Zouk is one of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas. From world-famous DJs to special events, Zouk is a must-visit hot spot for a night out to remember (or not) with your friends. 

With its swanky decor and high-profile musical guests, Zouk is very particular about its dress code. So, what should you wear to the famous Vegas club? 

We have the best tips and tricks for first-time visitors and club veterans looking to refresh their wardrobes. Think slinky black dresses, dark wash jeans, and everything glitz and glam.

Here are 10+ sizzling outfit ideas for a night out at Zouk in Las Vegas.


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Does Zouk Have a Dress Code?

zouk outfit ideas dress code

While Zouk doesn’t have an explicit dress code, they do judge your outfit at the door. Generally, you want to dress your best when getting ready for Zouk.

Dressy club attire is strongly encouraged. That means dresses, classy jumpsuits, mini skirts, and anything else that looks classy and sexy. 

Men are encouraged to wear nice jeans, a collared shirt, and dress shoes. 

The general rule of thumb for Zouk’s dress code is to avoid anything that looks too casual. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed and turned away at the door.

A Mini Dress and Heels

zouk outfit ideas mini dress

zouk outfit ideas bodycon dress

You can’t go wrong with a mini dress and heels. It’s a classic Vegas nightclub look for a reason. 

Wear a mini dress that best suits your style, from glittery deep v-necks to black bodycon dresses. Pair your dress with statement jewelry, comfy heels, and a clutch to have the night of your life. 

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A Classy Blouse & Black Shorts

zouk dress code black shorts

The Zouk dress code is a little more lax for women. You can pull off black shorts if you pair them with a classy blouse and elevated jewelry.

Wear high-waisted black shorts with a ruffled top, semi-sheer bodysuit, or sequin blouse.

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A Bomber Jacket and Faux Leather Pants

zouk outfit idea bomber jacket

A colorful bomber jacket and faux leather pants make a great cold-weather outfit for Zouk. You will feel warm while walking down The Strip and fashionable once inside the club.

Wear high-quality, skin-tight faux leather pants for a sleek, chic evening look. You can easily take off the bomber jacket to show off a sheer blouse or tank top.

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An All-Black Ensemble

zouk outfit ideas monochromatic

zouk outfit idea all black

You can’t go wrong with an all-black ensemble when dressing for Zouk. 

A monochromatic outfit is sleek, elegant, and just the right amount of sexy. Wear a black bodysuit with a tight black leather skirt or a black mini dress with matching heels. 

For guys, a black t-shirt, jeans, and a matching blazer are easy to wear and look effortlessly put together.

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A Bustier and High-Waisted Pants

zouk outfit idea bustier

Create a daring and sizzling look with a bustier and high-waisted pants. 

Wear a semi-sheer bustier with full coverage for a club-appropriate look. Tuck it into a pair of well-tailored slacks, and you’re ready to dance the night away.

You can pair your top with a black blazer for a warmer look that provides more coverage.

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Chunky Heels or Flats

zouk outfit ideas heels flats

Everyone knows that shoes can make or break an outfit. Complete your Zouk look with chunky heels, flats, or strappy stilettos. These footwear options look great with just about any type of outfit.

You’ll dance the night away at Zouk, so you make sure your dressed-up footwear is comfortable and fits correctly.

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A Shimmery Cocktail Dress

zouk outfit idea cocktail dress

Don’t be afraid of overdressing when planning your outfit for Zouk. A shimmery, elegant cocktail dress is a perfectly acceptable outfit.

Wear a chic, glittery maxi dress with platform heels, or pair strappy stilettos with a flirty spaghetti strap dress. 

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Slacks and a Button-Up

zouk outfit idea button up

Like many nightclubs in Vegas, Zouk tends to have higher dress code standards for guys. Play it safe with nice slacks and a dark button-up. 

This outfit is easy to wear, looks great, and safely lands within Zouk’s dress code requirements. 

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A Smart Blazer

zouk outfit idea blazer mens

Wear a blazer with nice jeans and a button-up for the ultimate Zouk outfit. A blazer is an easy way to spruce up any Vegas evening look. 

You can even wear a simple white or black tee underneath your blazer for a casual yet classy look. 

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Dark-Wash Jeans

zouk outfit ideas dark wash jeans

If slacks aren’t your thing, dark-wash jeans are perfectly acceptable for Zouk. 

Just make sure your jeans are dark-wash denim and don’t have any holes or tears in them. Wear a nice button-up shirt or blazer, and you’re good to go.

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Men’s Dress Shoes

zouk outfit ideas dress shoes

We highly recommend men wear dress shoes instead of sneakers. If you run into a grumpy bouncer at the door, you could be turned away for wearing casual footwear. 

Play it safe with a nice pair of oxfords or loafers paired with nice jeans and a button-up.

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What Not to Wear

zouk what not to wear

Dressing for Zouk can be tricky. Here are some general things to avoid wearing when planning your outfit:

  • Sweatpants: Leave your favorite athleisurewear in your hotel room. Zouk has a no-tolerance policy for loungewear, sweatpants, shorts, and athleisure clothing.
  • Baggy clothes: Zouk’s FAQ page clearly states that “no torn, cut off, or baggy attire is permitted.” Focus on nicely tailored outfits that fit comfortably and properly. Avoid baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts.
  • Revealing outfits: While many people want to wear something sexy to the club, make sure your outfit doesn’t show off too much. Revealing outfits can be turned down at the door. Find the perfect balance between sexy and classy.

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