A corset is an exciting addition to any wardrobe. Wearing a corset is a fun way to add mystery, sexiness, and edginess to your style. 

Corsets are slimming and flattering, so they make a great accessory to wear underneath your clothes. You can even feature a corset as the main part of your outfit. 

The possibilities for what to wear under a corset are endless, so we’re here to help. 

Here are 16 sizzling outfit ideas for what to wear over a corset.

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A Faux Leather Jacket 

vegan leather jacket over corset

A vegan leather jacket looks amazing when worn over a corset. Plus, a high-quality vegan leather jacket is a versatile wardrobe staple. 

Wear a black lace corset with high-waisted jeans or black shorts to create a sexy evening look. You’re unstoppable when you wear a well-tailored faux leather jacket over the whole ensemble. 

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A Slip Dress

slip dress wear over corset

Wearing a corset underneath your clothing creates a slimming effect that boosts your assets. Wear a slinky slip dress to show off how great you look and feel. 

Wear a short but sweet slip dress over a corset for a sizzling summer look, or create a dramatic evening outfit with a floor-length black dress and strappy heels. 

Make sure you invest in a high-quality, sustainably-made slip dress for this look. 

A Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt wear over corset

Corsets accentuate your natural waistline, so a high-waisted maxi skirt will emphasize your cinched waist. 

Create a boho rocker look with a floral maxi skirt worn over a romantic corset and denim jacket. For a more glamorous look, wear a sweeping black skirt with statement jewelry, heels, and a semi-sheer corset. 

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wear over corset overalls

Wearing overalls over a corset creatively combines the masculine and feminine into one cohesive look. 

Some creative and edgy outfit ideas include cute denim overalls with a structured lace corset or wide-leg utility overalls with a soft pink satin corset. Add girly accessories or chunky sneakers to elevate your look. 

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A Tailored Blazer

wear over corset blazers

A tailored blazer worn over a corset creates a look that is simultaneously sexy and chic. 

Create an elegant evening look with a black blazer, high-waisted dress pants, and a matching black lace corset. Wear an oversized men’s blazer with a form-fitting, slinky corset underneath for a fun daytime outfit. 

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An Oversized Shirt

oversized shirt over a corset

An oversized, loose-fitting shirt looks amazing when worn over a corset. 

Layer a corset under a loose-fitting chambray shirt and pair it with distressed denim shorts for a casual yet trendy outfit. You can also wear an oversized t-shirt tucked into high-waisted pants for an effortlessly relaxed look. 

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Victorian-Inspired Pieces

victorian outfit wear over corset

Corsets were all the rage in the Victorian Era. Pay homage to times past by layering Victorian-inspired pieces over a modern-day corset. 

For this look, think voluminous dresses, high-neck blouses, and plenty of ruffles. It’s all about combining voluminous silhouettes and soft, feminine elements. 

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Denim Jackets

denim jacket over corset

Denim jackets are easy to wear over a corset because they’re versatile, casual, and comfortable. 

A denim jacket is a great way to test the waters if you’re nervous about wearing a corset. This outerwear mainstay looks great with any corset while providing plenty of coverage. 

Pair your denim jacket and corset with a cute midi skirt or high-waisted shorts for a relaxed look with just the right amount of sex appeal. 

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A Ruffled Top

ruffle blouse over corset

Create a show-stopping outfit when you layer a ruffled top over a slimming corset. 

Wear a floral ruffled blouse over a simple corset for a vintage Western-inspired look, or create a dramatic outfit with billowing sleeves, lace ruffles, and sheer fabric. 

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A Structured Dress

structured dress over a corset

Corsets are amazing because they can help create the silhouette you want when you wear a structured or skin-tight dress. 

Wear a low-cut evening gown or an A-line dress over a simple, no-frills corset to create an amazing, gravity-defying silhouette. A corset is also perfect under a daring bodycon dress because it tucks and compresses in all the right places. 

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Pencil Skirts

pencil skirt over corset

A high-waisted pencil skirt over a show-stopping corset is an excellent way to turn heads. 

Transform a hum-drum office look into a scintillating evening outfit by pairing your favorite pencil skirt with a structured corset and faux leather jacket. 

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An Elaborate Costume

elaborate costume over a corset

No one wants a wardrobe malfunction while wearing an elaborate costume! That’s where corsets come in. 

If you love dressing up for Renaissance fairs, cosplay events, and conventions, consider adding a corset to the mix. Corsets work wonders for your figure and create a slimming silhouette when worn under a costume. 

In addition, you’ll feel more secure and comfortable with a foundational corset holding everything in place. 

High-Waisted Shorts

what wear over corset shorts

Wear high-waisted shorts over your favorite corset for a fun-loving look. 

Layer your corset with distressed denim shorts and a vegan leather jacket for an edgy rocker look, or create a softer vibe with loose cotton shorts and an unbuttoned dress shirt. 

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A Sheer Blouse

sheer blouse over a corset

Show what’s underneath it all with a sheer blouse over a feminine corset. 

Wearing a sheer, loose-fitting blouse over your corset creates a romantic-yet-sexy outfit that works great for a daytime date or a night out. 

Finish your look off with high-waisted, wide-leg trousers or a romantic maxi skirt, and you’re ready to turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Trendy Wide-Leg Pants

wide leg pants over corset

trendy pants over a corset

Wear wide-leg pants over a corset for a modern, Y2K-inspired outfit. 

Cargo pants, high-waisted palazzo pants, and high-waisted mom jeans are all great options to create this look. Wear your corset as a top and rock a bare midriff for a trendy Gen Z vibe. 

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A Mini Skirt

mini skirt over a corset

A mini skirt is fun to wear over a corset because it’s modern and trendy with just the right amount of cheekiness. 

Channel the early-aughts à la Paris Hilton with a stretchy mini skirt, matching corset, and strappy heels. 

You can also create the illusion of a bodycon dress by layering a high-waisted mini skirt over your corset. 

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