Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet, thinking whether it's appropriate to wear a particular color to a wedding? Well, one color that often sparks this debate is orange.

Some see it as a bold and vibrant choice, while others believe it's too much. So, can you wear orange to a wedding?

To help you be the best dressed, we have investigated this matter and compiled a list of the most stylish outfits you can wear as a wedding guest.

Keep reading to discover our fashion tips!

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Social norms

Can you wear orange to weddings? social norms

Traditionally, wearing white to a wedding is a major no-no, as it can overshadow the bride. But what about orange? While there are no rules when it comes to wearing orange to a wedding, it's essential to consider the overall tone and formality of the event.

Whenever you are not sure about a certain color, the best thing you can do is to ask the bride and groom.

This way, you can become aware of their traditions and preferences. If you are asked not to wear a certain color, you simply shouldn't wear it.

Pros and cons

Can you wear orange to weddings? pros and cons

Orange is a color that represents energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. It is a very uplifting color that can instantly put you in a good mood and it is fantastic if you are going for a bold choice.

Wearing orange also comes with its cons. Because orange is such a powerful color, it is sometimes difficult to create elegant outfits with it. Elegance is often all about simplicity, and orange doesn't often come across as a modest choice.

Orange is a warm color that looks more flattering on people with warm skin undertones.

An orange outfit will never go unnoticed, and this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on what you expect.

Maxi dress

Can you wear orange to weddings? maxi dress

Orange is a vibrant and eye-catching color that can add a touch of fun and personality to your wedding guest attire.

Choose a flowy maxi dress that provides breathability and comfort without sacrificing style.

The best maxi dresses are fashionable, cute, and ethically made from sustainable materials. Have a look at our selection.

Floral dress

Can you wear orange to weddings? floral dress

If you choose to wear an orange dress it doesn't have to be a monochrome one.

Opt for a beautiful and feminine floral print that will make your fashion choice look more delicate. This is the perfect outfit for a daytime wedding.

Let yourself be inspired by the best slow fashion brands.


Can you wear orange to weddings? gown

Gowns are a timeless choice for formal wedding events. Opt for a floor-length gown in a luxurious fabric like silk or chiffon for an elegant look.

An orange gown will always stand out from the crowd. Pair your gown with statement accessories like chandelier earrings and a beaded clutch for a touch of glamour.

Don't forget to choose a pair of comfortable heels to dance the night away!

Luckily, there is no need to spend a large amount of money to look fabulous. Here are the 20 best places to rent prom dresses and gowns.

Coordinated set

Can you wear orange to weddings? coord

A coordinate set is a stylish, modern, and versatile choice. Coordinated sets offer the versatility of mixing and matching with other pieces in your wardrobe, making them a practical choice for many events.

Add a statement necklace and strappy sandals to elevate your outfit and make a fashion-forward statement.

Don't forget to purchase your clothes from a sustainable brand.

Orange pants

Can you wear orange to weddings? pants

If you're looking to make a bold fashion statement, orange pants are the way to go.

Pair vibrant orange pants with a neutral blouse or a floral top for a stylish and eye-catching look. Add a tailored blazer and metallic heels to complete your outfit with a touch of sophistication.

Orange pants are a fun and unexpected choice for wedding guest outfits, perfect for showcasing your unique sense of style.

Learn the 40 best ways to style orange pants for every occasion.


Can you wear orange to weddings? purse

It is always a great idea to accessorize your wedding guest outfit with a purse. It will allow you to keep your small belongings safe at all times while keeping your hands free.

Thankfully, you can now purchase amazing purses made from recycled materials.

Orange + pink

Can you wear orange to weddings? pink

If you are looking to create an eye-catching color combination, orange and pink are a fabulous choice and you will not go unnoticed!

You can combine a pink blouse with orange pants or an orange skirt.

Don't forget to complete your outfit with beautiful jewelry and a pair of heels.


Can you wear orange to weddings? blouse

Never underestimate the power of an orange blouse.

It can be worn in many combinations and it will help you look stunning no matter if you decide to wear it with a skirt or with pants.

Check out our selection of ethical blouses.


Can you wear orange to weddings? skirt

For a wedding, opt for a sophisticated blouse with elegant details such as lace, ruffles, or bell sleeves. Pair it with a flowy orange skirt to create a chic and feminine look.

Discover the best ways to wear orange skirts.


Can you wear orange to weddings? blazer

An orange blazer can beautifully complete your wedding guest outfit. It can also be worn on many other occasions and this makes it a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe.

Go for an all-white outfit and add a pop of color with an orange blazer.

If you are interested in affordable and sustainable blazers, don't forget to check out our recommendations.


Can you wear orange to weddings? shoes

We can't talk about wedding guest outfits without mentioning shoes. For an elegant event, you need to wear heels, but for an outside wedding, you can choose flats.

Orange is a very powerful color which is why we recommend you to wear either orange shoes that match your outfit, or ivory shoes that let your orange clothes be the center of attention. If you want an edgy look, go for metallic colors.

Here is our selection of ethical shoe companies.

Cocktail dress

Can you wear orange to weddings? cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is a classic choice that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Opt for a sleek and stylish cocktail dress to make a statement. Pair it with classic heels, minimal jewelry, and a chic clutch for a polished and put-together look.

The cocktail dress is perfect for a wedding as it strikes the right balance between formal and fun, ensuring you look fabulous all day and night. Browse through the best sustainable cocktail dresses.


Can you wear orange to weddings? suit

A suit is a bolt and an unexpected choice. An orange suit is a perfect mix of classy and modern.

Don't forget to purchase it from a sustainable brand.

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