If you are looking for the best vintage or pre-loved finds or thrifting inspiration, Instagram is a great place to go. Very inspiring thrift stores will help you build a stylish and eco-friendly wardrobe for a fraction of the retail price.

Make sure to follow these fantastic vintage shops on Instagram that regularly post unique and original second-hand items you can buy to enhance your wardrobe.

Thrift stores on Instagram make it easy for you to create fashionable outfits that nobody else is wearing. You can browse used items on social media and afford beautiful garments you can't find anywhere else.

Check out our selection below of the best Instagram thrift stores to follow for shopping vintage clothing and pre-loved finds.

We've got you covered if you also need the best tips for starting a thrift store on Instagram and successfully selling used items online.

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1. VSP Consignment

vsp consignment instagram thrift store

VSP Consignment is Canada's leader in authenticated luxury and contemporary resale fashion. It's based in Toronto and Calgary and sells pre-loved designer handbags, clothing, and accessories at reasonable prices.

VSP Consignment offers high-quality products, including authentic designer pieces and contemporary must-haves. It's committed to sustainable fashion and social responsibility.

2. JJ Vintage

jj vintage instagram thrift store

Jasmine James has been running her fashion brand and Instagram store JJ Vintage since November 2019. The young fashion designer is all about thrifting and upcycling.

She started enjoying thrifting and selling her vintage finds while studying business management at Oklahoma State University. Her designs include original tank tops, skirts, and corsets made from pre-loved clothes.

3. Black Market Vintage

black market vintage ig store

Black Market Vintage is a Toronto-based thrift store that curates premium vintage and pre-loved fashion. It stocks a remarkable collection of quirky, colorful, used apparel, vintage tees, and casualwear.

Black Market Vintage is a gem that everyone should experience. It sells vintage apparel, jeans, printed tees, and accessories at very affordable prices.

4. Ivory Mirth

ivory mirth instagram thrift store

Amber Martin is an entrepreneur and personal stylist that offers fashion inspiration and curated collections via her story weekly. She runs an incredible thrift store on Instagram called Ivory Mirth.

Ivory Mirth is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and sells unique finds from local consignment stores and vintage shops by the best sustainable, high-street, and designer brands.

5. Vintage Laundry

vintage laundry instagram thrift store

Vintage Laundry is an Instagram thrift store that curates fabulous, thrifted fashion items for broke Millennials. It offers colorful and stylish garments and artisanal jewelry.

Vintage Laundry is a popular thrift store perfect for high-quality, original, unique vintage, and pre-loved finds at affordable prices.

6. Thrift+Thrivin

thrift thrivin instagram vintage store

Thrift+Thrivin is an Instagram thrift and consignment store run by Victoria Keller. She explores different thrift stores in her area and curates trendy clothing pieces that she resells on Instagram.

Victoria Keller also sells fabulous new and pre-loved pieces from her wardrobe since, like most girls around here, she has some extra things in her closet.

7. RUSE Boutique

instagram thrift store ruse boutique

RUSE Boutique is a thrift and consignment store that offers a well-curated selection of luxury fashion and contemporary goods. It stocks high-end clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories for women and men.

RUSE Boutique is a leading destination for luxury consignment to build a fashionable and modern wardrobe. It guarantees the authenticity of designer pieces and offers weekly arrivals of trendy and unique finds.

8. Lost Together

lost together instagram thrift store

Lost Together is a vintage and modern store in Kelowna, Canada, curated to encourage your imagination for style. It offers a fabulous selection of quality clothing with tons of variety.

Lost Together stocks womenswear, vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. The thrift store is perfect for vintage deals, including retro, repurposed, upcycled, designer, and local artisanal clothing.

9. Thriftlikeumeanit

thriftlikeumeanit instagram thrift store

Julia Thompson is a young, eco-conscious fashionista with a fantastic fashion sense that runs an Instagram thrift account and store based in Charleston, South Carolina.

You can bid on items that she thrifts in her area and resell on social media. The curated consignment shop ships worldwide and has already sold over 300 pieces through Instagram.

10. Think Thriftin

think thriftin instagram vintage shop

Macy Ninness curates a virtual thrift shop and consignment store called Think Thriftin. She is passionate about slow and sustainable fashion, writing, and her cat.

She offers a well-curated collection of beautiful vintage pieces that sell extremely fast. You can bid on her pre-loved finds or use the Buy-It-Now option.

11. Treasures of MTL

treasures mtl instagram thrift store

Treasures of MTL is an Instagram thrift and consignment store from Montreal run by Julia Johnson. She offers elegant and stylish vintage clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry.

Treasures of MTL is the perfect destination to find new and pre-loved designer fashion and high-end styles from the most exclusive brands.

12. Paloma Exchange

paloma exchange instagram thrift store

Paloma Exchange is a vintage and thrift store in Buffalo, New York, that sells a fantastic selection of pre-loved clothing at affordable prices. It stocks men's and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Paloma Exchange helps you buy, sell, and trade beautiful vintage fashion and pre-loved finds. It carries modern, vintage, and designer pieces for both men and women.

13. Consign Toronto

consign toronto instagram thrift store

Consign Toronto is a vintage and thrift store in Toronto that curates pre-loved designer fashion to help you save money and the planet. It carries contemporary and high-end designer labels for both men and women in a wide range of sizes.

The designer consignment company ships worldwide and gets you great deals on luxury, runway pieces from Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. It maintains a well-curated selection of pre-loved fashion in good condition.

14. Thrifts By Bia

thrifts by bia instagram store

Bianca De Oliveira runs an Instagram thrift and consignment store called Thrifts By Bia. She curates fashionable and colorful pre-loved pieces from popular brands.

Thrifts By Bia helps you build a stylish and eco-conscious wardrobe with gently used fashion items. She has already sold over 200 pieces on her Instagram thrift store.

15. Emily's Closet

emilys closet instagram thrift store

Emily's Closet is an Instagram thrift store that showcases highlights from the wardrobe of Emily attending Cleveland state university as a nursing major.

She curates high-quality styles and vintage finds from local boutiques and resells them on Instagram. She sold over 350 items via bidding or the Buy-It-Now option.

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