, choose a blazer in a pastel color. You will look both elegant and unique!

Let your blazer be the center of attention and match it with basic clothes.

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Sequin dress

Florence and the Machine concert outfits sequin dress

Sequin dresses are attractive clothing pieces that you can wear if you want to stand out. Shiny and gorgeous, they will make you look fantastic!

If you want to purchase a pre-loved dress for an affordable price, you should check out the 15 best Instagram thrift stores.


Florence and the Machine concert outfits ruffles

Ruffles can be theatrical, but also cute depending on their size and placement.

One thing is certain: An outfit with ruffles will not go unnoticed and it is perfect for a Florence and the Machine concert because the artist herself loves this kind of details.

Be very careful because ruffles can look bulky. For a balanced look, choose very lightweight materials that feature small ruffles.

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Bell sleeves

Florence and the Machine concert outfits bell sleeves

Florence Welch loves wearing bell sleeves. If you want to recreate one of her outfits, choose a beautiful dress featuring bell sleeves.

Keep true to your personality and style and go for a print that you love.

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Puff sleeves

Florence and the Machine concert outfits puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are fantastic if you want a cute and girly outfit.

Discover our best tips for a great romantic fashion-style wardrobe and enhance your style with our recommendations.

White pants

Florence and the Machine concert outfits white pants

If you don't enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, don't!

You can effortlessly craft an equally gorgeous outfit with a white pair of pants.

Why white? Well, white pants are very interesting and this makes them perfect for a Florence and the Machine concert.

They are versatile and allow you to experiment with a wide range of colors and styles. You can go as colorful as you want or keep things simple with neutral color combinations.

Don't forget to layer your clothes and add jewelry for a unique look.

Learn how to style white pants from our article.


Florence and the Machine concert outfits camisole

Camisoles are cute, fashionable, and easy to wear. You can match them with a skirt or pants, and they are also a fabulous starting point for layering.

The best camisoles are durable, timeless, and sustainable. Enhance your style right now with an ethically made camisole.


Florence and the Machine concert outfits jewelry

Be creative and complete your Florence and the Machine concert outfit with jewelry.

There is a lot to choose from in terms of design: Statement jewelry, classic pieces, delicate and feminine creations - all of them can instantly make your attire more interesting and fashionable.

Luckily, you can now find beautiful and sustainable bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Be a conscious consumer and purchase your accessories from one of these brands.
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