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What is Green Fashion?

The green movement is booming all around the world, especially in the apparel and textile industry. Conscious consumers are asking for more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, including beautiful,... Read More

Is Rayon a Polyester Fabric?

Today's fashion brands and designers use many different synthetic fabrics for their new collections. They are readily available, cheap to manufacture, and can be dyed easily. Rayon and polyester are... Read More
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Is Organza Eco-Friendly?

Ethical and sustainable fashion is on the rise and for good reasons. It's much more than a trend. More conscious consumers are asking for eco-friendly fashion products, looking at the... Read More

What Kind of Animals are Killed for Fashion?

The fashion industry kills billions of animals every year. It's responsible for a huge amount of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions that endanger ecosystems, human health, and animal lives. There... Read More
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Why is Upcycling Clothing Better than Recycling

People are getting more interested in upcycling clothing. Recycling is more commonly know and often practiced by fashion consumers. It's a great way to be more sustainable with clothes. What... Read More

How Do You Know if a Fabric is Linen

If you've just received clothing, sheets, furniture made of linen as a gift, or if you're planning to purchase them at a second-hand shop, vintage market, auction, fashion fair, you... Read More
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How Old Do Clothes Have to Be to Be Vintage?

How Old Do Clothes Have to Be to Be Vintage?

The second-hand clothing market is growing quickly. More and more people are buying old and vintage clothing as well as shopping in resale shops. Purchasing used clothes is becoming fashionable... Read More

Is Jute Sustainable?

Jute is a natural fiber used in many applications. It's making its way particularly in the fashion industry where designers and brands slowly adopt jute for their collections. Jute is... Read More
Is Jute Sustainable?
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Is it OK to Wear Second-Hand Clothes?

Second-hand clothing is getting trendy once again. More people now buy and sell clothes in thrift stores, vintage shops, and online resale marketplaces. Wearing second-hand clothes is an amazing way... Read More

Is it Better to Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army?

Whether you are decluttering your home or moving, donating your unwanted items to Goodwill or Salvation Army is a great option. It not only protects the planet by reducing pollution... Read More
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Why is Silk Expensive?

Silk is a luxury fabric in the fashion world. It's considered one of the finest fiber globally. It's made from natural cocoon protein fibers spun by silkworms before becoming moths.... Read More

I'm a Hoarder. How Do I Begin to Clean?

I'm a hoarder. I know the feeling of having too much stuff. It can be overwhelming and stressful. When it's time to clean and get rid of stuff, how do... Read More
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Sustainable Synthetic Fabrics List

If you are looking for sustainable synthetic fabrics, you've made the right choice. Ethical and sustainable fashion is much more than a trend. It's now necessary to consider sustainability seriously... Read More

How to Get Rid of Clothes And Not Feel Bad

Having too many clothes is a very common problem. You know it's time to get rid of some of them when your closet is full but you have nothing to... Read More
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Benefits of Organic Cotton on the Skin

Conventional cotton is one of the worst natural fibers. It's extremely wasteful, polluting, and damaging to human health. It ruins biodiversity and soil fertility. On the other hand, organic cotton... Read More

I Have Too Many Clothes But I Like Them All

Having too many clothes is a common problem. If you like all of them, it's a sign that you made great purchase decisions based on your style and lifestyle. But... Read More
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Is Wearing Leather A Sin?

Leather is an animal-derived product used for clothing for thousands of years. But the fact that humans used to do it and the majority of people are okay with it... Read More

Definitive Minimalist Fashion FAQ

Minimalism is everywhere and becoming so much more than a trend. It has amazing benefits for your wallet, your peace of mind, and the planet. If you are new to... Read More
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10 Benefits Of Fast Fashion For College Students

Fast fashion has been growing rapidly over the last 20 years. Its demand is higher than ever before. College students particularly see the many benefits of fast fashion. It's exciting,... Read More

How To Help The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter globally. It has a catastrophic social and environmental impact. It creates massive amounts of pollution, waste, and greenhouse gases. And it exploits workers... Read More
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Can Vegans Wear Silk?

Vegans don't use animal products. Especially in diet, they don't see animals as commodities. They don't eat meat, eggs, or dairy products. They also don't wear fur or leather. But... Read More

Why Is Fast Fashion A Bad Thing?

Fast fashion has been growing massively over the past 20 years. It's now a global phenomenon. Fast fashion stores can be found everywhere in the world. And consumers' demand for... Read More
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How Does Fast Fashion Affect Animals

Fast fashion is everywhere. It has gained a lot of popularity over the last 20 years. It's very fun and convenient to shop for new trends at an affordable price.... Read More

The Difference Between Ethical And Sustainable Fashion

The global sustainable fashion movement aims to reduce the environmental footprint of clothing production and consumption. Ethical fashion promotes a fairer and socially responsible approach to fashion. That's the slight... Read More
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When Did Sustainable Fashion Start?

The movement for sustainable fashion is booming. Conscious consumers are asking for more environmentally friendly products, especially in the fashion industry. People are starting to care more about how their... Read More