A bodysuit is a versatile wardrobe staple that looks amazing on people of all shapes and sizes. With a well-fitting bodysuit, you can easily style an endless range of outfits that look great for any occasion.  

Bodysuits are a sleek alternative to a simple t-shirt, from long-sleeve mesh get-ups to short-sleeve scoop necks. 

If you already have a favorite high-quality bodysuit, you’re probably looking for new and exciting ways to style it. 

Here are 15 easy outfit ideas for what to wear over a bodysuit. 

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High-Waisted Mom Jeans

outfits under bodysuit mom jeans

The easiest way to style a bodysuit is with a good old-fashioned pair of high-waisted mom jeans. 

This wardrobe staple is easy to slip on over a bodysuit because it’s comfortable, classic, and chic. The bodysuit's skin-tight silhouette nicely balances the volume of the wider pant leg and cinched waistline. 

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High-Waisted Shorts

outfits under bodysuit shorts

Wearing high-waisted shorts over a bodysuit is an excellent way to keep cool during the summer. 

A pair of cut-off denim shorts looks great with a tank top bodysuit in any color. Wear comfy high-waisted lounge shorts with a short-sleeve bodysuit if you want to embrace the elegant balletcore trend. 

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A Blazer and Trousers

bodysuit outfits blazer trousers

Wearing a bodysuit with a blazer and loose trousers creates a classic office look with a modern twist. 

You can easily style an everyday office look with a neutral-colored bodysuit worn under a matching blazer and pants. You can also create an effortlessly chic weekend outfit with an oversized men’s blazer, tailored pants, and platform sandals. 

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A Denim Skirt

outfits under bodysuit denim skirt

Wearing a high-waisted denim skirt over your favorite bodysuit is the perfect way to build a fabulous retro 90s look. 

Go with a black bodysuit and distressed denim for a grunge vibe, or pair a brightly colored bodysuit with a loose denim skirt for a more casual outfit. This style of outfit looks great with both heels and sneakers. 

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An Oversized Button-Up

bodysuit outfits oversized shirts

If you’re feeling cheeky, wear an oversized button-up over your one-piece bodysuit. 

You can get creative with this look. Wear an oversized white men’s button-up over your bodysuit à la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. If you want something more chic and less cheek, style a linen button-up over your bodysuit and cinch the whole look with a belt and wedge heels. 

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A Denim Jacket

outfits over bodysuit denim jacket

A denim jacket over a bodysuit makes a trendy, sexy night-out look. The slim fit of a bodysuit underneath a baggy denim jacket is sleek and just the right amount of sexy. 

Pair your denim jacket with a midi skirt or colorful wide-leg pants for a fun evening look that looks amazing and feels comfortable. 

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A Sheer Dress

outfits over bodysuit sheer dress

The great thing about bodysuits is that they give you the freedom to take fashion risks while giving you full coverage. You can easily wear a sheer or semi-sheer dress over a bodysuit to create an elegant but daring outfit. 

Style a romantic, layered chiffon dress over a nude or pastel bodysuit, or wear a black dress with a matching suit underneath. 

If you want to try this look but feel hesitant about revealing too much, plenty of bodysuits provide more coverage with longer bike short bottoms and short sleeves. 

A Vegan Leather Jacket

outfits over bodysuit leather jacket

bodysuit outfits vegan leather

A vegan leather jacket is easy to layer on top of a bodysuit. The possibilities are versatile and endless!

Create an edgy punk-inspired look with a plunging neckline bodysuit, jacket, denim cut-offs, chunky combat boots, and fishnet leggings. You can also build a cute casual look with a vegan leather jacket, mom jeans, and ankle boots. 

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A Flowy Maxi Skirt

outfits over bodysuit maxi skirt

Create a relaxed boho look by wearing a flowy maxi skirt over a light or pastel bodysuit. 

This easy and breezy outfit looks great with a denim jacket, wide-brimmed hat, and sandals. If you can find a bodysuit with delicate lace trim, even better. 

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A Cute Wrap Skirt

outfits over bodysuit wrap skirt

Wrap skirts look best with a tucked-in shirt, so why not wear one over a bodysuit? 

You can wear a wrap skirt of any kind over a bodysuit, from floor-length maxis to short and sweet minis. The best part about this outfit is that you don’t have to worry about your wrap skirt billowing in the breeze. You can go out and conquer the day knowing that your bodysuit has you covered, literally.  

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A Flowy Cardigan

outfits over bodysuit cardigan

A long flowy cardigan or kimono is great to wear over a bodysuit if you want a beachy, relaxed look. 

From sheer floral duster cardigans to boho fringe shawls, you can pair a white, black, or beige bodysuit with just about any style, and it will look great. Finish off your outfit with linen pants or denim shorts, and you’re ready to hit the boardwalk. 

Cargo Pants

bodysuit outfits cargo pants

Cargo pants over a skin-tight bodysuit are the perfect way to embrace Y2K retro fashion. 

For an edgy streetwear style, you can pair a black or white bodysuit with low-waist camouflage cargo pants, white sneakers, and a baseball cap. Or, create a monochromatic look with a matching bodysuit and cargo pants in a bold, bright color. 

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A Chunky Sweater

bodysuit outfits chunky sweater

A chunky, oversized sweater is a cozy way to dress up a bodysuit. 

Layer an off-the-shoulder sweater with a neutral bodysuit, sustainable tights, and knee-high boots for a cute winter outfit. You can also create a relaxed fall outfit with a large buttoned-up cardigan, jeans, and a cozy scarf over a long-sleeved bodysuit. 

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A Mini Dress

mini dress over bodysuit outfit

A mini dress is a fun piece to wear over a bodysuit because you can easily get creative and daring. 

With a bodysuit underneath, you can wear styles and cuts you might not usually try. Experiment with plunging necklines, short hemlines, and unique fabrics. A well-fitting bodysuit provides an extra layer of protection from wardrobe malfunctions, making it fun to try something new. 

There are a ton of sexy summer dresses that work well over bodysuits. 


 outfits over bodysuit joggers

Wearing joggers over a bodysuit is a fun way to create a sleek athleisure look. 

Match a sporty bodysuit with comfy jogger pants, a sports jacket, and sneakers for a casual outfit you can wear while running errands. You can also wear joggers over a bodysuit as an easy way to stay warm during workouts. 

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