🎉 #fantasticyogaart (Oct 16-22, 2018)

Panaprium is sponsoring the Yoga Challenge #fantasticyogaart  Oct 16-22, 2018.

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This yoga challenge is about the beauty of YOGA. Yoga is not only a physical and mental journey. The Asanas are wonderful works of ART. Create beautiful shapes and share them with us. 

You may choose any pose following the daily lineup. This yoga challenge is opened to all level of yogis. .

🎀 4 fantastic Yoga Teachers have committed to bringing you this 7 days challenge:


Yoga Challenge #fantasticyogaart Oct 16-22, 2018

yoga challenge October 2018 fantastic

To be part of the challenge and eligible for the prizes, head over to Instagram, and:
1. Repost this flyer & tag some friends to join the fun.
2. Follow all hosts & sponsors.
3. Post daily photos using the hashtag #fantasticyogaart and tag all hosts and sponsors. Make sure your profile is public so we can see you!
4. Have fun, respect your body, and share a little love in the challenge gallery!

Remember to have lots of fun and pay close attention to your body. Always do what feels right for you.

To plan ahead, here is the list of the poses for each day of the challenge. 

Line up to express yourself to:

Day 1: The art of Prayer Hands (Any pose with normal prayer or reverse prayer hands) .

Day 2: The art of Bound Hands (Any pose with bound hands)

Day 3: The art of Eagle Legs and/or Eagle Arms (Any pose with eagle legs and/ or eagle arms)

Day 4: The art of Mermaid Arms and/or Mermaid Legs (Any pose with mermaid arms and/ or mermaid legs)

Day 5: The art of Stag Legs and/or Stag Arms (Any pose with stag legs and/or stag arms)

Day 6: The art of Split Legs (Any hip-opening split pose)

Day 7: The art of Lotus Legs (Any pose with lotus legs)

Day 8: The art of Flip Grip (Any pose using hand to flip grip foot, can use yoga strap for assistance).

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