It's a fantastic idea to avoid filling up your wardrobe with maternity clothes you cannot wear anymore after your pregnancy. To save precious space in your closet and protect the planet, be mindful when shopping for maternity wear.

Most women switch to maternity-friendly clothing in the earlier stages of pregnancy before the sixth month. But you want to invest in fashionable garments that make you feel beautiful for your nine months and beyond.

You can choose looser-fitting clothes like oversized tops that are easy to style or go for elasticized garments that aren't too tight to allow a growing belly.

Check out our selection below for the best affordable and sustainable maternity clothes you can wear after pregnancy. Read until the end for our best tips on what to do with a maternity wardrobe after nine months.

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Flowy maxi dresses

After pregnancy, you can still wear bump-friendly, flowy, maxi dresses that look great and feel appropriate for your changing body. Maxi dresses, long gowns, and wraparounds are comfortable and easy to wear after pregnancy.

Look for lightweight, breathable dresses in the summer to keep your body cool and shielded from high temperatures. In the winter, heavier fabrics and layers will help you stay warm.

Choose more sustainable dresses made from organic and eco-friendly materials like cotton and linen that protect your skin, your baby, and the planet.

Check out our selection for the best affordable and sustainable bump-friendly non-maternity dresses you can wear before, during, and after pregnancy.

Mien Studios Fortuna Column Dress

mien studios maternity dress pregnancy

Etsy Long Maxi Dress

etsy maternity dress after pregnancy

Karen Kane Printed Maxi Dress

karen kane maternity dress pregnancy

Breathable tops

Breathable and comfortable tunics, shirts, and blouses are perfect to wear before, during, and after pregnancy.

The best maternity tops you can wear beyond pregnancy are stylish and often oversized to give room to your growing bump.

Choose fashionable and effortless tunics, shirts, blouses, crews, and tees ethically made from sustainable and natural materials.

Check out our selection for the best stylish, cute, comfy, affordable, and sustainable maternity tops you can wear after pregnancy.

Mata Traders Yashvi Blouse

mata traders maternity blouse pregnancy

Reformation Parker Relaxed Shirt

reformation maternity shirt after pregnancy

Toad&Co Manzana Short Sleeve Shirt

toad and co maternity shirt

Stretchy maternity leggings

Stretchy maternity leggings are perfect to wear beyond pregnancy. Whether you want to work out, relax, meet with friends, or travel, comfortable and affordable leggings offer an adequate amount of style and support.

Make sure to choose garments made from high-quality and sustainable fabrics that are better for your skin, your baby, and the planet. Organic clothing is one of the best things you can buy as a parent or mom-to-be.

Check out our selection for the best affordable and sustainable organic cotton and bamboo maternity leggings made under high social and environmental standards.

Elle Evans Oh Twelve Crop Leggings

elle evans maternity leggings pregnancy

Active Truth Pregnancy Tights

active truth maternity leggings pregnancy

Dharma Bums Maternity Full-Length Leggings

dharma bums maternity leggings pregnancy

Elasticized maternity pants

The best maternity pants to wear during and after pregnancy are more elasticized to allow a growing bump. Choose cheap, eco-friendly, and comfy bottoms to enhance your style and confidence and save the planet.

Make sure to prioritize comfort by choosing garments that fit well but aren't too tight. You can go for loose-fitting, elasticized pants or those that feature a drawstring.

It's best to avoid tight pants with buttons and zippers as they are more restrictive and can feel uncomfortable as your body changes.

Here are some of the best affordable, comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable maternity pants you can wear to look and feel your best after pregnancy.

Warp + Weft Maternity Skinny Jeans

warp weft maternity jeans pregnancy

Made Trade Relaxed Pants

made trade maternity pants pregnancy

Synergy Organic Clothing Lace-Up Pants

synergy organic maternity pants pregnancy

Maternity-friendly loungewear

The best maternity-friendly loungewear is sustainable, comfortable, and durable to help you dress well beyond your nine months. Choose lounge pants and shirts that are super soft, high-quality, and made from natural and organic fabrics.

Many clothing brands offer cheap, comfy, nursing-friendly nightgowns and dresses that make breastfeeding your baby at home or the hospital very easy for you.

Here are the best luxurious, eco-friendly, cute, and comfy maternity nightwear and loungewear to wear after pregnancy.

Leena & Lu Luxury Long Dress

leena lu maternity lounge dress

Coyuchi Organic Romper

coyuchi maternity romper after pregnancy

Tentree Shirt Dress

tentree maternity dress after pregnancy

What to wear during the first trimester of pregnancy

You can wear conventional clothes in early pregnancy. Most women continue to wear their regular wardrobe and favorite outfits for most of the first three months or first trimester when pregnant.

Keep in mind that clothing is our second skin. So the clothes you wear should always make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Prioritize comfort over style, especially during pregnancy.

You can choose looser-fitting clothes if you need to or go for elasticized garments that aren't too tight. Consider wearing bigger-sized clothes and using elastics to tie unbuttoned shirts or pants that don't fit anymore.

After the first trimester of pregnancy or at the beginning of the fourth month, start looking for affordable and sustainable maternity wear.

Check out our selection for the very best maternity clothing essentials every woman needs before, during, and after pregnancy.

What to do with maternity clothes after pregnancy

With maternity clothes you can't or don't want to wear anymore after pregnancy, you can get rid of them responsibly by putting them to good use or recycling them.

It's super easy to organize a swap party with friends and family or a yard sale. You can also sell pre-loved maternity clothes online, drop them off at a local resale shop, donate them to charity, repurpose, upcycle or recycle them.

You know when it's time to get rid of some of your clothes when your closet is starting to get full. If you don't feel like wearing the maternity clothes you bought for your changing body, find a positive and responsible way to throw them away.

Read our ultimate guide on how to discard used clothes responsibly for more ideas to declutter your closet with a clean conscience.

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