Yoga can help you lose weight effectively. Practice these 10 best Baba Ramdev Yoga poses to get rid of excess body fat and burn plenty of calories easily at home.

Baba Ramdev is a very well-known yoga instructor. He started practicing yoga at a very young age. He loves to share his experience and his yoga techniques are revolutionizing.

They improve your overall health by combining powerful postures (asanas) with deep breathing exercises (pranayama). Ramdev Yoga is very popular and has already helped a lot of people lose weight, even complete beginners.

Plus, there are many other benefits of practicing Baba Ramdev Yoga. Read on to find out why you should do this yoga style and what the best postures are.

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Why practice Baba Ramdev Yoga for weight loss

In this class, you will learn from Baba Ramdev the basic exercises that help lose weight. This practice is very good to get fit, healthy, and stay in shape. It's a great sequence to increase mobility, flexibility, and stamina.

Plus, this routine builds strong muscles. It reinforces the legs, abdominals, and back muscles. Moreover, it will get your heart pumping, promote blood circulation, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Baba Ramdev is a very inspiring yoga teacher from India. He is also known for his work in Ayurveda, agriculture, and politics. He helped popularize the regular practice of yoga all over the world.

His style of yoga focuses on achieving good body health and maintain a healthy weight. It improves overall blood circulation very effectively throughout the body. Increasing the heart rate and the blood flow boosts metabolism and burns calories quicker.

Furthermore, practicing Baba Ramdev Yoga promotes your health. His set of techniques stimulates visceral organs, muscles, and the nervous system. It has plenty of benefits that help you get in shape.

Moreover, the poses of Baba Ramdev Yoga are very simple to perform, even for beginners. Practice them regularly for maximum benefit. Ideally, take some time every day in the morning to practice.

Here are some of the benefits of Baba Ramdev Yoga for weight loss:
  • Better digestion and purification by getting rid of toxins.
  • Increased lung capacity and treatment of lung-related disorders.
  • Stress and anxiety relief and treatment of depression.
  • Boost of the immune system that prevents chronic diseases.
  • Improves strength, flexibility, and stamina.
  • Better blood circulation and treatment of high and low blood pressure.
  • Rejuvenating effects on the body and the mind.
  • Improved cognitive functions such as focus, memory, and concentration.
  • Better deep sleep and treatment of insomnia.
  • Increased metabolism and energy levels.
  • Overall happiness and a positive mindset.

Here are the top 10 best Baba Ramdev Yoga for weight loss.

1. Wind Relieving Pose or Pavanamukhtasana

wind relieving ramdev yoga weight loss


  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight.
  2. Lift the right leg and bend the knee.
  3. Hold the knee with your hands and bring the thigh to the stomach.
  4. Touch the knee with the chin.
  5. Release and bring the leg straight back down.
  6. Repeat with the left leg.
  7. Repeat with both legs at the same time.
  8. Hold the position.


    • Releases arthritis, back, and wrist pain.
    • Strengthens core and back muscles.
    • Massages the abdominal muscles and organs.
    • Improves digestion and intestinal transfer.
    • Treats constipation and gastrointestinal problems.
    • Improves reproduction and menstruation.

      2. Bound Angle Pose or Baddha Konasana

      bound angle psoe ramdev yoga weight loss


      1. Sit down with your back straight.
      2. Bend the legs at the knees.
      3. Touch the soles of the feet together.
      4. Drop the knees to the ground.
      5. Grab your ankles with your hands.
      6. Pull the heels to the perineum.


        • Stretches the hips, thighs, knees, and groin.
        • Stimulates the abdominals, pelvis, and back.
        • Relieves sciatic pain and prevents hernia.
        • Enhances the reproductive system.
        • Improves blood circulation.
        • Releases from stress and fatigue.

          3. Cobra pose or Bhujangasana

          cobra pose ramdev yoga weight loss


          1. Lie on your stomach.
          2. Join your legs together.
          3. Place the hands under the shoulders.
          4. Engage the core, thighs, and back muscles.
          5. Lift the chest off the floor without using your arms.
          6. Keep the elbows near the body.


            • Stretches the thorax and the thighs.
            • Strengthens the core, legs, and lower back.
            • Stimulates the nervous system.
            • Increases spine mobility.

              4. Boat Pose or Navasana

              boat pose ramdev yoga weight loss


              1. Sit down on the mat.
              2. Bend the knees.
              3. Keep your back straight.
              4. Lift your feet off the floor.
              5. Keep the shins parallel to the mat.
              6. Lift your chest and lengthen your spine.
              7. Extend the arms forward.


