I don't like to get rid of anything, especially clothes. I'm a hoarder that keeps most of his clothes. Even when some pieces get too small, they tend to stay in my closet.

Letting go of clothes that are too small isn't easy. Yet, it's more beneficial to keep clothes that fit us perfectly and make room for better items. If they are one size too big or too small, they take space in our closet for no reason. It's time to let them go.

I have had constant body issues and eating disorders in the past. My body and overall weight changed drastically over the years. I remember getting sick of being too skinny or too fat many times over. And my clothes didn't fit me for very long.

I had to renew my wardrobe and struggle to find fitting clothes every month. I felt uncomfortable, living with regrets and unrealistic expectations. I didn't enjoy what I already. Instead, I was constantly looking for something new.

I now follow a minimalist approach to fashion as much as possible. I have found eating and workouts habits that suit my lifestyle perfectly. My weight doesn't vary as much making it easy for me to move and breathe in the clothes I own.

The clothes we buy and wear play a huge role in the way we look and feel. The best way to stay motivated, confident, and comfortable is to wear our favorite outfits that fit us just right.

There is no point in keeping clothes that don't fit. They take unnecessary time and space in our home without offering any benefit. It makes more sense to separate clothing we wear constantly from pieces that we don't wear at all.

Decluttering our closet is a good feeling. It gives a larger clothing budget in some cases, removes stress from our daily life, creates more room, time, and significance from what matters the most to us.

When I finally realize that, I had to go through all my clothes and let go of most of them. Leggings, pants, jeans, shirts, tees, shorts, underwear, shoes, jackets, coats, hoodies, belts, and hats. Just by trying them on and testing if they fit, I could tell if they've earned the right to stay in my wardrobe.

Cleaning out my closet was very challenging yet satisfying. It was difficult but also had many advantages. The transition to a small wardrobe was immensely beneficial to my mental health, my time, and my budget.

Here is how I finally let go of clothes that are too small.

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Becoming a slow fashion advocate

You can read my story in my article on how I became a slow fashion advocate for good. Before 2015, I didn't pay much attention to where or how the clothes I was wearing were made.

I was obsessed with getting new clothes that would make me feel and look better. And I wasn't aware of the disastrous social and environmental impact of my wardrobe.

I was wasting a huge amount of money on new clothing, damaging the environment, and encouraging unethical practices in the fashion industry. But I was shocked when I learned more about the people and places behind the labels in my closet.

The textile and apparel industry is one of the largest polluters globally. It's responsible for enormous amounts of waste, pollution, natural resource consumption, and carbon emissions.

80% of all discarded clothes and other textiles globally are destined for landfill or incineration. Only 20% of them are reused or recycled when up to 95% could be.

This made me think differently about what kind of clothes I should buy and wear, take better care of the items in my closet so they last longer, and get rid of the items that are too small more responsibly.

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Better ways of letting go of clothes

Clothing waste is piling up in landfills at an alarming rate. The overproduction and overconsumption of cheaply made clothing have negative consequences on the planet, the people, and the animals living on it.

Today more than ever before, we must preserve natural resources and take massive action to reduce pollution and waste. Read up my list of the 10 ways to keep your clothing out of landfills to understand how you can help.

I used to let go of clothes that are too small by throwing them in the trash. It's not the most responsible way to get rid of unwanted stuff. There are more simple and environmentally friendly ways to discard clothing.

We can use textile recycling programs, reuse, repair, repurpose, upcycle, sell or donate clothes that we don't need anymore.

If you don't know how to choose between recycling or upcycling, check my comparison between the two. Both are practical, viable, and have a huge positive impact on the environment.

If you would like to let go of some pieces of clothing and earn extra cash, follow my guide on how to get rid of unwanted clothes for money. This is an excellent way to have a bigger budget and justify better clothing purchases.

Donating clothes to charitable organizations is arguably easier than selling them. It doesn't require efforts to sell. It helps people in need, protect the planet, reduce pollution and waste. Read up my article on is it better to donate or sell clothes to learn how you can donate your items.

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How to get rid of clothes

Having an encumbered wardrobe is very common. If you have too many clothes and nothing to wear, it's time to get rid of some of them. Clothes that are too small have no place in your closet.

You probably don't need more clothing. You need less. If you don't know what kind of clothes you can get rid of, check out my list of 20 types of clothes to get rid of right now.

If you think that you are going to regret or miss something eventually, keep a bag or suitcase filled with the clothes you don't wear away from your closet.

You can take back pieces that you miss eventually. When the bag gets full, it's time to get rid of it all. Keep only the best items in your closet to make every piece in your wardrobe a winner.

I have the habit of keeping everything. I don't like getting rid of stuff, especially items in my closet. But I have managed to let go of what is superfluous recently. I want to have less stress, more money, and simplicity in my life.

If it's also difficult for you to finally find the courage to sit down and decide what clothes to keep, follow my guide on how to get rid of clothes and not feel bad.

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When it comes to decluttering, most of us find it difficult. But it's highly beneficial to clean out our closet regularly. Having too much stuff is overwhelming and stressful. It consumes space, time, and energy.

Letting go of clothes that are too small contributes to our well-being, more simplicity, and purpose in our life. The process can be emotional and difficult, but it's a learning experience that helps us get back on track, more organized, and responsible.

To avoid issues in the future, we have to think more mindfully about the clothes we buy and wear. Buying fewer clothes and higher quality is a great way to live more sustainably.

It also helps us create a better fashion style. Being more careful about shopping for new clothes allows us to invest in clothing that lasts and that we love wearing for a long time.

I stopped comparing myself to how I used to look, how slim I was before since I let go of clothes that are too small. I don't spend any time feeling bad about my body. I understand that it's completely normal and natural to have weight variations. I feel happier, healthier, more confident, and comfortable in my body.

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