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Stop Shopping Wool Fabrics Vegan sheep

Stop Shopping Wool: The Future of Fabrics is Eco-Friendly and Vegan

Forget wool. If you are looking for Eco-friendly fabrics, there are plenty of other choices. It is not a necessity to exploit sheep to make highly technical and beautiful clothing.

Luckily there are already tons of Eco-friendly vegan fabrics to choose from. No need to buy wool or other animal-derived materials. Many clothing are opting for them now instead of wool, including Panaprium. Here are some of the better cruelty-free fabrics to wear:



Linen is textile made from flax plant. The flax fiber is very durable, absorbent, strong and quick-drying, much faster than cotton. In hot and humid weather, linen is often preferred to other organic fabrics. It stays exceptionally cool and fresh as it releases moisture into the air effortlessly.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics Linen


Lyocell is a form of rayon. It is made from cellulose fiber often manufactured from wood pulp. It is environmentally friendly, bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable and natural. But the manufacturing process is quite complex, consumes lots of energy and chemicals.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics lyocell


Modal is another form of rayon. Made from renewable fibers, it is strong but smooth and very soft as well. It is a vegan Eco-friendly fabric and a great textile option for your wardrobe. Being lightweight and stretchy, it is revolutionizing the fashion industry.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics Modal

Organic cotton

Arguably the most famous out of the bunch, organic cotton is considered a sustainable resource. It is faster drying and requires less resources to produce than wool. It is easy to wash and care for. Most organic cotton comes from Turkey, India and China.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics Cotton


Hemp is a great choice for organic farming. It is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Hemp fabric is completely biodegradable as well. It is one of the fastest growing plants making it a great choice for sustainable textile.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics Hemp

Recycled fabrics

Recycled polyester, rPET, and recycled nylon, Econyl, are amazing example of high performing technical fabrics that are Eco-friendly and vegan. Both are derived from wastes such as plastic bottles or fishing nets. They do not smell and are durable, strong and soft.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics Recycled

Organic Bamboo

This material is actually viscose rayon made of bamboo fiber. It resembles cotton and is manufactured by a process similar to retting flax into linen fiber. Organic bamboo is a very luxurious silky fabric soaking water faster than cotton. It is Eco-friendly and soft as well.


Wool Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics Bamboo

We hope this article is useful to you and serves as a helpful shopping guide. Please the next time you're deliberating over a new piece of clothing to buy, make sure it is made using Eco-friendly vegan fabrics. The people, the planet and the animals will thank you!

About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex is passionate about conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. He writes to raise awareness around the environmental and social impact of fashion.


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