                • Builds strong abdominals, back and hip muscles.
                • Improves digestion and detoxification.
                • Increases metabolism.
                • Relieves from stress and anxiety.
                • Develops focus and concentration.

                  5. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose or Ardha Matseyendrasana

                  half lord fish ramdev yoga weight loss


                  1. Sit down with your legs extended.
                  2. Bend the right knee.
                  3. Cross the right leg over the left leg.
                  4. Twist your torso towards the right leg.
                  5. Use the right arm to leverage the twist.
                  6. Keep your back straight.
                  7. Lengthen the spine and hold.
                  8. Repeat with the other leg.


                    • Improves digestion and gets rid of toxins.
                    • Stimulates the spine ligaments and nerves.
                    • Strengthens the abdominals.
                    • Stretches the shoulders, neck, and hips.
                    • Releases from back pain.

                    6. King Pigeon pose or Rajakapotasana

                    king pigeon ramdev yoga weight loss


                    1. Start on all four.
                    2. Bring the right knee forward behind the right wrist.
                    3. Slide the right foot in front of the left knee.
                    4. Slide the left leg back and extend straight.
                    5. Lower your buttocks to the floor.
                    6. Keep the right heel in front of the left hip.
                    7. Stretch the thorax and bend the back.
                    8. Lift your arms.
                    9. Lift your left foot.
                    10. Grab it with your hands.
                    11. Bring it towards your head.
                    12. Repeat with the other leg.


                      • Stretches the chest, groin, and thighs.
                      • Strengthen the back.
                      • Increases hips and legs flexibility.
                      • Massages the abdominals.
                      • Releases from back pain.
                      • Improves digestion.
                      • Relieves stress and anxiety.

                        7. Accomplished pose or Siddhasana

                        accomplished pose ramdev yoga weight loss


                        1. Sit down on the mat.
                        2. Keep the back straight.
                        3. Bend one knee.
                        4. Bring the heel to the perineum.
                        5. Press the sole to the inner thigh.
                        6. Place the other foot on top.
                        7. Touch the ankles together.
                        8. Touch the floor with the knees.
                        9. Lengthen the spine.


                          • Calm the mind.
                          • Prevents stress and anxiety.
                          • Improves blood circulation.
                          • Increases organ function.
                          • Opens the hips.
                          • Strengthen the back.

                          8. Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana

                          standing bend ramdev yoga weight loss


                          1. Stand with the feet together.
                          2. Bend forward at the hips.
                          3. Keep your legs and back straight.
                          4. Reach the floor with your hands.
                          5. Touch your thighs with your stomach.
                          6. Relax the head and neck.


                            • Improves circulation and blood flow.
                            • Rejuvenates the face and hair.
                            • Regulates hormones production.
                            • Stretches the legs and the spine.

                              9. Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

                              forward bend ramdev yoga weight loss


                              1. Sit down with your legs straight.
                              2. Keep the spine erect.
                              3. Raise the arms and stretch.
                              4. Bend the torso forward at the hips.
                              5. Keep the back straight.
                              6. Touch your thighs with your belly.
                              7. Reach as far as you can with your hands.


                                • Stretches the legs and lower back.
                                • Massages the pelvic organs and abdominals.
                                • Relieves anxiety, stress, and fatigue.
                                • Flattens the stomach.
                                • Clams the mind.
                                • Improves digestion.

                                  10. Upward Salute or Urdhva Hastasana

                                  ramdev yoga weight loss upward salute


                                  1. Stand with your feet together.
                                  2. Straighten your back and legs.
                                  3. Raise the arms overhead.
                                  4. Join your hands together.
                                  5. Relax the shoulders.
                                  6. Arch to the left, the right, and the back.
                                  7. Keep your legs and buttocks engaged.


                                    • Stretches the sides and the back of the body.
                                    • Increases core and leg strength.
                                    • Improves balance and stability.
                                    • Helps circulation throughout the body.
                                    • Raises energy levels.
                                    • Improves focus and concentration.
                                    • Relieves fatigue and anxiety.

                                    To wrap it up

                                    Baba Ramdev Yoga is a very effective way to get in shape. This style of yoga has plenty of health benefits. Plus, it's very easy to lose weight by practicing it regularly.

                                    Ramdev Yoga poses are very popular and have helped many people. The powerful combination of asanas and breathing exercises help maintain a healthy weight.

                                    This yoga sequence is very easy to perform, even for beginners. Practice it as often as you can. Especially if you are looking to lose weight, an early morning practice is ideal.

                                    You will notice improvements in yourself. Baba Ramdev Yoga inspires you to transform your life for the better. Be consistent and committed, and start reaping its many benefits.

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