Getting organized is a great feeling. It has many advantages such as less stress, more time, and space. But it's also overwhelming sometimes. With a few small steps, you can tidy up your closet very quickly.

It's a good practice to go through your clothes from time to time. An encumbered closet consumes your time and energy. Once you're done, you'll have a much easier time getting dressed in the morning.

Closets often offer small spaces but attract clutter. If you're a hoarder like me, you've amassed tons of clothes over the years. Get organized today and make finding clothing pieces very easy.

Here are 20 tips to clean your closet in under 15 minutes.

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1. A closet for clothes

closet items

Only keep your clothes in your closet. Avoid storing anything else such as household items there. Remove the clutter by separating your clothes and accessories from anything else.

2. Avoid multiples

You don't need every color of the same clothing piece. Take duplicates out of your closet. Choose one and place it back. Donate or sell the items you don't wear often. Read up my minimalist clothing list for advice on how many pieces to keep.

3. Clean walls and lights

closet lights

To have an easier time getting organized and finding your best clothes fast in the future, wipe everything down in your closet from ceiling to floor. Clean your lights as well since good lighting is important in your closet to see what you have inside.

4. Clean your room

You may have clean clothes outside your closet scattered on the bed or the floor. Hang or fold them quickly to place them where they belong. No need to start cleaning your closet if your room is disorganized.

5. Clothes for someone else

It's a bad idea to keep clothes for someone else, especially for children. These items are likely to be out style when it's time to wear them. Let other people make their own clothing choices as it's a fun, creativity-boosting activity.

6. Create assortments

clothing assortment

Place similar items together in your closet. Use labels to quickly find clothes that have the same color, material, shape, or function. Once you group all belts, shoes, bags, or scarves, your closet will feel much better organized.

7. Discard clothes responsibly

Don't throw unwanted clothing pieces in the trash. Clothing and other textile wastes are piling up in landfills at an alarming rate. They are many ways to get rid of used clothes without harming the environment. Follow my guide on how to keep your clothing out of landfills.

8. Donation bag trick

Keep the clothes you don't wear away from your closet. Place them in a donation bag or suitcase. It's a great method to tidy up your wardrobe and avoid regrets. Pull anything out and place it back if you miss it. When the bag gets full, get rid of it.

9. Listen to music

One great way to get motivated and productive when it comes to cleaning your closet is to listen to your favorite music. Put the best songs on a playlist specifically for that purpose and you will get organized quickly.

10. Plan future shopping

plan future

Once your closet is organized, make a list of what you are missing and what you can do better in the future. If you identify the best ways to complete your existing outfits, you will avoid having too many clothes and an encumbered closet.

11. Pull everything out

Take every item out of your closet. It's much easier to get organized once you have a clear picture of what you own. You may even find clothes you forget you already had in the back of your closet.

12. Get rid of unwanted clothes

Follow my guide on the type of clothes to get rid of right now. Don't keep in your closet anything that is too old, overused, unfitting, out of trend, uncomfortable, or unworn. These items haven't earned the right to stay in your wardrobe.

13. Get storage containers or closet organizers

Use empty containers and organizers to place similar items together and separate them for the rest of your wardrobe. It's a good idea to keep clothes grouped if they have the same purpose. Closet organizers are your friends.

14. Quick assessment

Getting rid of clothes can be difficult and time-consuming. Make sure to limit how much time you spend checking each piece. Find out your best and favorite pieces quickly and get rid of the rest.

15. Remove the dirt and dust

clean room

Closets and close spaces, in general, attract lots of dust. It's especially true if you store clothes you don't wear frequently in your closet. Shelves and corners collect dust in only a few days. Work every surface to give your space a fresh look. It makes a big difference.

16. Repair and replace

Anything that is broken and needs repairs should stay in your closet. This may be the case for old clothes but also, shelves, hangers, and racks. If you can patch it quickly, do it. Otherwise, take it out and replace it shortly.

17. Set a timer

You can spend hours and even days cleaning your closet. If you want to get it done quicker, you must measure your time. Set a five minutes timer to remind yourself how much time you have left. You will be more efficient.

18. Store seasonal clothes

If you have clothes you only wear during one season, place them in a separate storage bag. Only keep in your closet what you are wearing currently and frequently. This makes every item in your wardrobe a winner. Seasonal clothes occupy much-needed space in your closet unnecessarily.

19. Style and lifestyle changes

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It's normal to change your fashion style over time. The clothes you found appealing before may not be you anymore today. Our lifestyles also evolve rapidly in modern societies. Depending on the activities you used to do, you may have clothes you don't need anymore. Get rid of them.

20. Wash dirty clothes

Remove all dirty or smelly clothes from your closet and put them away to be washed soon. Clothes you should wash after every wear are sportswear, swimwear, and underwear. Read up my article on how often you should change your clothes for more tips on laundry.

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