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adidas ultraboost

Latest Adidas Recycled Plastic Running Shoes: Ultraboost

Adidas is launching its latest recycled plastic running shoes called Ultraboost. Its made of the sustainable yarn Primeknit developed in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. Parley is a non-profit... Read More

Sustainable Fashion in Our Daily Lives Student Project

Three students of Vanderbilt University held an exhibition, guide, and reflection on the Progress of Sustainable Fashion in Our Daily Lives to encourage daily sustainable choices. Vanderbilt University is a private... Read More
fashion students
aluminum cans

Recycling Aluminum Cans for Belts and Bags

London-based sustainable accessory brand Elvis & Kresse is researching a green solution to recycle aluminum cans into buckles and zips for their belts and bags. This initiative is part of... Read More

Top 10 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Clothing

Eco-friendly clothing is a necessity today. Luckily, consumers are becoming more conscious about their fashion choices around the world. Ethical and sustainable clothes have many benefits for people, animals, and... Read More
eco friendly clothing
CGS 2020 Retail Survey: Sustainability is Critical

CGS 2020 Retail Survey: Sustainability is Critical

CGS published its second annual 2020 Retail and Sustainability Survey disclosing the clothing shopping preference of more than 2,000 individuals (ages 18-65+) from the United States and the United Kingdom.... Read More

Why Are Cocoons Killed to Make Silk

The global textile and apparel industry is very cruel, including silk production. It kills hundreds of thousands of sensitive animals every year, silkworms, to harvest silk from their cocoons. Cocoons... Read More
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Elle L Music Artist And Fashion For Conservation Ambassador

Elle L Music Artist And Fashion For Conservation Ambassador

Elle L is a London-based musician and ambassador for Fashion for Conservation. She has supported conversations about responsible fashion for the past three years within the British fashion industry. "Music... Read More

Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Organizations And Initiatives

The global fashion industry needs urgent change toward more sustainability. It's the second-largest polluter in the world after the oil industry. Luckily, many organizations and initiatives are working hard to... Read More
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green fashion

117 Fashion Brands Signed the Circular Fashion Pledge

Sustainability is trending in the fashion industry for good reasons. 117 small and medium-sized apparel brands from around the world have signed on to the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge to... Read More

Why is Linen so Popular?

Sustainability is gaining traction in the fashion industry. Linen is a natural and environmentally friendly fabric ideal for beautiful clothing that also protects the environment. Linen is popular especially in... Read More
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Buying Fewer Clothes Helps The Environment

Fashion has a catastrophic impact on the environment. The global textile and apparel industry is the second-largest polluter globally. It creates massive amounts of pollution, waste, and greenhouse gases every... Read More

My Best Fast Fashion Articles in 2020

With so many available alternatives today, it's difficult to understand why fast fashion remains so popular. Fast fashion has been growing rapidly over the last 20 years. It answers the... Read More
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temporary upcycled

Temporary Upcycled Streetwear Launches This Summer

Houston-based upcycled high-fashion streetwear brand Temporary is planning to launch its first collection this summer. As she learned more about sustainability in the fashion industry, its founder and lead designer... Read More

The Use of Animals in the Fashion Industry

Animal cruelty is everywhere in the fashion industry. Even if men and women have been using animals for clothing for thousands of years, today it's cruel and unnecessary. The global... Read More
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jasmine james vintage

JJ Vintage Upcycling is Rising on Instagram

Jasmine James founded her sustainable fashion brand JJ Vintage in November 2019 and is now gaining recognition. Like every young fashion designer, she started with zero followers and has now... Read More

Is Hemp More Expensive Than Cotton?

Hemp fibers are some of the most environmentally friendly and a great choice for green fashion. They make comfortable, breathable, and beautiful clothes that also protect the planet. The main... Read More
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argentinian women

Julian Reingold on Argentinian Sustainable Fashion

Argentinian journalist Julian Reingold just published an article titled "Back to the roots" where he highlights the challenges Argentina is facing with sustainable fashion. The Latin American market is very... Read More

Malvern Town FC Wears Eco-Friendly Kits From Hope And Glory

Malvern Town Football Club is fitted with the eco-friendly kits from Hope + Glory Sportswear for this new season. These kits are made from recycled plastic and are part of... Read More
Malvern Town FC Wears Eco-Friendly Kits From Hope And Glory
fast fashion

Fast Fashion Will Never Be Sustainable

The global apparel industry is expanding at a 6.16% compound annual growth rate. Due to the rise of fast fashion over the last 20 years, clothing production and consumption of... Read More

Winners of the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020

From its shortlist selected previously this year, Drapers announced the winners of its Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 that acknowledge the improvement in decreasing the fashion industry's social and environmental impact.... Read More
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Rewanta Fashions in Support of Local Khadi Artisans

The sustainable fashion house Rewanta is conducting a support initiative for Khadi artisans and weavers. Its goal is to create a positive fabric demand cycle to offer decent living wages... Read More

Can Sustainable Fashion Ever Be Affordable?

The sustainable fashion movement is booming. Consumers are asking for more transparency, accountability, and eco-friendliness. Sustainability is now a priority for many fashion brands. But their clothes remain too expensive... Read More
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Award-Winning Indian Designer Rahul Mishra on Sustainable Fashion

Award-Winning Indian Designer Rahul Mishra on Sustainable Fashion

Award-Winning Indian Designer Rahul Mishra interviewed by the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) explains his philosophy centered on sustainable fashion. This expert in traditional textiles and Indian crafts had focused his... Read More

Everything Indonesia Webinar About Sustainable Fashion

A new webinar series called Everything Indonesia held by Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) started on June 23rd, 2020. It hosts discussions on sustainable fashion with leaders of the textile and... Read More
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food crop

Circular Systems Isaac Nichelson on Eco-Fashion Using Food Waste

Sustainable fashion is one of the biggest challenges of our time. It requires new technologies, innovations, and infrastructure developments. One of them is using food waste to create eco-friendly fibers... Read More