We always have something in mind when we think about everyday clothes that we wear at work, on a date, or during workouts. Having a lot of experience with the combinations other people wear makes our decisions easier. However, when it comes to the clothes that we can wear to bed it is more difficult to decide what is best, especially because one must often choose between comfortable and attractive alternatives.

We're here to help you, so keep reading to discover amazing clothing items that you can wear to bed!

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what to wear to bed pajamas

Pajamas are super comfortable and they come in a lot of fabrics and prints.

To pick the one that is best for you, make sure to choose the right size, and if you are between sizes, choose the bigger size because comfort is extremely important.

Take a look at our sustainable recommendations if you want to buy amazing, inexpensive, and ethically-made pajamas.

Pajama shorts

what to wear to bed pajama shorts

Ideal for summer, pajama shorts are very attractive and comfy. You can wear them with a matching pajama top, a T-shirt, or a tank top. Either way, they will look great!

Discover beautiful pajamas that are also sustainable!

Slip dresses

what to wear to bed slip dress

If you are spending time with your boyfriend and you want a very attractive alternative to pajamas that looks fantastic on any body type, a slip dress is ideal for you.

Available in many colors and also coming in multiple lengths, slip dresses are beautiful and comfortable and they can also be sustainable!


what to wear to bed camisoles

Camisoles are versatile clothing items that can be worn both as innerwear and as outwear.

Wear beautiful camisoles to bed because they are comfortable, versatile, and attractive and look fantastic with any bottoms of your choice!

Here is our article about eco-friendly, organic cotton camisoles that you will love.

Comfortable materials

what to wear to bed comfy materials

More often than not, when we choose our clothes we focus on the aesthetical side, while completely ignoring practicality.

Comfort is very important, especially when it comes to bedwear, that is why we recommend taking the time to check the label of the products you buy, as well as the brands that produce them.

Always choose sustainable clothes, made from materials that feel great and that will last you a long time.

Playful sets

what to wear to bed playful sets

If you want to wear something really cute and fun, you can choose a playful pajama set featuring an animal, or a cartoon character.

Many brands produce cute clothing, and we recommend choosing a sustainable brand, that works under very high standards, because this way you will get beautiful and long-lasting clothes.


what to wear to bed robes

Robes are great items that you can easily put on and take off. You can wear one over your pajamas or even without any clothes underneath.

They are cozy and allow a lot of air to circulate, which makes them great even on warm days!

Check out these fantastic and sustainable robes!

Beautiful prints

what to wear to bed prints

You can choose a monochrome pajama set, but also a printed material. Sometimes, prints can be elegant, cute, or uplifting, and you should get one that makes you feel pretty and puts a smile on your face.

Don't forget that you can now shop for awesome items from sustainable brands.

Cute leggings

what to wear to bed cute leggings

Leggings are the definition of comfort and versatility. If you're hanging out with your boyfriend or just watching a movie with your bestie, leggings can save the day.

They are cute and comfortable and a lot of people's favorite choice when it comes to coziness.

If you want to buy beautiful leggings from ethical brands, take a look at our recommendations.

Tank tops

what to wear to bed tank tops

Tank tops can easily replace classic sleepwear. They are made from very soft materials and they look great with pajama shorts.

Summer is the best season to wear tank tops to bed.

Make your choice sustainable, and buy from an eco-friendly brand!

Oversized shirts

what to wear to bed shirts

Borrow his shirt or purchase a sustainable and oversized one yourself in order to recreate the look that is hyped on social media.

You will feel and look fantastic!

Lingerie sets

what to wear to bed lingerie

Impress your boyfriend with a very sexy lingerie set.

There are so many beautiful colors and shapes to choose from! Even better, your lingerie can now be both affordable and sustainable. Read our article to find out more.


what to wear to bed babydolls

If you want something a bit more sophisticated you can wear a baby doll. You can choose between see-through or thicker materials.

Babydolls are flattering on any body type and guys love them!

Choose an affordable one from an ethical brand.


what to wear to bed T-shirts

T-shirts are beautiful and comfortable and it is a good idea to wear one to bed. You will look stylish and feel amazing!

Opt for colors that compliment your skin tone and feel like a queen even when wearing cozy clothes!

Here is our selection of beautiful, affordable, and sustainable T-shirts.


what to wear to bed socks

Especially during winter, your feet might need a protective and cozy layer.
If you want to feel great you must choose socks that are soft, breathable, and made from natural fabrics.

Discover cute and comfy socks that come from sustainable brands.

Comfortable underwear

what to wear to bed underwear

Not unlike socks, your lingerie should also be breathable and comfortable, especially if you want to make a habit of wearing it as sleepwear.

To stay healthy, you need to make sure that the materials coming in contact with your skin come from a brand that works under high-quality standards.

Let yourself be inspired by these 10 naturally plant-dyed underwear brands that produce the most comfortable non-toxic briefs, thongs, bras, and shorts.

Plus size

what to wear to bed plus size

Getting clothes in the right size for your body is always important, and finding beautiful clothes in bigger sizes has always been a problem.

Sleeping in clothes that are too tight is extremely uncomfortable, and has a huge impact on your sleep quality, and therefore on your health.

Luckily, many sustainable brands that produce stunning sleepwear are now size-inclusive, and here are some of our favorites.

Summing up

what to wear to bed summing up

Finding the right clothes to wear to bed can be difficult for several reasons: unlike in the case of regular clothes, you can't watch and take inspiration from your friends and colleagues; you are not exposed to as much information about sleepwear as you are to office or party clothes and many brands have unbelievably expensive price tags.

However, we hope that after reading this article you will find at least one affordable and sustainable brand that produces the high-quality bedtime clothes you always wanted.

Remember, it is always important to buy the right size for you and to avoid unhealthy materials (even when you like the product because your health is more important). You can now find cozy, ethically made clothes that will impress your boyfriend!
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